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Part 23: Day 8 - Sinister Woods

We've come pretty far into this forest. I wonder if Metapod is ahead...

Hold it right there!

Keke! You know who's going to get to Metapod first? We are! So, for you to go ahead... Well, we can't let that happen.

Wh-what...? Hey, Gengar! Why do you always try to mess with us?

Oh? Didn't we tell you? Our aim is world domination~♪

Caterpie's mama will give us a generous reward... And Caterpie will join us too... That brings us closer to our goal.

Keke! And for that, your lot is in the way! So sorry to say, but your party's over right here and now! Say good-bye, Sheldon!


Pinocchio, stay behind us! Jake, let's go!


Edison doesn't have PP Checker yet, so foolishly tries to use a move that's out of PP. Also! I wasn't as smart about this fight as I could have been; I should have told Pinocchio to run away and everyone else to hit stuff. The fight takes longer than necessary because Sheldon is just standing around at the end.

Your little burrow isn't going to save you, kitten--


Oh! You little--

That's enough out of you!

My arms are too tired to attack...

Then use your face if you have to! Jake, look out!

I-I'm all right!

Kekeke! I'll swallow your soul!

Hey, get back here! I'm not done threatening you yet!

I'm going to swallow you like an egg, shell and all!

You wanna try it? Be my guest!


Ke! You missed!

So did you.

Keh. Ekans, shut him up!

With pleasure.

What the--

That's enough for your friends-- and here's something for you!

You'll need more than that to stop someone who's already dead!

Ahhh, I can taste your fear... and it tastes sweet--

Ooo iddle pik, oo bid my dung!


You  censored   very censored ! I'm gonna rip your  nada  off with my  zilch  and use it to  zip  my  this space for rent !

Hey, there are kids present!

Curse is an odd attack. When used by non-Ghost Pokémon, it lowers their Speed but raises their Attack and Defense. Ghosts, on the other hand, lose half of their total (not remaining) health to place a curse on a target, which is like poison, only worse.

Hah! Is that all you've got? You punks make me sick! I'm gonna

S-shut your  stupid  mouth!

Owowowow... You'll pay for this! Don't you forget it!

Well, those pests are gone. Let's find Metapod.

Um, excuse me...

Did you maybe come looking for me?

You must be Metapod. Let's get you home. Caterpie was worried about you.

Yay! I was scared, so I kept my shell hardened... and waited and waited. Thank you!

Thank you, Caterpie!

And thank you, Sheldon and Jake!

But I don't have any money...

It's okay, okay? We don't need a reward.

It's just great to see that Metapod is back safe and sound.

...Cool... You're even more cool than I thought! I want to go on rescues when I grow up!

Hahaha! That'd be awesome! Go for it!

I have an idea! Jake, how about we do something right here? Why don't we make a properly impressive rescue team base?

That's cool! A rescue team base is cool! I want to work here when I grow up!

Me too! Me too!

Yay! Go for it!

Let's make sure we build ourselves a proper rescue team base!

Jake and Sheldon, thank you again!

(Thanks, Tank_Sledgehammer!)

See you around. Take care going home!

Sigh... Well, we ended up working for free, but that had to be done.

And we got to show Gengar's team a thing or two, so it's all good!

I'm just beat today. Let's keep up our good work tomorrow! See you!

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Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: more fun for the fans!

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