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Part 48: Premonitions of Doom (Hugs Team Base)

The next morning...

Oh, wow, another earthquake...

...I guess it settled down. There've been a lot of earthquakes recently...

Oh, already awake? There was another earthquake earlier, right? There've been so many, I can't get a decent night's sleep.


Hey, Lombre. What's up?

We need you at the square! Everyone's gathering there.

Is there something wrong?

I'm not really sure. Shiftry's calling everyone out. He's getting the other rescue teams to come.

Let's go!


Wow! Look at all the Pokémon!

Looks like they sent out to a lot of rescue teams for help. I've seen some pretty famous leaders from faraway places. That Shiftry... I wonder what he's planning to do with all these rescue teams?

Can I get everyone's attention here? I, uh... It's not my style to get up in front of everyone like this, and... Sorry. This isn't the time for that!

There's big trouble! Alakazam's team went underground... but they haven't returned!


Is that true?

Yes, unfortunately. Alakazam led his team underground to quell Groudon... and that's it. We haven't heard anything from them. To be honest... we have no idea what became of them.

No idea? How is that possible?! This is Alakazam you're talking about?

But they haven't come back. That's for real!

That's right... and it sounds as if Groudon is out of our league...

What? It's that tough? This Pokémon named Groudon?

Why don't you go underground and see for yourself?

Hunh?! You've gotta be kidding me!

There's magma flowing everywhere underground. I'd burn up if I went anywhere like that!

Quiet, please! Be quiet! There's no denying that it is dangerous underground. It's not a place where just anyone can go. That's why I asked so many rescue teams to gather today. I propose that a special team be formed by choosing the best of the best.

Who will step forward?! Who among us will be the heroes to take on the challenges underground?!

Hey, Jake. This is some chance. Let's go for it.

Don't bother, you guys.

What's with you? Can you get out of the way?

You guys have gotten a lot tougher, that's for sure, but there's plenty of tougher Pokémon out there.

But none of them are volunteering!

Will no one step forward?!

I'll go.


It's B-Blastoise!

You mean... Team Hydro's roughneck Blastoise?!

Those waterspouts on his back can rocket water so fast that it punches through thick iron plates!

It's rumored Groudon is a Ground type. I am a Water type. Strong against the Ground type. My Hydro Pump will put Groudon down in one shot.

I'll join the party too.

Woohoo! It's Octillery! She's Team Constrictor's leader.

She's known for persistent and clingy attacks. She ensnares foes with her tentacles, then head-butts them!

She'd be nasty to face in any battle of endurance.

Darlings, when I see a tough Pokémon, I want to tangle with them.

Say, how about not forgetting about me?

Wow! Golem!

He's the most brutal out of Team Rumblerock!

His body is rock hard. He's supposed to be able to withstand huge explosions without taking damage.

If Groudon's awakened underground, that suits me fine. I'll use my Rock Throw to keep it buried underground.

Oh, Blastoise! Octillery! And Golem! No one could complain about your selection. We will have these three rescuers head underground!

You're representing us! Make us proud!

Let's go!

Win it for us!

Save Alakazam's team!

See? They look pretty tough, eh? Let them handle things.

Okay... I guess we can't say anything.

I just hope we don't have to rescue them too...

I wish we could've gone too, but that's just too bad. We'll let Blastoise's team take care of things underground.

Let's give our rescue work our best!

I've monkeyed a bit with the events here to fit with the flow of the narrative; this event appears a certain time after the Uproar Forest mission becomes available, whether or not we've completed it-- and since we spent time recruiting, this actually triggered before the base renovations. Screenshots have been Stalinized. At any rate, the plot won't advance further until the base renovations are completed.

Let's head into town and get ready for our next mission.

I want to go back to Uproar Forest and recruit some more friends!

Gossip in the square has changed once more.

We agreed to let Blastoise's crew handle this situation. Let's give them some time.

You know how we've had so many earthquakes lately? Are they signs that something a lot worse is coming? I shudder to think!

You bet I'm worried about Alakazam's team... but Blastoise and company are tough. Don't you worry now. They'll get the job done.

There have been so many earthquakes... I can't get a decent night's sleep!

I'm terrified of all the earthquakes...

I haven't relaxed from hardening at all...

Whiscash is still complaining of upcoming earthquakes, sadly.

Let's see what Baron von Munchlaxen Dugtrio has to say.

Well, our son! Tell me, do the earthquakes frighten you?

Yes, Papa. They are very scary. Especially when I'm burrowing. It makes me twitchy because I get so scared. ...Papa? Papa, aren't you afraid of earthquakes?

...Of course they don't scare us. What do you... take us for?! If we were in charge... this is what we'd do to any earthquake!

Gasp, gasp...

Okay! Papa, you're so special!

(That's their answer to everything...)

I think we're done here. Do you want to take anyone to Uproar Forest with us?

Uh huh! Let's head back and see who wants to go!

Oh, hi, um, Coon Annin?

Cŵn Annwn.

Right. Sorry.

You looking for us?

The Wild Hunt beckons; the scent of death is on the wind. We must be off.


Hey, don't creep the kid out. We're just going to--

Uproar Forest. You seek to rescue many Pokémon. But you will be too late for one.

Hey, knock that off!

No! No, we can't be! Sheldon, we have to leave right now!

Jake, wait!

Now look what you've done! You want to play your Dark-type games on your own time, that's one thing, but you don't get to upset him like that!

I speak the truth. If he is not prepared to accept--

I don't have time for this. Jake!

...perhaps this too is fate.

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: new recruits, old faces, and... death?