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Part 55: Spoiler: General Leo Dies (Pokémon Square)

Hands up, anyone who actually thought that was the end of the game.

Huh? What was that? I thought I heard something just for a moment. Did I just imagine it?

No. I heard it too.

Me too. Even now, I hear it...

Someone talking? ...Not sure.

Th-this voice... I remember this voice. This voice... I think...

It's Xatu!

That's it! It's Xatu!

Xatu? Ah, that's it! Telepathy! Xatu is calling out to us using telepathy! all Pokémon! Calling all Pokémon! Terrible, it is! From the sky... falls a star...

From the sky! Comes a star! It is huge... a giant of a star! The star, it falls. It falls straight to us.

Disasters in nature... there were many... the balance of the world, it has been upset... all because of the star. The star that slowly comes closer. If it keeps coming... it will crash into this world. It shall be terrible. Something must be done...

Xatu. Tell us. Can the falling star be stopped?

...There is a way. To prevent collision, there is but one solution. You must ask Rayquaza.

Rayquaza? What might that be?

A Pokémon, living far above us in the sky. Legendary, it is. Rayquaza must be asked to destroy the star from the sky. However... far, far up in the sky lives Rayquaza. Known by few and seen by none.

The sky... how are we to go there?

Alakazam and I amplify our Teleport together and send Pokémon to the sky. However... the sky is a world above the clouds. What will become of the Pokémon sent to the sky? Even I can guess nothing...

Then we'll do it! We'll go!

I also... I thought there could be none but you... But... are you sure? There's no telling what you would find in that world above the clouds.

We expect danger! It's my wish that all Pokémon can live in peace.

Sheldon, Jake. Do you hear? This is Xatu. Discuss we will, Alakazam and I, about how our Teleport can be amplified. Departure, it is tomorrow. Rest you should until then. Last word. Dangerous will be your adventure... but fail, you must not. Surpass yourselves.

No problem! We'll be fine!

Hey, Jake! Let's get it done!

Team Hugs takes time to reorganize their supplies and receive words of encouragement from the locals.

I will wait for you. Jake, I'm sure that you will succeed and come back.

This is getting heavy! But I have this feeling that you can do it. We need you to win!

Rayquaza is a legendary Pokémon, isn't that right? Getting to it sounds difficult enough... but you can't fail!

Darlings, I can't begin to imagine a world above the clouds... The best of luck!

Everything depends on you! Don't fail!

If anyone can do it, it's you! Keep your faith!

I will set out to confer with Xatu. You leave tomorrow. Prepare for your journey before then.

I'm throwing in my lot with Team Hugs! Get out there and save the world!

You can do it! You can stop the star from falling!

You'll do fine! I'm sure you'll find success! Have confidence in yourselves!

We hope you'll succeed! Please don't give up!

I also hope for your success. Fight!

Jake, you're our one hope!

I don't know what sort of Pokémon Rayquaza is... but with you, I know it can become a friend!

I'm rooting for your success, Jake!

I'll use Harden and wait for Jake's team to come back!

A shooting star is on a collision course... This is indeed a desperate time. But there is nothing that I can do. All our hopes ride with you. I realize that it is a heavy burden to bear, but... we must count on you to succeed.

Oh my, isn't this awful! But I get the feeling that you can make a difference, Jake! Please don't let us down!

If that shooting star crashes, it's going to be terrible! You're our only hope! Go for it!

Papa hasn't come back yet... I wonder what happened to them? Oh! Maybe they've already gone to the sky... and maybe they've already met Rayquaza... That's not possible. Even Papa can't fly. Sigh... where did Papa go...?

And, at last, Jake returns to Sheldon, who's been waiting in the square...

Jake. Are you all ready for the sky?

All set!

Great! We leave tomorrow. Let's get plenty of rest tonight. Tomorrow, let's give it everything we've got!

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