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Part 66: Traps and Treasures (Wyvern Hill, continued)

I'm back, diary. Sheldon's off on rescue missions, and I'm bored, so I will tell you what the rest of my trip to Wyvern Hill was like.

That trap was revealed when we took out a Pokémon with Pay Day and the money bounced off it. (Items can never be on the same space as a trap.) It's a Pokémon Trap; it turns all items on the floor into Pokémon.

Incidentally, the first 19 levels of Wyvern Hill are small levels, like Lapis Cave; they only take up the left half of the map.

I found a neat-looking seed on the ground, so I ate it.

All of a sudden, I could see much better!

Eyedrop Seeds immediately reveal all traps on the floor. (Note that it also revealed traps in the room we're not currently in.) They're quite handy if you don't have Trap Seer yet.

I was really scared when I found another monster house, but there weren't any Dratini there, so it wasn't bad.

Then one of the Totodiles started attacking the other Totodiles! He said afterwards that he could see I was gonna win and wanted to be on my side. I don't know if I like that reason, but as long as mister Wally does good things I guess it doesn't matter why he does them.

Wally (Totodile, #158) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 34. (Thanks, individuo grande (name)!)

Wally is level 29, one level short of full evolution. He knows Scary Face, Scratch, Bite, and Water Gun, a good solid moveset.

Cŵn Annwn got really hurt during the fight, though, and had to go home. I went to see him when I got back, and he is okay, so that's good.

I really ought to have dealt with the water Pokémon that could reach him sooner.

This is a Grimy Trap. If Jake steps on it, it'll spoil a random food item in the inventory. A partner can only have a food item he's holding spoiled. Grimy Food is still somewhat nutritious, but causes multiple status ailments.

I don't like rain, but Wally and Lance do, so that's okay.

Gust Traps blow their victim in a random direction until he hits something and takes five points of damage. If that something is a Pokémon, the Pokémon also takes five points of damage.

Spin Traps confuse their victim. Lance, however, has the Shed Skin ability, which allows him to recover from conditions more quickly-- so quickly in this case that he recovers the same turn. (Note that our partners keep stumbling on the traps we find for them. Sadly, we have to feed them some gummis to teach them not to be that stupid.)

Finally we reached mister Hankosha the Magikarp, who was flopping around on the ground! He said he was fine, though, just hungry, so I gave him the Big Apple he wanted.

Then a sandstorm started! I was glad mister Waylance was right there to be rescued, so I sent him home right away and hurried out of the storm.

Mister Katarani Sword wasn't far away, but we didn't have the Reviver Seed any more because Cŵn Annwn ate it. He said these things happen sometimes, which was nice.

Some Pokémon get different abilities when they evolve. Jake lost Pickup (which was useless, since he always has a held item equipped) and gained Limber (which prevents him from being paralyzed).

Seal Traps disable a random move in the victim's move list for the rest of the floor. (Lance's Shed Skin ability allows him to recover after several turns, though.)

Explosion Traps halve the HP of any Pokémon within two squares of the trap, as well as destroying any walls and items in that range. Wally!

Miss Sabrina got lost again, and she was glad to see us. It was nice to see her too, even if I had to rescue her again.

Mister Dimitri was glad to see us too. We gave him a ride home for now and an Escape Orb for later. I hope he comes by to play his music sometime!

Wally stepped on a trap and got thrown into the air! I found him a little later, though, and he was okay. I'm so glad!

Mister Orfeo was all dizzy and confused! We sent him back to town because he was lost.

Mud Traps reduce Attack, Special Attack, Defense, or Special Defense just like debuffs do (which means the usual cures work).

Miss Spearmint was glad to be rescued, and mister Volati was glad to have her back.

The 20th floor had a sandstorm, but it also had a strange big rock with a keyhole in it. I wonder what happens if you have the key?

We found mister Shaezerus on the next floor, looking lost. He said it was the fault of the trees. I said there were no trees here, and he said that's what they want me to think. I think maybe he has been hit in the head too many times, but I sent him home anyway. I was tired, so I went home with him.

Mister Hankosha gave me a Stairs Orb and 800 Poké. He says the Stairs Orb will show me where the stairs are if I get lost. I don't think I'll need it, but it was nice of him to give me.

Mister Pool Watcher was glad to have mister Waylance back. He gave me 800 Poké... and a Key! He didn't know what it was for. I want to go back and try it in that lock now!

Miss Sabrina gave me 800 Poké and a Sun Stone. She says some Pokémon use Sun Stones to evolve. I asked the team if anyone wanted it, and Mary Jane said she'd like it later, when she becomes a Gloom. She can turn into a Bellossom with one!

Mister Dimitri gave me a Joy Seed, a Reviver Seed, and a Max Elixir. That was very nice of him! I wonder who I'll give the Joy Seed to.

Mister Orfeo gave me a Totter Seed, another Secret Power TM, and a Heal Seed. He said the Totter Seed would give me a 'wicked buzz'. I think I'll sell it.

Mister Volati and miss Spearmint gave me 800 Poké and a Royal Gummi. They make a cute couple.

Mister Hitmonlee gave me another Ginseng, a Persim Band, and a Weather Band. The Weather Band would be nice in a sandstorm, but I like my Friend Bow better.

And then they all said I'd done so much for them that I should get a promotion! They gave me a new Platinum Medal! I wonder if there's one even better?

It's not as shiny as the gold one, though. Oh, I think I hear Sheldon now. I wonder how his trip went? I'll tell you later, diary!

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