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Part 27: Day 11 - Silent Chasm

Dear diary, today was a good day! I woke up, went outside, and met Sheldon out front like always, and he said

Morning, Jake! Get a good night's sleep?

So now... We're supposed to be rescuing Shiftry at Mt. Thunder, right? But Alakazam said we should be prepared before going... What do you think? We can go off to Mt. Thunder right away, or we can put it off. It's your choice. But whatever we do today, let's give it our best like always!

So we had some breakfast, then went into town to get ready to rescue more Pokémon. I think we should practice some more before we go to Mt. Thunder, so we looked for jobs to go back to Silent Chasm; the rest of the team could go to other places to help the people there. While we were there, we talked to some Pokémon to find out what was going on.

Is that right... Shiftry was taken away to Mt. Thunder... I wonder what that place is like? It sounds rather horrible. Oh? Me? I couldn't possibly go rescue him.

Shiftry was abducted? That's shocking news!

The Jumpluffs were hanging out with mister Snubbull. I didn't know they were friends!

I'm glad to see you're back safe.

Thank you. But Shiftry is in trouble now... Shiftry came and rescued me...

I hope he is safe...

We have lots of money now, so I bought the rest of mister Wigglytuff's Friend Areas.

Beau Plains is very pretty, with lots of flowers and a sparkly lake. It had just rained, so there was a big rainbow! I'm sure we'll find Pokémon who'll love it here.

Rub-a-Dub River is wet, but pretty. They even have a little paddle wheel! It reminds me of Sheldon's home in Turtleshell Pond, but the water's a lot colder. Sheldon says some Pokémon like that, though.

Transform Forest is a neat place. There's a big rock in the middle that changes colors all the time! Sheldon says Eevees like to live in places like this because they change with rocks too. I hope we get an Eevee for the team!

The Decrepit Lab is near the Power Plant, and Sheldon says it's left over from when humans lived here a long time ago. It has a big glowing ball and cracked glass tubes and a computer that doesn't work. It reminds me of how I used to be a human. If humans haven't been here in a long time, how did I get here, and why? Anyway, Sheldon says some Pokémon like this kind of stuff even if it is broken, so I hope we'll find some soon!

Once we had all our stuff and had the jobs we were going to do, it was time to go to the Chasm! I was kind of scared because of what happened last time, but it was a lot easier this time. Sheldon says that's because we keep getting stronger. I'm trying to work as a team more like he said, and I think that helps too.

First we found a Skitty named Galinda who was lost in the chasm. Her friend mister Metz was worried, and when we got there she was being attacked by a Gloom! But we chased him off, and she was fine. Mister Metz said he knew a secret Friend Area where Clefairies like to live, and he told us where it was!

He says it is very pretty at night, with lights in the trees and a neat rock thing the Clefairies play on. Sheldon and I should go up there some time when we're not so tired.

We met a Farfetch'd in the chasm who wasn't crazy! He said he was a row-nin and he'd come to the chasm to train. We told him who we were, and he said that if we wanted he would go with us for a while.

Mifune (Farfetch'd, #083) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 19. (Thanks, Hylje (art), Desty (more art), and Shaezerus (name)!) (Click the second image for a larger view.)

Then we found a Minun, and it was ZeeToo! I guess, uh, he'd gotten separated from, um, miss? Hankosha? And was hungry too. We gave him an apple and a ride out of the chasm. He was so grateful, he gave us 400 Poké and a huuuge apple when we got back to town!

Huge Apples raise our Belly size by ten, then completely fill it. They're handy on long delves, though mostly we're using gummis for nutrition these days.

Mister Techokami asked us to look for his friend miss Lucy, so we did, and we found her! He was very glad she was safe, so he said he'd tell us a secret.

There's a place called Boulder Cave where Digletts like to play! He said if we found a Diglett who wanted to join our team, he could live there. That was nice of him!

There were a lot of mean bugs in the chasm, but one of them couldn't run away after I batted it. I think I bent its wing. It begged me not to eat it and said it'd do whatever I wanted if I didn't. I wasn't gonna eat it anyway, but I said it should join Team Hugs and help save Pokémon instead of hurting them, and it said okay.

Sparx (Yanma, #193) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 20. (Thanks, Mizuti (art) and Rooreelooo (name)!)

So now we have a Yanma on the team! I'm not sure if it's a boy Yanma or a girl Yanma, though.

Self-Curer allows Jake to recover faster from sleep, confusion, and other status problems that wear off over time.

Sparx has the abilities Speed Boost and Compoundeyes. Compoundeyes raises its accuracy, while Speed Boost does what we see here: occasionally, for no reason at all, it gets hasted. Hasted Pokémon can take two actions for every one normal Pokémon take, while slowed Pokémon only take action every other turn.

We got a mission from a Cubone named the Sezza to find her friend Rippy. When we found him, though, he was too busy splashing and playing in a lake to listen to us! Sheldon didn't want to leave me alone in such a dangerous place, so we had to wait for him to get close enough to hear us.

As previously mentioned, only certain Pokémon can travel over water tiles. Water Pokémon, for instance. Add in that Pokémon we need to rescue wander randomly while they wait, and it can get frustrating to make a rescue like this.

Still, we got him, and his friend was happy to have him back. She gave us 400 Poké and a shake! She said it would help me get stronger, which is good I guess.

Specifically, it's a Protein. Drinking it permanently raises our Attack stat and gives a little nutrition besides.

The Sezza (Cubone, #104) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 21. (Thanks, The Sezza!)

Mister Neeksy asked us to find a friend of his named mister Mangler... something. I thought he would be big and scary, but he was nice. To thank us for rescuing him, he gave us 400 Poké and a TM! But Sheldon said it was Psychic again, so I guess we'll sell it.

(thanks, Dinictus!)

I did get a hug, though! It was kind of neat to be hugging me.

We also rescued a Sandshrew named mister Tank Sledgehammer for his friend mister Dini. They gave us a piece of ginseng, a white gummi, and a life seed! So they were really nice. I thought it was neat how mister Dini floated all the time.

We found mister KataraniSword near the bottom of the chasm. He looked like he'd been beaten up! But he said none of the Pokémon here could have done it, so I don't know why. Anyway, we helped him out, and he told us about another secret Friend Area!

He said it would be the perfect place for the right Pokémon. He also said if we ever told mister BklynBruzer he'd cut us. I don't think he's very ncie.

Just as we were about to leave, we found mister Zippo from Team NameOfTeam! He said he'd been looking for food and gotten lost, so we helped him out. He wanted to pay us back, but we said it was okay because he was our friend. Then he said 'take it as a present from a friend, then', so we did.

We got the Protect TM, which is much nicer in PMD than in the mainline games (he said, not being a competitive Pokémon battler). It renders the user nearly completely invulnerable (a very few sources of damage can still get through) for several turns, and we can still attack during that time! It has a chance of failure, especially when used in succession, but this will save us in more than one fight, I'm sure.

So then we got the whole team together, including the new Pokémon, and had a big dinner in the base! It was really nice. I'm tired now, though, so I'm going to go to bed. I think tomorrow we'll be ready to go to Mt. Thunder. Good night, diary!

Team Hugs's newest members:

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