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by FredMSloniker

Part 61: New Horizons (Team Hugs Base)

Due to Jake and Sheldon's heroic actions, the falling star was destroyed, and peace returned to the world of Pokémon. But that did not put an end to the natural calamities. Natural disasters still occurred, but much less often. Needless to say, Hugs's rescue activities continued as if nothing had changed. Several mornings later...

Morning, Jake! Did you just get up?

Mmm hmm!

I just went by the Pelipper Post Office. There were still rescue jobs posted on the Bulletin Board. Even though it's peaceful again, lots of Pokémon still need helping. Let's keep on giving it our best like always!

Hooray! Let's go help some Pokémon!


Oh, hi, you two!

What's the matter?

It's Snubbull! There's something weird going on!

Snubbull is weird? Weird, how?

He looks completely different...

Jake, let's go to the square!

Hi, Alakazam!

Hey, Alakazam? Have you seen Snubbull around?

We heard something weird happened to him.

I'm Snubbull.

Whaaaat?! You're Snubbull?

But you don't look anything like the way you did before!

I don't really understand, either. I went into the cave there, and all of a sudden...

What cave?

It appeared without me noticing. See? Right there.

So you went in there...

Yup. And I came out looking like this...

Snubbull underwent "evolution". He evolved.

For some reason, the following dialogue in the game acts as if neither the characters nor the player have heard of evolution before, which is not only pretty improbable for a Pokémon game but outright contradicts dialogue earlier in the game. Let's make it a little more sensible, shall we?

Evolution? I thought no one could evolve because...

Evolution could not take place before because the world's balance was askew. However, now that the star has been destroyed... the world's balance has been restored. That cave became unsealed. I suspect that cave is where evolution can take place.

So if I evolved, I would become like Metapod?!

I wish... I want to be Butterfree quickly...

W-wait a second. I don't know if I like this or not. My cute little face turned all craggy...

Evolution is not a bad thing. Appearance isn't the only thing that changes through evolution. One's power and abilities may be enhanced, for example.

Oh! Really?! I... I might be stronger?!

That makes me want to evolve even more! I wish I could be Butterfree soon...

M-me too!

Can we evolve if we go to that cave?

Yes. But it would depend on the conditions.

Jake, we should go to the cave if we want to evolve.

(Do I want to evolve? I never thought I'd have to make that decision... well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take a look.)

Um... I think I need some time to decide... okay, Sheldon?

Sure! It's ultimately your decision.

Let's look around the square, see how everyone's doing today.

Oh, I hope I can be Butterfree soon...

First I have to evolve like Metapod!

I might become stronger! Ooh, it's exciting...

That cave's entrance appears rather narrow. Only one may enter at a time, it seems. If you wish to enter the cave, you must come alone.

You did it! Good for you! That is so cool!



Thank you so much! I can keep my shop running, thanks to you!

Yes! You did it, Jake! Now that peace has been restored, I can sell my goods with peace of mind. Thank you so much!

I'm all shaken up with emotion! Knowing that the square will be safe... that made me... it left me choked up...

It isn't just you, my brother. I am likewise overcome with joy.

B-brother... *sniffle* My brother... Jake and Sheldon... we only have gratitude for you. Thank you ever so much!

Peace has returned! Thank you, Jake!

It's peaceful again! Thank you! I never expected less from you, my friend!

You've done it, Jake! You're the greatest! Really!

We will soon be departing the area. Sincerely, thank you for all the help and kindness you've given us. Jake and Sheldon, please do take care!

We will soon be leaving this area. We Jumpluff travel the world, carried wherever the winds will take us. Jake and Sheldon, we owe so much to you. Thank you for everything. May we meet again.

You guys were amazing... Truly, you've impressed me.

Jake! Sheldon! You both hung in there! Great job! ...But you're still not up to our caliber!

We're here now because you succeeded! You have my thanks! ...Of course, we did our bit to help too!

The dojo finally has some new courses. (Not shown: Team Rumblerock.) We'll have to check that out later.

Oh, how marvelous, Jake! I can go on living again without fear. Thank you!

You fought your way up a tower of clouds? I can't even imagine that. Sounds kind of wow! Ayup!

Oh, darlings, you've outdone yourselves!

You were flat-out incredible! Seriously, consider teaming up with me! Gahahaha!

(Everything returned to peace...) But Papa still hasn't come back. Everyone says they haven't seen them. Where did my papa go? Oh! Maybe they got left behind in the sky... and maybe Rayquaza is having them as a meal... that's not possible. Papa can't fly in the first place. Sigh... where did Papa go...?

(The kid's getting kinda morbid. I hope his dad gets back soon.)

Having basked in nearly everyone's praise, we take a moment to do the usual post-dungeon supply organizing. There's a surprise waiting for us, though...

Wigglytuff's vastly expanded his selection of Friend Areas!

Oh! I want them all!


Yes! Mister Persian, please give him however much he wants for all of them!

It's your money.

Gotcha! Let's do it! Wigglytuff~♪ Wigglytuff~♪ Let's be friends... Yoomtaaaaaaah!

We'll take a look at all these new Friend Areas in the next update. Right now, it's dungeon time!

Or is it?

Oh, yeah, hang on a second! There's something I wanted to bounce off you before we go to any dungeon.

The dialogue that follows in-game has Sheldon explaining how we now have the option to freely choose our team. Since we've been doing that in-narrative already...

You know how we always went into dungeons, me and you, Jake? I think our teammates haven't been getting enough experience because we've been doing most of the work. Now that they can evolve again, I know a lot of them will want to get stronger so they can evolve.

We can take them with us, then!

Actually, I have a different idea. I think we should split up.


No, no, not like that! I mean, from now on, I think you and I should go on separate missions, take those who need training with us.

But I like going on missions with you.

I like it too, Jake, but I think splitting up's a good idea. Besides, we can always spend time together after work, right?'re right. I'll do it.

Great. Let's let the others know!

And now that we've had that plot point, we can go to any Pokémon on our team, use the 'Join Team' command to add them to our active team...

...and use the new 'Make Leader' option... put them in charge of the team. So where did Jake and Sheldon go?

To their Friend Areas. From now on, we visit them just like any other Pokémon on the team to add or remove them from active duty.

(I've got so many things I could do now... I need to make a list!)

And always, always, help Pokémon in need!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: what will Jake do first?