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Part 52: Despair and Hope (Hugs Team Base)

The next morning...

Oh? Another earthquake...

...whew, it stopped. There've been so many quakes lately. I wonder when they'll settle down?

Jake! There's a commotion down at the square! A lot of Pokémon have already gathered there. Let's go to the square right now!

Hey, Lombre! What's up here?

Hey, Sheldon. W-well... you should just go see for yourself...

Look! It's mister Blastoise!

Shiftry! What's going on here?!

...They were wiped out in the underground dungeon...

You're kidding!

Groan... that place... it's rough, seriously...

...We couldn't get far enough to even see Groudon...

I don't want to ever go back to a place that bad...

It appears that the dungeon underground is far worse than we'd imagined.


What fools. That's what you get for trying the impossible.

Ge-Gengar! Why don't you shut up?! This is about saving Alakazam's team. We have to try!

Kekeh! You really find thinking hard, don't you? Even they look smart compared to you.

It's too much. Even Blastoise went down...

It's gotta be awful tough. Who'd want to go into a dungeon that dangerous?

There's no way. I can't go. I burn too easily.

I can't take earthquakes.

It'd be like going and knowing full well we'd get wiped...


You see? Even they finally seem to understand their situation. Kekeh!

...I... my leafy fans would burn up...

E-even Shiftry...

Kekeh! Get over it! Don't expect to be rewarded just because you tried! Sometimes, it's better to wise up and give up!

...Huh? Did I say something profound? Kekekekekekekeh!

Urf... Jake... I don't know anymore... What should we do? Even if it's impossible...


...Sheldon, I can't believe you're listening to him!


Remember how much trouble he caused us before with his lying? Well, he's lying now! He just wants us to give up because... because he's a big purple meanie! Well, I say I'm not giving up! I'm going to rescue Alakazam if I have to do it myself!


...though it'd be a lot easier with you helping...

...yes... Yeah, you're right. All right, Jake!

Everyone, listen! We're going to rescue Alakazam's team!

Wha-what?! What did they say?!


Hey, who are they? Can't say I know them...

It's Team Hugs. They're well known around these parts.

Team Hugs? You mean the lot that were suspected of involvement in the Ninetales legend?

I heard about that! Weren't they living like fugitives until recently?

Can they handle it? They don't look very tough.

Sure, the rescue might be too much for us to handle.

But... we're still a rescue team. I wanted to help Pokémon that were suffering from the natural disasters. That's why we started up our rescue team!

That's why I want to rescue Alakazam's team more than anything. Never giving up... that's what Team Hugs takes pride in!

...Keh. Kekekeh! You really aren't very bright, are you?

Why don't you do like everyone else and wise up?

...No. Sheldon is right.


That's right. I wasn't thinking straight out of fear.


We all forgot the most important thing. We are rescue teams. Pride... we have it too! Pride as rescuers!

Ugegegegeh! Have you lost your senses?!

Why would you listen to that clown and, worse, be persuaded?

Why go if you're facing certain defeat?!

Is that so...?

We've only failed once.


This is no time to be lying around!


Yes, no more wallowing in woe-is-me self-pity.

If we give up, that's how it ends. Not for me.

Octillery! And Golem too!

Ugegegeh! You lot, that wasn't the tune you were whistling just a little...

Aye, that's right!

There've got to be ways we can get through!

If we all pull together, we'll be sure to find a way!

We'll conquer the dungeon by having all the rescue teams cooperate!

Ugegegegegegegegeh! Are you dreaming?! Don't say I didn't warn you when you get into a world of pain! Ugegegegeh!

Thank you, Sheldon. You stopped us from throwing away the most important thing we have--pride. My thanks from all of us. Everyone! It's time to get to work! Let's show them what we rescue teams are really about!

We got held up by the trouble we had with Gengar. But now, we're finally going off to the underground dungeon.

I'm so excited! I don't think I can wait until tomorrow!

We should spend today getting ready. Let me know when you're ready to roll.


Dear, I wasn't wrong about you at all. I always thought you weren't the ordinary sort. I'll keep your valuables under my watchful eye! You can go out and fight without worrying about them!

Sheldon's words struck me deeply. You can count on me for all your move-linking needs!

Oh, my goodness, yes! Sheldon's talk was such an inspiration! It has stoked a raging fire in our hearts! I will keep bringing in fine merchandise! This, I do for you!

Sheldon's words shook me up with inspiration! Especially the part about taking pride... that made me... it left me choked up...

It isn't just you, my brother. I am likewise inspired beyond words.

B-brother... *sniff* My brother... I will do my best to obtain even better Technical Machines and Orbs. All with the pride of a merchant!

The Magma Cavern... above all, there were many Fire-type Pokémon.

Fire-type Pokémon... I think they would burn me up in no time... but no! I mustn't make excuses for myself! Now is the time for each and every one of us to make a stand!

Oi, you lot shouldn't go. The Magma Cavern is alive with flames. You'll be burned up!

We can't do that! We are a rescue team too. We can't stand by idly!

What's it like? This Magma Cavern.

It was teeming with tough Pokémon, that's for sure. I'm strong against fire... but that place is special.

Several rescue teams have already left for the Magma Cavern. Jake, you guys take care too.

Aren't you remarkable? Your money will be jealously guarded, so feel secure on your outings!

I'll do my best to get more Friend Areas! Because Jake's team are my friends!

Jake! Please take care! We'll be okay. We'll try not to be scared of the quakes!

I'll do my best to harden myself!

Your words in the square struck me to my heart. I shouldn't be panicking. I have the ability to sense quakes. I must remain calm. It appears I've learned something from you youngsters.

Well, my son? Does Groudon frighten you?

Yes, Papa. It frightens me so much I don't know what to think. Papa? Are you going to the Magma Cavern too, Papa?

...Of course. What do you take us for?! If we were in charge... this is what we'd do to the Magma Cavern! Hah!

...Huh? Papa? Where did you go, Papa?

...isn't he supposed to pop out of the ground about now?

(I hope he didn't fall out the bottom of the cliff or something...)

Are you all ready to roll?

All set!

We should get a good night's sleep, then. We'll roll out tomorrow!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: can Team Hugs succeed where everyone else has failed?  Yes.