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Part 49: You Make Me Want To Shout (Uproar Forest)

Myrmadon gave us a mission to deliver a Reviver Seed on the first floor. This wouldn't be a big deal, except the client is a Misdreavus. Remember that water type that kept wandering around in the water, not getting close enough for us to complete the mission?

Now imagine a client that can pass through walls and only be interacted with when it's on solid ground. This delivery took a while.

Here's your reward! 600 Poké and a White Gummi!

Thanks, Dimitri! Good luck with your music!

Meditating on the cycle of life, death, and rebirth has been quite inspiring!

(I get enough of that sort of thing from Cŵn Annwn...)

menstruates on stage's mission is much simpler: rescue a Kirlia from the second floor.

I feel quite embarrassed; I was hoping to rescue Pokémon, not need rescuing myself!

Aw, it's all right, Sabrina. Everybody needs to be rescued some time.

We get an Escape Orb, a Max Elixir, and a Persim Band, which prevents confusion.

Make sure you keep an Escape Orb for yourself next time!

Bubblegum? What're you doing here?

Who's Bubblegum?

No, it's the Ditto Eternal Moogle asked us to rescue. Are you all right?

Of course I'm all right. My tough Squirtle shell protects me from harm!

...but you're not a Squirtle.

Of course I'm a Squirtle! Don't you recognize me? I started Team Hugs, you know.

Hey, I started Team Hugs!

Don't be ridiculous. My best friend Jake can tell us apart, isn't that right?

You aren't even Transformed!

Now now, let's not fight. Sheldon, I think Eternal Moogle wanted to talk with you; let's go back, okay?

Sure. There's nobody here to rescue anyway.

(Well, whatever works...)

Here's the Clear Gummi I promised you, and something extra for the trouble.

Oh, it was no trouble!

We're just glad we could help. Can I hug you? You look fluffy.

I like that idea!

(Now he thinks he's Jake! Ah well. No harm done, I guess.)

In addition to the Clear Gummi, Team Hugs gets a Power Band and the Light Screen TM, which--

Hey, you keep away from that fourth wall!

Who's he talking to?

The sky, I think...

Ahem. As I was going to say, Light Screen temporarily reduces damage from special attacks. It's not as powerful as Protect, but it's more reliable.

The fourth floor is a busy one. Byzantine wanted us to bring him a Reviver Seed too.

Here, take this White Gummi.

Yay! I love vanilla!

We also got a Pecha Scarf and a Gray Gummi.

What'd you need the Reviver Seed for anyway?

A friend of mine talked me into starting a rescue team with him, but he got hurt pretty bad on our last mission. Oran Berries aren't helping, and the store was out of Reviver Seeds, so I was looking to find one.

Oh, I hope he'll be okay!

I'm sure he will be now. Thanks for your help; I'd better hurry back!

alcharagia, meanwhile, sent me this mission.

Here's 600 Poké and an HM for your friend there.

Thanks, mister Casparatis!

Oh, you earned it. Isn't that right, Dorsey?




Ow! Dammit! Yes, fine! Thankyou.

What'd you say?

Something wrong with your ears? I said thankyou.

(Guess he doesn't want to admit a tough Pokémon like him got lost.)

(I wonder what this HM does?)

We got the HM Surf! HMs, unlike TMs, can be used repeatedly, and Surf is a powerful Water-type move. The PP are a touch low, so ordinarily I'd be hesitant to give this to Sheldon, but several dungeons can only be accessed if you know Surf or have the Surf HM in your inventory, so Sheldon will replace Protect with this. (Note that, under normal circumstances, you have to find the Surf HM in the Solar Cave, a dungeon we haven't seen yet, so alcharagia's allowing me to do a bit of sequence breaking if I want to.)

The last mission on the fourth floor was to rescue OrangeSoda, who apparently got lost in the forest too. (Certainly nothing here should be a threat to a Vaporeon.)

We're rewarded with 600 Poké and a One-Room Orb.

Please don't tell anyone about this.

Your secret's safe with us.

On the fifth floor, we find I Eat Pens's little buddy Gulpin.

Here's a Racket Band and 600 Poké. Thank you so much!

Did... did you just pull that out of your mouth?

There's nothing wrong with that. I keep all sorts of things in my mouth. Come here, little friend.

(...he just ate the Gulpin!)


The Racket Band causes hostile Pokémon that have dozed off to wake up and start looking for us. It doesn't affect Pokémon that have the Sleep condition, only the kind that are napping when we enter a room and wake up when we get close. It's worth some Poké, at least.

Incidentally, One-Room Orbs are problematic to use on levels with, say, water, as they only eradicate the walls, not the water. They can also lead to trouble if the floor contains, say, a Monster House. (And for extra points, I only noticed the goof in this picture during final update assembly, when it was way too late to fix...)

We managed, though, pressing on to rescue Hellioning on the sixth floor (the image is washed out because it's snowing on the level)...

...Neeksy on the seventh floor...

...and Adexia on the ninth floor.

Hellioning rewarded us with a One-Room Orb, a Return TM, and a Secret Power TM.

Your assistance was appreciated.

You're very welcome!

Neeksy gave us a Clear Gummi, a Purple Gummi, and a Yellow Gummi.

Gummis for everyone!


Adexia, for her part, had a Gold Ribbon, a Heal Ribbon, and a Frustration TM to give us.

Zank you for getting rid of all zoze 'orrible Mankeys.

Good thing we found those Chestnuts on the way there.

We made everyone happy!

We also completed a few fetch quests. In return for that Green Gummi, easily found in Uproar Forest, Orfeo gave the team a Blue Gummi, a Brick Break TM, and a Weather Band, which keeps the wearer from being affected by weather conditions.

I can already taste the rainbow!

(It looks like he's tasted one too many Totter Seeds.)

Here's a Trapbust Orb and 600 Poké for your trouble!

But it only cost us--

Now now, I'm sure Pool Watcher's a busy Marill and wants to get back to whatever he's doing. Let's leave him alone, shall we?

Sheldon, you're pushing me!

And that's it for Uproar Forest! We completed all the missions, recruited several new team members, and gained a few levels (Cŵn Annwn went from 12 to 16, and Sheldon got to level 36). See you next time!

Oh, you want to know what happened with Cŵn Annwn's prediction of doom? Well, it went something like this...

Looks like nobody's home this time.

Hey, you know what this means, don't you?

No, what?

We rescued everybody we set out to rescue, and a few more besides! We weren't too late for anybody!

Hey, you're right!

So much for your 'you will be too late for one' routine, huh, Cŵn Annwn?

I don't understand. The scent of death was in the air...

We did help that ghost out. Maybe that's what you smelled. predictions are never wrong...

Ah, give it a rest, wouldja? We did the best we could. Even if something bad had happened, you making the kid worried wouldn't have changed that.

Let's go home and collect our reward!

Good idea. We want to get you new folks settled in too.

I'm looking forward to it!

As am I.

I feel like I'm forgetting something... ah, it can't have been too important.

You coming, Coon?

...maybe we simply never found the fallen?


I, Richard, will not forgive you for missing our battle! I will follow you wherever you go! I, Richard, have spoken!

Team Hugs's newest members:

Thanks to Myrmadon for naming Nutmeg the Seedot, menstruates on stage for naming Gallica the Roselia, and alcharagia for naming Richard the Aipom and Michael the Mankey!

They don't seem to like each other much...

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: touching rites of passage!