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Part 69: Bonus fanart interlude!

While I recover from donating blood and trying to turn Desert Region into an interesting update, have some fanart!

Zutaten offers this patriotic piece with Agnew the Spearow by Jake's side.

Neeksy, on the other hand, is somewhat less... inspiring. Poor Sheldon.

Tank_Sledgehammer presents this dramatic drawing of the end of the Groudon fight. I'm amused by Detritus's expression.

He also contributes this tribute to Alakazam, who's done a lot for Team Hugs: giving us a head start before the lynch mob showed up, softening up Groudon, and helping us get to Sky Tower for the final battle.

Poor lonely Sanger. Shaezerus demonstrates the hazards of having scythes for arms.

Oddishes are based on the legendary properties of mandrake root, which would scream when pulled from the ground, killing those who heard it, unless precautions were taken. Fortunately, Team Hugs's Mandrake isn't that loud, but AlphaMole demonstrates that hugging him is a bittersweet experience.

Finally, Lobst presents this... interesting sequel to his earlier comic. (Somewhere, a furry is getting off to this right now.)

Keep that fanart coming! Many Pokémon still need Jakehugs, before and after his evolution!