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Part 47: This Old Monster House (Uproar Forest)

Last time, on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:

This is easy!

All our training in the mountains has really paid off.

I hear friends!

Hah? What do you mean, Bubblegum?




And now, the conclusion.

...say, Sheldon?

...yes, Jake?

Is it just me, or do all these Pokémon look really... weak?

Well, they haven't spent weeks toughening themselves in the mountains like we have.

It doesn't look like they're going to back down. Keep an eye on Bubblegum, okay?

Sure thing. Be careful!



You want some of this? Do ya?


Thought you could sneak up on me, huh?


I've fought legendary birds!


What was that? "Please can I have some of that?"


Is there no one else?!


...sorry. Sorry, Sheldon. I just got caught up in the moment, I guess.

Well, try to remember they're not bad Pokémon, okay? Just a bit upset by the disasters.

...whoops. Sorry.

You're forgiven. Just try to be careful.

The only real danger in this Monster House, since Jake and Sheldon have both spent time grinding, was a Venonat's Supersonic, which Confused Jake-- but thanks to the Nontraitor IQ skill, he was in no danger of hitting his own team, and Self-Curer cleared the ailment quickly. Sheldon came in to help with the last few, but otherwise the battle was pretty much dead easy. Even Bubblegum defeated a Pokémon with Struggle while Jake was otherwise occupied.

The fog here's so thick I can barely see my own hand.

Bubblegum, stay close. I don't want to lose you in here.


Floor 6 also has random weather, in this case Fog, which makes all moves somewhat less accurate. It didn't really hurt us any. Neither did stumbling across another Monster House.

Neither did the Monster House on Floor 7.


Floor 8 didn't even have anything of note.

Hey, what's this?

It looks like a Chestnut.

Didn't we get one of those as a reward for a mission once?

Yeah, I think it's still in the bank. Might as well get it.

Although Chestnuts can be eaten, as a food item, they only appear on this floor of this dungeon, and we need them to complete a quest. What quest? You'll see.

Hunh? What is it, you?

We don't like to brag or nothing, but...

We get furious real easy. You know that?!

What really irritates us is when we see some dim-witted face...

(...I don't like the way they're looking at Bubblegum...)


...Wroooooooar! That vacant expression...

Gwooooh! It's ticking me off! I'm seeing red!

Mukkkeeeeeh! Get 'em! It's frenzy time!


...are they serious?

I think they're serious.

Can I hug them?




...yeah, that was a bit anticlimactic as boss fights go. They weren't even unusually leveled; they were just three regular Mankeys. Uproar Forest is, in general, a light refreshment after Mt. Freeze.

Just like we promised, we punished that gang of Mankey. I'm hoping that they'll smarten up and settle down.

Everyone, thank you for everything, really.


Yes, we're filled with gratitude! This is our thanks.

Jake's team received a peeled Chestnut as their reward.

...This... a peeled Chestnut?

Yes. It's a peeled Chestnut. You see, we... don't have any money.


So we can only give you a Chestnut as our reward. Are you unhappy?

Uh... no, no... we're okay with this. Peeled Chestnuts are delicious...

I like them! Hahahaha!

(Though I wish we did get some money...)

Hey, you!

It's the Mankey gang again!


Did those goons... did they follow us here for revenge?

That's right, you! You got lucky! You don't mess with us!

We're not gonna lose this time! We'll pulverize you!

Mukkeeeeh! Crush them!

Whoa! L-look at that!


It is! It's a peeled Chestnut!


What's going on?

They look like... they're having a discussion.


What's this all about?

...Uh, listen. You got something we want. That peeled Chestnut you have... can we have it?

We, uh... love peeled Chestnuts!

Like, we love them so much, we can't think of a life without Chestnuts!

Why don't you just go get Chestnuts on your own?

You know how Chestnuts have that spiky shell? Trying to peel that spiky shell... it hurts. And we end up losing our tempers! That's why we're asking. Give us that peeled Chestnut. We'll do whatever you want.

