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Part 65: No Peasants Were Harmed In The Making Of This LP (Wyvern Hill)

Dear diary, now that we have saved the world, everyone is so nice to us! I mean, they were nice before, but now they say things like 'Team Hugs is the best' and 'Only your team can do a mission like this'. So I went into town to see what we could do to help more Pokémon.

It's kind of sad to not be with Sheldon all the time, but he is busy helping the young Pokémon get stronger, which is good, and we still meet for food and stuff.

I've given up on trying to turn back into Snubbull. From now on, I'm living as Granbull. Pleased to meet you.

Mister Snu Granbull likes his new face. I think he looks tough, but still cute.

It sounds like the natural disasters were interfering with our ability to evolve. I think the timing's right. I should think about evolving... but when I evolve... I become a Ludicolo. You know? Ludicolo is a carefree Pokémon. I don't know about having my personality become carefree... What do you think? Huh?

Have I changed since I became a Persian? I still feel like me, but...

What's your rescue rank? How high'd you get it? We're still Normal Rank. We're trying, but...

Lots of Pokémon are thinking about getting a high rescue rank. I think it would be better if Pokémon didn't need rescuing. Still, I do like my gold medal. It's shiny.

Our team got the Gold Rank, but I think the rescue ranks go higher than that.

I wonder what's higher than the Gold Rank? I can't imagine it.

I wonder what the next rank is? Crystal?

For many years, countless Pokémon have served on rescue teams. Many have engraved their names in glory. But if anyone asks about the greatest of them all... there is but one hero. It's Lucario... whose exploits as a rescue leader are the stuff of legend. I aspire to become like Lucario. To become even closer to Lucario's greatness... that is my goal and my dream.

I bet this mister Lucario had the highest rank there is!



I hope Floyd is okay. We haven't gone on a mission in a while. Maybe I should take him.

I went into the cave, but... I couldn't evolve into Butterfree.

That's too bad. I bet you weren't high enough in level. If you train and raise your level, I think you'll be able to evolve.

Oh, so it's my level! I get it! I'll work at leveling up!

I hope Caterpie and Metapod evolve soon. I think Butterfrees are pretty! I want to bat at them!

The Jumpluff appear to have left on the winds. I shall miss them...

Jumpluff are cute too. I wonder if I can find some to join my team?

Oh, hello! Did you know? Somewhere in the world there is an extremely rare Pokémon named Chansey. This is what they say about Chansey... if you are lucky enough to meet one, you will be filled with happiness. I wonder what sort of a Pokémon it is. Wouldn't you like to meet one, even once?

I remember some of my human life now... I don't really like to think about it. But I saw a Chansey once, I think. It looked so soft and huggable...

My Team Hydro is Bronze Rank. We need to do better.

Our Team Rumblerock is famous for savagery, but we're actually only Normal Rank. It's an embarrassment...

Darlings, I'll have you know that my Team Constrictor is actually Silver Rank. Not too bad, is it? We surprise people with our excellence.

Because we saved the world, the other team leaders let me pick the missions I want first! I was going to pick some, but then I saw Diglett.

(Papa still hasn't come home...)

Our son! Sorry to make you wait!

...Oh! That voice!

Get set!


Our son, we're sorry for causing you anxiety.

Papa. Where were you?

We were traveling the world. The world is vast. There are countless Pokémon around the world that are unknown in these areas.

That's why you were gone... Papa, did you see all the Pokémon that aren't known in these areas?

...Of course. What do you take us for?

Oh! Of course! Papa, you're so special!

I'm glad mister Dugtrio is back, but I wonder why he left his kid behind in the first place? That isn't very nice. Did he get lost and not want to say so?

After I took some rescue jobs from the board, I got my rescue stuff...

...and went to see Coon Cun Cŵn Annin, who wanted to go on another mission. (Thanks for helping me spell, Sheldon!)

Then it was off to Wyvern Hill!

Wyvern Hill is a nice place. There's grass and rock and water. It's kind of dark there though. Mister Cŵn Annwn says he likes the dark.

The Pokémon here are tough! I hit a Bagon and he didn't run away like most Pokémon do when I hit them. I had to hit him again to scare him off.

I like to splash in the waaateeer ~♪

So does mister Lance! He's a Dratini I met on the hill. He is nice.

Lance (Dratini, #147) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 33. (Thanks, The_Censorship_Nazi (art) and Myrmadon (name)!)

I can't hug as well now that I'm a Persian, but I did my best. He was slippery, but warm.

Lance joins at level 30, which is enough for him to evolve into a Dragonair right away if we want, or we can wait until he reaches level 55 and Dragonite status. He knows Leer, Wrap, Slam, and Twister.

Note also the new menu option, 'Leader'. In most of the new dungeons (though, oddly, not the old ones), we can change team leaders on the fly if someone is better suited to the task at hand. The option is red here because Lance isn't a permanent team member yet and, therefore, not eligible to lead.

While I was distracted by a bit of funny ground, mister Cŵn Annin saw a bad Pokémon and attacked it! I tried to rescue him, but the Dratini beat him up; he doesn't do well with water. We had a Reviver Seed, though, so he was okay!

Note that Jake has not just stepped on a Wonder Tile. The new dungeons start introducing traps that really are traps, with a wide variety of nasty things they can do. Fortunately, before coming to this dungeon, I fed both Jake and Sheldon a ton of gummis, and Jake learned Trap Seer. The name is somewhat misleading. If Jake steps on a trap he can't see, it will fail to go off, simply being revealed; traps he can see will activate normally, though.

Here's a better look at the trap. This is a Sticky Trap. If Jake steps on it again, a random item in the inventory will get sticky, which means we can't use it until we either leave the dungeon or use a Cleanse Orb. Partners can have their held item get sticky instead. The No-Stick Cap hold item prevents stickiness while held.

It started snowing while I was there. Hooray for snow!

But then I got ambushed by a bunch of mean Pokémon. The Bagon were really scary, and the Dratinis really hurt!

The Bagon here know Scary Face (cause slow status) and Leer (lower defense). The Dratini know Twister (damage with a chance of cringe status) and Dragon Rage (does fixed damage)...

...which, as you can see, is extremely dangerous to Jake. (The other hits were only doing one or two HP a pop.) Protect helped Jake survive for a while, but it doesn't always activate when used...

...and after a few Leers, Jake's defense was low enough for the remaining Bagon to take him apart.

I thought I was dead, but then a Venusaur and a Blastoise came in and blasted everyone away! The Blastoise was nice, but the Venusaur seemed grumpy. I wish Sheldon had come with me.

Thanks go to Minotaurus, whose team of Steve and Lemmy came to my aid in a most timely fashion. Thanks, Team Rockin'! I'll get a Thank-You Mail for you in due course.

My paw is starting to hurt from writing. I think I will take a break. I'll tell you the rest tomorrow, diary!