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Part 54: Everything Really Wrapped Up Nicely (Magma Cavern Pit)

Like the longer dungeons before it, Magma Cavern provides a delicious rest break before sending us through a few last levels, in this case Magma Cavern Pit, to get us warmed up for the boss fight at the end. This is nearly the last dungeon that will offer us such a luxury, so don't get too used to it.

We do run into Onix's bigger, meaner brother Steelix, but at this point my only worry is that someone will sneak up and KO Detritus before I get him safely out. Not that there's much danger of that: after a single floor...

Let's see... I wonder where we are?

I know we've come pretty far...

Waaah! Qu-quake!

...Whew! It settled down.

Hey! Over there!

Hey! Snap out of it!


What happened here?

We challenged... Groudon... and wiped out...


Grrgh... we... it crushed us...

Wait... what about Alakazam? Where did Alakazam go?

Alakazam is... still battling Groudon...

But it's been days since you left!

RAAAAAAARGH! (This Alakazam must be a formidable Pokémon!)

Jake! We've got to hurry!

...Be careful!

Alakazam! Are you okay?!

Hm! So it's you!

Stay back! This opponent... is no laughing matter!


H-here it comes!

Coming? Wh-where?!



I can't see!

Alakazam's gone!

Where did he go?

Darn it! It's our turn next. But I'm not going down without a fight!

Right! I'll teach this bully not to hurt my friends!


Jake! Hang tough!

I'm not afraid of you, Groudon! Come on!

RAAAAAAARGH! (We will end your rampage, no matter the cost!)


Groudon, oddly, is lower-level than the Onixes you had to defeat to get this far, and while he is a legendary and all, you don't have to powerlevel like we did to beat him. The most annoying thing about fighting him is probably that he forces sunny weather, which means Sheldon's Water damage (which would normally tear him to shreds) is cut down, while his Fire type moves are boosted. That said, there's not much to see in this fight. Jake uses Protect a few times until it works, then switches to Fury Swipes, while Sheldon pummels Groudon with Bubble, Bite, and Surf, and Detritus cowers behind. Annoyingly, Groudon hits Jake with Mud Shot before the Protect works, which slows him, but all the same it's Jake who lands the final blow.

And unlike previous legendary battles, there's no 'you are a worthy opponent next time I will fight with my full strength' crap.

Look! It's Alakazam!

Charizard and Tyranitar too!


Did you do it? Groudon?

Are you all right?

Yes, fine. We will be fine. But we must get out immediately.

What about Groudon? Will he be okay?

Your concern is unneeded. It will awaken soon enough. It had lost control only because it was enraged from having its sleep disturbed. It should calm down.

Waah... another quake!

Out! Quickly!

Having calmed Groudon, Jake's team left the dungeon and returned to Pokémon Square together with Alakazam's team. And in the square...

Is Jake's team almost here?

Look! Here they come!

It's true, darlings!

Let's go!

Great work! Great work, Jake!

You really took down that Groudon?!

Darlings, it's fantastic! You have won me over!

Whoa! W-wait a second! How does everyone know about what happened underground?

Pelipper spread the word with an extra edition of the Pokémon News.

You bunch became stronger than I expected!

You can be proud of it!

You lot did great! Why don't we team up sometime? Gahahahaha!

You've earned everyone's respect now. Your Team Hugs is a first-class rescue team. Take pride in that, Sheldon, Jake.

...Jake! This is great! All the work we put in... it was all worth it!

Would you look at that? I didn't think someone that could take down Groudon'd be such a crybaby! Gahahahaha!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: um, the credits, I guess?