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Part 26: Day 10 - Silent Chasm

...wh... where am I?

He's waking up!

Good, good.

...Miss Angela? What are you doing here?

(Thanks, Desty!) (Click for larger image.)

I, uh... to be blunt, we came here because I left behind a Power Scarf, or something, and we found you. Angela said she recognized you, so, we uh... We decided to help out.

You... you are the guys that rescued her, right?

Yeah, that's us. Team Hugs. Thanks for the save! We got in a little over our heads, I guess.

I'm Jake, and this is Sheldon, and Theodore, and Mister Pointy!

You've already met Angela and Phony--


This here is Zippo and I... I'm also named Jake, I guess.

You what?

(I told him it wasn't a stupid name.)

Uhh, never mind. We're just glad you were in the neighborhood.

No problem. We're the aptly named Team NameOfTeam, by the way.

They're named Team Hugs, and that's still a better name than NameOfTeam.

Shut up, I was tired.

...uhh, listen. Is there anything we can do to pay you back?

Actually, do you--

Well, we're actually the ones returning the favor this time, so your safety is all we really need.

Um, well, thank you. Thank you very much!

Guys, can we go? They say there's a monster here. And I have a stomach ache.

We all know you don't, cut it out...

We need to get going too. We've got a client to rescue. Thanks again for bailing us out.

No problem, I... I guess. Later.

And Let's not forget about Team Meanies--

Shut up!



Thanks to Phelix for co-writing the preceding section!

When you're rescued, your party are all completely healed, your PP are all restored, your belly is completely filled, and every enemy in a sizable radius of you (possibly the entire level, I haven't tested) vanishes. Otherwise, the level is exactly as you left it.

Jake, you really had me worried. If that team hadn't come along--

I had to save Mister Pointy!

And who was gonna save you, huh? If we'd worked together, we could have taken that Pokémon, but you had to leap in all by yourself!

...isn't that what you wanted?


You... you keep yelling at me to fight the bad Pokémon... you tell me I'm supposed to lead the team and protect everyone...

...and I'm trying, I really am... I'm sorry I'm not strong enough...


...I don't want you to get hurt! I don't want anybody to get hurt! I just want everyone to be nice!

Oh, Jake... Jake, I'm sorry...


Jake, I've been telling you to fight because I don't want you to get hurt. Because, as bad as it is, you can't solve all the world's problems by loving them enough. But... but I don't want you... trading yourself for someone else, okay? Because I care about you.


...It's okay, Jake. I'm here. I love you. And I'm sorry I hurt you. wasn't you... I just wanted you to like me...

I do, Jake. You don't have to do anything to earn that. Just be who you are.

Um, I-i'm here for you too... if that's okay...

Don't cry, mommy...

...thanks, you guys...




...all right. Let's finish this. For the Jumpluffs.

...right. Let's make a difference!

Fortunately, Team Hugs didn't have any further trouble in Silent Chasm. Here you can see Jake hitting level 15. What you probably can't see, since it blinks by in the spam of gained experience, is that we can now use the tactic 'wait there'. This is quite useful; in combination with 'let's go together' and 'go after foes', we can pretty much direct our team however we want now.

And if gaining one level is good, two must be better! We've been hanging onto that Joy Seed for just such an occasion, as I'm pretty sure it gives you just as much experience as you need to gain a level.

This was a scary moment. If that Poliwag had done nothing but spam Bubble on Jake, he probably would have died again. Fortunately, it was rather dim (it even tried, and failed, to hit Mister Pointy), so this was the closest call in the rest of the dungeon. And now, we rejoin Team Hugs as they enter Floor B10F...

Jumpluff's friend is supposed to be around here, right?

Oh, hey!

We came for you! Are you all right?

Yes... I'm fine, but...

Great! Your friend is waiting for you.

Shiftry is in the back...

Huh? Shiftry? Let's go!

Hey! Are you all right? Get it together!

...Urrrgh. Forget about me... Get away from here!

Get... Get away?!


It's coming!

He dared to disturb my sleep!

Shi-Shiftry's gone!

I am Zapdos! The embodiment of lightning! If you wish to save Shiftry, then scale Mt. Thunder!

Zapdos... So that's the legendary monster...

But even though I'm safe, Shiftry is in trouble...

Tell us. What went down, exactly?

...Yes... Shiftry whipped up winds with his fans... and released me from between the rocks. But those winds tore a thundercloud in two... and that was when that monster appeared in the sky.

That monster... It said it was Zapdos or something.

Did you say Zapdos?


Zapdos... it's one of the legendary bird Pokémon. I heard it had been sleeping for a long time...

So Shiftry woke it up?

No. Shiftry's winds were only the trigger. To begin with, the absence of winds there was unnatural. It must have been caused by the rash of natural disasters recently. Zapdos is enraged from having been awoken from its sleep. Shiftry must be saved.

But Zapdos won't be easy. Its electric attacks are wicked nasty.

I know that. We will need to be cautious.

We'll go too! We'll go help Shiftry!

What?! That is dangerous! Zapdos is powerful. It will be too much for your skill level.

Hey, now! We're not that wimpy!

And we're not afraid of no Zapdos! Isn't that right, Jake?!

We get the opportunity to try the 'ow my stomach can't go' routine again here, but...

Yup! I'm not scared!

Have you ever been hit with an electric blast? It'll leave you stunned and shaking.

No problem!

Zapdos is wickedly tough! It might gobble you up for a snack! Can you face that?

I'm not scared!

We're a rescue team too! We want to help Shiftry!

...Fine. I see that you have courage.


Our two teams should make our ways separately through Mt. Thunder. We will go when we have geared up for battle. Knowing how strong our opponent is, we have no choice but to be cautious. You should make way for Mt. Thunder only when you are fully prepared. Our objective is to rescue Shiftry! Let us find success!

Yes! I'm getting stoked for this! Jake! Let's give it our best, partner!

Unnamed Twin (Jumpluff, #189) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 18. (Thanks, skoolmunkee!)

Team Hugs's newest members:

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