Hmmm.... Jake, what do you think?

We should give it to them!

I know! Hey, Mankey gang, how are you guys with physical labor?

Physical labor? You mean muscle work?

We have muscles... but we don't like work.

But if it's for that peeled Chestnut...

Okay! Then this is what we'll do! We're aiming to rebuild our rescue team base so it will be more impressive than this.

Rescue team base?

That big thing right in front of you!

If you'd help us rebuild our rescue team base, we could give you this peeled Chestnut! What do you say?

(Whisper, whisper...)

(Mutter, mutter...)

Okay. We'll help!

Really? You'll help us?

Yeah. Leave it to us!

We'll carry in the materials and get the place built. Double-quick!

...In return... hand over that peeled Chestnut.

Me too! I'll help too!


I'll spit silk for gluing things together!

I'll help too!


I felt bad because we only had a peeled Chestnut for your reward.


*sniff*...Thanks, everyone!

Okay! Let's get a move on!



And so construction work began on the rescue team base of Jake's Team Hugs. Several days later...

Whew... our base is coming along quickly.


Thank you for your help, everyone!


But there's still lots to do. We still have difficult things to do.


Yeah... but we're getting close, right, Mankey gang?


Look! Over there!

What's up with you guys?

We need to keep working.

Don't wanna.


This work's too boring! How do you expect us to keep going?

Yeah, that's right. I don't wanna do this anymore.

We might change our minds if you get us more peeled Chestnuts.

...What is it with these guys...?

We just can't be bothered. We need peeled Chestnuts to motivate us.

Well, one Chestnut isn't much payment for all the work you've done. I'll go get you another one! I think I left it in my bed...

Here it is!

Huh? Did you bring us a peeled Chestnut?

Oh! A Chestnut! We want a peeled Chestnut!

Come on, give it to us! We'll work hard for it.

Jake peeled the spiny shell and handed the peeled Chestnut over.

Yes! A peeled Chestnut!

All right, you layabouts! Get it together! Chop, chop!

Why don't you quit lounging around yourself?! Get moving!

We'll get hustling on renovating your rescue team base!

We'll carry in the materials and get the place built. Double-quick! You just wait!

And so, supplied with another peeled Chestnut, the Mankey gang got motivated and returned to work on the rescue team base's renovation. As a result, the rescue team base's completion moved a little closer.

At this point, the scene apparently resets; the Mankeys are still asking for a peeled Chestnut, only now we don't have one. This isn't a bug; the game developers just didn't add any visible improvements at this level of construction. Fortunately, we have a Chestnut in storage from that rescue mission a while back, or we'd have to run off to Uproar Forest to find another one.

Let's run over to Kangaskhan Storage and get that Chestnut!

I hope it's still good.

And after a moment of deja vu as the Mankeys excite themselves over the new one with the same exact dialogue...

And so, supplied with another peeled Chestnut, the Mankey gang got motivated and returned to work on the rescue team base's renovation. And finally the rescue team base was completed!

*sniff* Finally... this day has finally come...

Jake! It's finally finished! Our... no, Hugs's rescue team base!

...This is so cool. I can stare at it forever! Our rescue team base is so cool.

It looks like me!

We all worked very hard!

It was very hard, but it was worth it!


Everyone... thank you!

Say there. There's something I want to ask. If this rescue team base is finished, does that maybe mean... you won't bring us peeled Chestnuts anymore?

Hahaha! Well, what do you think? We don't need to keep working on the base any more. To our Mankey gang! Thanks for everything!






As a result of everyone's desperate efforts to stop the Mankey gang, the rescue team base was saved. As for the Mankey gang, they promised to keep from rampaging. In return for more peeled Chestnuts, they returned to their forest. And that is how the chaotic renovation of the rescue team base came to an end.

It's just as awesome on the inside!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: not every rescue team has had such a good day...