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by FredMSloniker

Part 44: The Great Dungeon Offensive

If I could get everyone's attention, please? Thank you. The reason I asked everyone to meet here is that, now that word is out that Team Hugs in back in business, we've gotten a wave of requests for help.

Pokémon everywhere want us to help them!

Yes, emphasis on 'everywhere'. It's way too much work for just a couple of us to do, but if we all pitch in, I think we can get it done.

Beats sittin' on our duffs. Whaddaya want me to do?

Well, I've divided the requests for help by location, and there are ten stacks. Luckily enough, there are twenty of us, so if we pair off, we should be able to get them done. I've taken the liberty of dividing the team into pairs based on experience. The least experienced of you will have the easiest jobs. Nicodemus--


--sorry, 'Little Nicky'-- you'll go to Thunderwave Cave with Floyd.

How come you're stickin' me with the kid's jobs?

You used to live there! You can keep Floyd safe.

(Whew, nice save.)

Fine, gimme those rescue thingies. No point givin' 'em to the one without fingers.


Mister Pointy, Rugby, you two are headed to Mount Steel.

I can't go with mommy?

Awww, I'll miss you too, Mister Pointy, but where I'm going is too dangerous for you!

Don't worry, little guy. I'll keep us safe, and you'll see your mommy again soon.

Ramsay? Theodore? Your assignment is Sinister Woods.

I look forward to testing my skills against our foes.

Don't worry! I won't disappoint you!

Edison and Walndorf, you're headed to Silent Chasm.

Right! We'll have these guys home by lunchtime.

(I don't think I can distort reality that much...)

Carl and Sparx? You head to Mount Thunder.

Hey, my old stomping grounds! Figuratively speaking.

We should finish quickly, since we're both fliers.

Churchill and Nicky--

'Big Nick'!

--you two head to Great Canyon.

Aw great, my feet are gonna fall off walking on all that rock.

I weep for you, truly.

Mifune, you take Pinocchio-- where is Pinocchio?-- to Lapis Cave.

It shall be as you command, daimyo!

(...I'm right here.)

Kyosuke, Skidamrink, you're off to Mount Blaze. Be careful, Kyosuke, it's hot there.

Don't worry about me. I'll get the job done.

I'll bump anybody who tries to burn mister bug!

Molly, you and Desty are headed to Frosty Forest.

It would appear our destinies are entwined.

Uhhh, Articuno isn't gonna be there, is he? I'm allergic to being frozen. I break out in death.

You should be fine as long as you don't go into his part of the forest.

And that just leaves Mount Freeze for Jake and me. Any questions?

What if we meet anyone who wants to join the team?

The more the merrier!

We could certainly use the help. Just bring them here so they can meet us. Anything else? Okay. We have a lot of work to do, so let's get started. I want to see all of you here, safe and sound, when we get back, all right?

Let's have a shout to raise our rescue spirits! All together, now!



Now let's get out there and rescue those Pokémon!

Owww... even my blisters have blisters...

It feels like we've been gone for months!

At least we're back now. And we have some new friends!

Is this the nest you promised me? It looks kind of small.

No, this is just our team headquarters. I'll show you your friend area later.

I also look forward to... meeting my new neighbors.

You'll not lay a fang on another Pokémon while I draw breath!

Then I'll just have to... squeeze the breath out of you.

Ooo, you know I love it when you talk dirty.

Not in front of the children, darling...

...uhhh, okay. Moving right along...

Hey, I hear lots of people in there!

That must be the rest of the team! I wonder who they recruited while we were away?





Yaaay leader!


...Jake? Aren't you gonna say something?


He passed out!

But look at the smile on his face!

Do you think we overdid it?

Maybe just a little.

Jake! Jake, speak to me!

It's... it's so beautiful...

Team Hugs's newest members:

Nelly, the Nidoran♀

Telsa, the Voltorb (thanks, Phelix!)

Nigel, the Poochyena (thanks, Wayward Kitty!)

Merry, the Minun

Pippin, the Plusle

Agnew, the Spearow (thanks, Zutaten!)

Jet Alone, the kicky Tyrogue (thanks, Shaezerus!)

Jaggies, the Zigzagoon (thanks, KataraniSword!)

Little Mac, the punchy Tyrogue (thanks, menstruates on stage!)

Sigma, the Beldum (thanks, Nick Buntline!)

Mickey, the balanced Tyrogue (thanks, Revenant Treshold!)

Geofellow, the Geodude (thanks, DNE!)

McPinchy, the Pinsir (thanks, Adexia!)

Mandrake, the male Oddish

Xochimilco, the Wooper (thanks, Karma Guard!)

Mary Jane, the female Oddish (thanks, Ideya Keeper!)

Madam Dot, the Ledyba (thanks, menstruates on stage and AniseApples!)

Clagan, the Hoothoot (thanks, Dinictus!)

..., the Slakoth

Sanger, the Scyther (thanks, Shaezerus!)

Hypnotoad, the male Poliwag (thanks, MissileWaster!)

Funguy, the Paras (thanks, Nick Buntline!)

Robin, the female Poliwag (thanks, Dumple!)

Cŵn Annwn, the Houndour

Atemu, the Electrike (thanks, KataraniSword!)

Beefsteak, the Tauros (thanks, Minotaurus!)

Lefty, the Doduo (thanks, Zutaten!)

Tricksie, the Illumise (thanks, Techokami!)

Smaug, the Bagon (thanks, Minotaurus!)

Fry Kid, the Tangela (thanks, menstruates on stage!)

Huckle, the Shuckle (thanks, Frankomatic!)

Cerulean, the Azurill (thanks, Phelix!)

Bubblegum, the colorblind Ditto

Panzer, the Rhyhorn (thanks, OrangeSoda!)

Cirrus, the Swablu (thanks, DNE!)

Zorro, the Zangoose (thanks, Rooreelooo!)

Sammy, the Chimecho (thanks, Neeksy!)

Vyvyan, the Seviper (thanks, Helios ex Kain!)

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: plot? We have a plot?