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Part 63: The Road to a Friend's Home Is Never Long

As we saw earlier, rolling the credits causes Wigglytuff to add a lot of Friend Areas to his list. Fortunately, Team Hugs was nearly swimming in Poké, so we had enough to buy everything he had. Combined with the Friend Areas we got from Wonder Mail, we can now recruit any recruitable Pokémon in the game! Let's check the new Friend Areas out.

Waterfall Lake (Eastern Lakes) is home to Magikarp, Feebas, and their evolutions. (Indeed, in the following lists, you can assume 'and all evolutions'.)

Furnace Desert (Desert) is where Sandshrew, Trapinch, and Cacnea hang out.

Treasure Sea (Southern Sea) contains Horsea, Remoraid, Carvanha, Anorith, and Luvdisc...

...while Deep-Sea Floor (Southern Sea) is home to Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep, Clamperl, Cinchou, and Relicanth.

Southern Island (Southern Isles) is Latias and Latios's favorite spot; buying their Friend Area will trigger a plot point later that will allow us to catch befriend them.

Final Island (Western Isles) is where Mew will stay once we recruit him.

Shallow Beach (Beach) has these kooky little coconut houses, and will eventually house Wingull, Krabby, and Corsola.

Ice Floe Beach (Beach) will keep Seel and Spheal nice and cool.

Bountiful Sea (Northern Sea) is the underwater domain of Shellder, Staryu, Slowpoke, and Tentacool.

Serene Sea (Northern Sea) is for Wailmer, Qwilfish, and Mantine.

Mystic Lake (Northern Lakes) welcomes Lapras and Dratini.

Frigid Cavern (Glacier) is another icy Friend Area, this one for Snorunt, Sninub, Smoochum, and Delibird.

Mt. Cleft (Mountain Range) is home to Charmander, Aron, and Larvitar.

Rainbow Peak (Mountain Range) is, as you might guess, Ho-Oh's exclusive domain.

Poison Swamp (Marsh) is a foul, nasty place. Grimer, Koffing, and Gulpin will feel right at home here.

Echo Cave (Cave) is a good spot for Zubat, Dunsparce, Wynaut, Whismur, Mawile, and Nosepass to chill.

Cryptic Cave (Cave), on the other hand, belongs to Mewtwo and Mewtwo alone.

Sacred Field (Plains) is home to the Legendary Hamsters: Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.

Ancient Relic (Relics) is where Aerodactyl, Baltoy, and the three Regi- legendaries will live.

Aged Chamber AN and Aged Chamber O? (Relics) are for Unown. For those not in the know (and I'm surprised you've read this far), Unown come in 28 flavors: one for each letter of the alphabet, and one each for "!" and "?". Hence two Friend Areas just for them.

Scorched Plains (Volcano) is home to plenty of Fire Pokémon: Torchic, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, and Ponyta all hang out here.

Crater (Volcano) is even closer to the heat, containing Magby, Torkoal, Slugma, and Numel.

Finally, Secretive Forest (Western Forest) gives a home to Pineco, Nincada, Spinarak, and Venonat.

The observant among you may have noticed that we don't yet have a home for, say, the legendary birds. That's because any Friend Areas we don't yet have are automatically donated once we get a Pokémon that lives there. I'll be sure to show those off in due time.

Next time, we finish our business at the Makuhita Dojo!