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Part 32: Day 14 - Great Canyon

This is the Great Canyon... The peak is called the Hill of the Ancients. Alakazam said that the Hill of the Ancients is on 13F. That's where we'll find Xatu. Jake, let's give it our best!

Here's the highlight reel for Team Hugs's journey through Great Canyon...

Whoa, look out, Jake!

Get behind me, Sheldon!

This is the busiest room we've seen yet, and dropping right into it isn't exactly fun. Fortunately, nothing in it is too horrible.

A quick Pecha Berry clears up the Poison Powder that Skiploom hit Jake with, and we move on.

Awk! I give! I give! Don't eat me!

Hey, you're the one who attacked us! We were just defending ourselves.

Wait, you're not one of these lunatics?

No, we're Rescue Team Hugs!

Boy, am I glad to see you! There's nothing but the thousand faces of madness here. Listen, you gotta take me with you!

Sure, we can do that. We're on a mission, though, so you'll have to pull your weight.

Not a problem. By the way, the name's Desty.

Pleased to meet you, Desty! Welcome to Team Hugs!

Desty (Murkrow, #198) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 25. (You're welcome, Desty! Thanks, Customer Service (second art)!)

That gummi we just ate taught Jake 'Quick Dodger', an IQ skill that gives us an automatic chance to evade attacks. It's quite handy.

'Type-Advantage Master' is a skill that causes us to get more critical hits when we hit a Pokémon that's weak to our type. (I'm not sure if that means a Pokémon that's weak to Normal type, which would be useless since there aren't any, or a Pokémon that's weak to the type of Jake's attack.) Either way, we're not using it; certain IQ skills are mutually exclusive, and turning this on would turn Quick Dodger off.

With this level, we gain the tactic 'Keep your distance', which will cause our partners to avoid enemies, but not run for the hills like they do with 'Get away'.

...ungh... my head...

Yay, he's waking up! Hey, mister, want to join our rescue team?

...rescue... team?

We're devoted to rescuing Pokémon from the disasters that have been occurring.

We're called Team Hugs!

...all right. I can help you.

Hooray! Welcome to Team Hugs!

What's your name? can call me 'Alt Eisen'. It means 'scrap metal'.

That's a funny name.

I dunno. I kinda like it.

Alt Eisen (Heracross, #214) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 26. (Thanks, Zira (art)!)

One of the skills our newest recruit knows is Endure. It's essentially a lower-powered version of Protect; rather than preventing the user from losing any health, it prevents him from losing his last point. It's still as frustrating when a Heracross gets in the way, though.

I hope we're not beating up any of your family, mister Alt Eisen.

I don't know.

You don't know?

I don't remember.


I don't... remember anything before I met you.

Oh, that's awful!

Jake's in kinda the same boat.

Don't worry, we'll take care of you!

What about you, Desty?

No memory problems here... or relative ones. They were all jerks even before!


This is a Link Box. It's like being able to visit the Gulpin Shop in a dungeon to link or unlink moves. We're not using linked moves anymore, but it should still sell for some Poké.

I wish you'd stop saying that...

Another Thief TM. Yawn.

Tum te too, zipping through the corridors

Almost to the end wait what?


Alt Eisen!

Hang on, we'll save you!


...Alt Eisen...


...he's gone...

...I couldn't save him in time...

No, I mean he's gone. Where's his body?

I... I don't know!

I thought I saw a blur going up the canyon walls, but it was out of the corner of my eye...



...Let's keep going.

The worst part of it is, if I'd instructed him to use Endure, he would have lived long enough to save.

This is it. The final step.

...we're coming back.


We're coming back for Alt Eisen. He's not dead. I know it. And we're going to find him.

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Hugs learns dark truths...