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Part 19: Day 7 - Hugs Team Base

The next morning...

Morning! Let's keep up our good work today!

Is this the place? Where that team named Hugs is based?

There's nothing here.

Depressing, isn't it.

Keh! Who'd run a rescue team from a dump like this? Unbelievable.

What's with you?

Oh! Over there. A Mailbox~♪

Kekeh, yeah! Check it out!

Whoa, hey! What do you think you're doing?

Yessss! Rescue job offers!

Oo-la-la! Isn't that rather tasty~♪

We'll have them all.

Hey! Those rescue jobs were meant for us! Don't butt in!

Keh! It doesn't matter who does it!

We're a rescue team too, I'll have you know~♪

...But all we ever get up to is no good. Wanna know how it works? If we have the cover of a rescue team, we can get away with so much more!

We have our eyes on world domination~♪

Wha... World domination?!

Kekeh! You heard right! That's why we're raking in the cash and adding to our gang! The world will be ours! The rescue team of evil! Team Meanies is who we are! See you around! Kekeh!

Hey! Wait!

...They took off. What a bunch of creeps.

Wah! This is empty!

Those guys cleaned us out!

We lucked out! Pelipper's brought us some more mail! We can go back to rescuing.

But those guys... They're not getting away with anything the next time I see them.

Yes, the bad guys really did name themselves Team Meanies. I have only one thing to say about this, and someone else said it better. (Warning: later comics in the series spoil plot points we haven't reached yet.)

Never mind them. What missions did we get?

Hah? Oh, yeah! Lemme take a look, get rid of the junk mail...

This one's from a guy named KataraniSword... he wants us to rescue someone named... I'm not sure how to pronounce this. BklynBruzer?

(I still don't know why you think 'Jake' is a funny name.)

Anyway, it should be pretty easy.

Somebody named Nohtenki wants a Cheri Berry. Don't we still have one of those?

Yes! It's in the toolbox.

Good, good. We'll take that one. Let's see...

Frankomatic wants an Oran Berry. We've got one of those too. What else, what else...

Hm? What's this? 'Dear Team Hugs, my name is ZeeToo, and I am a Minun from a distant land. I have been betrothed since childhood to a Plusle named Hankosha, and now it is time for us to wed. With the recent disturbances, however, I fear for my safety. Please escort me to my intended.'

...they're getting married?

Sounds like.

...aww, we have to do that one! Plusle and Minun are so cute!

Okay, okay, it's on the list, stop making that face at me.


There's just one more. A guy named Phony wants us to find his friend Angela. Looks like they're starting a rescue team of their own, but they got in over their heads.

Let's do it!

That sounds like plenty for one trip. We'll head into town, stock up on supplies, and head out.

Hey, Sheldon? What do these boxes we got do?

Hah? Oh, you mean the TMs. Well, they teach you how to do something. Let me see those for a second... Brick Break and... Dig. Hey, if you want to find out first-hand, you can use the Dig one.

...does it hurt?

Naw, it tingles a bit. Feels good, actually. You wanna?


Okay, you push this button here... careful, it comes apart... and then you put the halves on either side of your head and just close your eyes. kinda tickles!

...and that's all there is to it! The next time you're up against a baddie, you should be able to dig underground and surprise him from underneath!

What about this one?

You can't use Brick Break; each TM can only be used by certain Pokémon. Can I have it?

Of course!

We replace Focus Punch, which only has 10 PP and takes two turns to go off, with Brick Break, which has 12 PP. As previously mentioned, PP become more and more critical the longer dungeons get, so as TMs become available we'll largely be taking moves that have a lot of them; we'll also be trying to get Jake and Sheldon a spread of damage types, and a buff or two if we can squeeze them in. While we're at it, an upcoming mission will require us to deliver a Pecha Scarf, so we give Sheldon the Joy Ribbon instead.

We've got some stuff we'd like to sell. Care to take a look?

For everything I can buy, I can offer 1,950 Poké. Is that acceptable to you?

Works for me. We'll take it.

Good! Done deal! Thank you so much~♪ May I help you with anything else?

All the apples you have!

After nearly starving on Mt. Steel, we're taking the precaution of storing food items at the Kangaskhan rather than selling them. To help get our collection started, we buy an Apple and a Big Apple.

Thank you!

Thank you! Please call again~♪

Nothing interesting in the other Kecleon's shop, and anyway our money's mainly going to Friend Areas right now.

We're going to Thunderwave Cave! What should we buy?

I recommend Thunder Meadow, in the Badlands, and Safari, in the South Plains, then.

Plusle and Minun both enjoy the charge in the air in Thunder Meadow...

...while the Safari area is just the thing for Nidoran.

We'll take them!

Anything else I can do for you?

Well... since you ask... um...


You just look so soft! Can I hug you!

Why, of course, my dear! We're friends, aren't we?

Friend Area Salesman (Wigglytuff, #040) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 7. (Thanks, skoolmunkee!)


...uh, Jake... rescues, remember?

Right, right. Bye bye, mister Wigglytuff!

Thank you! Come again! We're all friends, friend!

Welcome. This is Felicity Bank.

I have some more money for you... um, I better save some for the Gulpin, though. Here you go.

1800 Poké. Very well. I will guard it jealously. Your account contains 3,287 Poké. How may I serve you?

Um... can I hug you too?

...well, all right, but just this once.

Banker (Persian, #053) is hugged petted! Pokémon hugged: 8. (Thanks again, skoolmunkee!)


(Oy, is he gonna wanna hug every Pokémon in the square?) Jake, c'mon, let's hit the Gulpin before it gets dark.


I wanna, um, link Growl and Scratch again!

Whenever you get the urge to link moves, please come see me!

Yay! I wanna hug you too!

Wait, Jake, you should ask fi--

Move Specialist (Gulpin, #316) is... hugged? Pokémon hugged: 9. (Thanks, Desty!)

Ack! Spit him up! Do it right now!



Jake? Are you okay?

...I'm all stickyyyyyy...

...there there, Jake. It'll be all right. We'll go down to the river and wash off.

(...where the hell are this kid's parents? I'm not old enough to be a dad!)

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Thunderwave Cave revisited!