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by FredMSloniker

Part 58: Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies (Sky Tower Summit)

Is this... the top floor?

Who goes there?! Who dares to trespass upon my airspace?!

That voice... is that Rayquaza?

Indeed I am. The sky is my domain. Depart at once!

We can't leave now! We came here because we need your help!


I am a being of the sky, and you are but denizens of the ground. To each, there is a world destined as their own! For hundreds of millions of years, never once have I descended to the ground!

And the opposite shall also hold true! Let there be no mercy for those that defy the laws of nature! Prepare for the end!


(This is it... the last mission Sheldon and I will be on together...)

(...but I can't back down now! The whole Pokémon world is depending on me!) Mister Shine, Mister Bright, stay back! This is a fight for Sheldon and me!

Righto, master Jake.

Show that blighter what for!

Sheldon, we'll let him come to us!


Come on, Sheldon! Let's take him down together!

Why do you guys always do this? Why do I always have to beat you up to get you to listen to me?

All I want to do-- all I've ever wanted to do-- is to make people happy!

I just want to hug and love all the Pokémon!

Why do I have to beat you up before you'll love me?

Jake! Your shield!

I-it's not working!

Don't worry, Jake! I'll protect you!

I'll always protect you! Because I believe in you! And I'm never gonna leave you alone again!

Because you're my best friend!

Sh... Sheldon...

...oh no! We didn't hit him too hard, did we?


He's getting back up!

And I think he wants a rematch!

Wh-wh-what?! Quake?!

It can't be! We're up on clouds...

These are shock waves! And they're huge!

That's it! I get it now! Look straight up, Rayquaza!

What is that?!

It's a shooting star! And it's gigantic! It's going to destroy the world if it isn't stopped!

That's why we came, mister Rayquaza. We need you to destroy that falling star!

...So, that is why...

Yes! Hurry! Destroy it!

...Before I try... I need to know your resolve. The star has come too close. If I were to loose my Hyper Beam here, you would not escape unscathed!

So what?! We knew that right from the start!

Well said!

(Yes... if we die here, at least we die together...)

Take charge of your destiny!


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