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by FredMSloniker

Part 40: Day Unknown - Mt. Freeze Peak (5F)

Cease this at once!

Wuh! ...! Ninetales!

W-what?! Ninetales?!

Th-that's Ninetales...

The legend... it was real...

Cease fighting at once, Alakazam. They are... my guests.

Tell us, Ninetales! Who was the human that appeared in your legend? No, even before that, was the legend itself a true event? Depending on your reply... I may have no choice but to eliminate them!

Whether they consider my curse to be a legend or not... I care not. However... it did happen. Many years ago, I tried to lay a curse on a human. It was then, however, that Gardevoir, the human's partner, dashed in... It selflessly bore the full brunt of the curse meant for the human. Then, the human did a selfish and cowardly thing. They abandoned Gardevoir and fled. The human eventually became a Pokémon. Transformed into a Pokémon, the human... the human lives on.

...and that human would be? Who is the human that you speak of?


... may relax. It is not you.

...just now... what did you just say?

Jake is not the human that appears in the legend. That is what I said.


Oo-oof... oof...


Oh, wow, awesome!

(Thanks, Phelix!)

That's great! I knew Jake wasn't the one! It's just as I thought! Jake wouldn't do anything like that!

I have another thing to say. It is true that I foretold of the world's balance becoming unstable... however, that human becoming a Pokémon and the world's balance are not linked in any way. The cause of the natural calamities... it exists elsewhere.

Hey! You lot! You were wrong! You doubted and hounded Jake!

...uh... er... we... uh... apologize.

...We're sorry. We got worked up by that Gengar.

No. I suspected Gengar right from the start. Jake just doesn't look like the treacherous type! Hahahahaha...

It'd be nice if I could believe that...



It's okay. It's over now. We can go home... that's all that matters.

...Jake... (You're so forgiving... they tried to kill you... you even offered your life to save mine...)

But I must say... you are to be commended for prevailing through this cruel journey and discovering the truth. Impressive, Jake.

Hahaha! Isn't this great? I was convinced I was right!

...hah? But wait a second. Why did Jake become a Pokémon? I understand that Jake isn't the human that appeared in the legend... then, why would Jake become a Pokémon? Jake... who are you?!

Waah! The ground's heaving!

...Qu... quake?!

The world's crust is shifting. The natural calamities are worsening. And... the shifting of the ground... it will awaken the beast that embodies the ground... the beast that slept deep underground... Groudon will be awakened!

What?! Groudon is rising?!


What is that? What's a Groudon?

A legendary Pokémon that has been spoken of only in myths. It is the Pokémon that raised the land masses and created continents... It is said to have taken to sleep after catastrophic battles with its archenemy Kyogre.

If Groudon were to get loose, there would be chaos. It must be stopped!

We will go.

So will we!

No. You must remain behind. Groudon is far more powerful than any Pokémon you have faced. Leave it to us.

That's how it goes. You go back to your rescue team base for a well-earned rest.

Don't worry about us. We didn't get our Gold Rank the easy way. We'll get the job done, and we'll be back before you know it.

Fine. We're off to quell Groudon!

And thus, Alakazam's team made their way underground to quell the awakened Groudon. Meanwhile, cleared of all suspicion, Jake's team put an end to their long and arduous journey and returned to their welcoming rescue team base.

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Jake and Sheldon have been gone a long time. What's happened in their absence?