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Part 7: Day 3 - Hugs Team Base

Where... Where am I? Maybe... Is this a dream...?

...Oh? There's someone here. Who is it...? Someone I know...?

...Hmm... I can't remember...

I think I dreamt something... but I can't quite remember what that dream was about...

Oh, well. Today's another day of rescues!

I wonder if I have any mail? Better check the Mailbox.

Jake checked the Mailbox. But there was no mail seeking help from the rescue team.

Morning, Jake! You're up early.

Oh! You checked the Mailbox, did you? ...So, what's the word? Were there any rescue jobs for us?

Hah? It was empty?!

Awww... Well, I guess so. After all, we only just started up...

Well, no point moping. Let's go check Pokémon Square. I think there will be jobs posted at the Pelipper Post Office. Pokémon Square's over this way. Let's go.

This is Pokémon Square.

That's the Kecleon Shop. You can buy and sell items there.

That's Felicity Bank. You can save your money there.

This is the Gulpin Link Shop. Gulpin will link moves for you. Hah? What's linking? Well, if you link moves... You can use them at the same time. If you need details, you'd be better off asking Gulpin.

This is Kangaskhan Storage. Store items here so they'll never be lost. If you have important items, you should store them before you head out to a dungeon. How do you like it? The shops are useful, huh? Oh, yeah, there's also the Pelipper Post Office. It's straight ahead past here. I'm sure you can get information on rescue jobs there. So, let's start with a visit to the Pelipper Post Office.

Let's look around first! I've never been here before!

Yeah, okay, we can do that.

Yay! Kecleon!

We, the Kecleon Brothers, have a passion for selling items. Items are useful for your dungeon adventures. Use your imagination and discover innovative uses, please. Ah, yes. If my shop sells out... New merchandise will arrive the following day. Until then, please go to a dungeon and spend some time. Please visit on your return~♪ Ah, yes. The Kecleon Shop is a nationwide chain. There are shops even in dungeon. Please do visit~♪ May I help you with anything else?

The options here are fairly straightforward; 'Buy' and 'Sell' do what you'd expect them to do, and 'Info' is the spiel we just read. 'Sell All' is handy for if you have a lot of junk to offload, as long as you dump anything you want to keep in storage first.

Will you buy some stuff from me?

Ah, very well! What do you wish to sell?

When we choose to sell, our inventory screen appears. Inventory is normally sorted by the order in which it was picked up, but pressing Select will organize it. We sell off everything we've got, with the exception of the Reviver Seed, which could come in handy.

Good! Done deal! Thank you so much~♪

Yay! Money!

May I help you with anything else?

Um, what are you selling?

Ah, very well! Feel free to examine my merchandise~♪

The Kecleon on the left sells items that are useful in dungeons, like food, berries, seeds, and rocks. It isn't really worth it to buy any of these at this point.

Um... I think I'm okay. Thank you, though!

Thank you! Please call again~♪

Yay! Shiny Kecleon!

Wonder Orbs are very, very convenient~♪ However, they disappear after one use... But they are useful in a pinch! Use them cleverly, and your adventures will be made much easier~♪ And moves... They are the ultimate power! Smash rocks! Fly! There are many kinds of moves, all of them dynamic, yet elegant! There are even moves of obscure rarity... Simply gorgeous, they are! Now, we have these moves! They can be learned using our Technical Machines, or TMs for short! You see? Isn't it exciting? Even dreamy? Why, it gets me so excited, my color has turned a rosy tint! I do hope you will shop with us--me and my brother next to me! May I assist you in any other way?

Um, what are you selling?

Ah, very well! Do examine my merchandise. I have chosen it with pride~♪

The Kecleon on the right sells TMs and Wonder Orbs. Wonder Orbs, as he said, are one-use magic items, while TMs, as in the mainline Pokémon games, teach moves. There's one important difference between PMD and the mainline games, though; when you use a TM, you're left with a 'Used TM' item. This can be repaired by a Pokémon with the Recycle move and used again, so if you buy a pricey TM, it might be a good idea to hang onto the leftovers. (We can't store the leftovers, though-- we have to keep them in our inventory-- so best not to worry about this until we get a Pokémon who can Recycle.) We can't really afford anything here right now, but we'll be buying from him soon enough.

Um, not right now, but thank you!

Thank you so much! Please do visit again~♪

Oh look, Pokémon in the square! Let's say hi!

I don't know why, but there've been many natural disasters lately. A lot of Pokémon have gone wild and violent because the disasters scared them... It's a mean world out there.

Pardon? Oh, the Pelipper Post Office? The Pelipper Post Office would be... Straight down this path. It's out at the cape. You can't miss it.

There was a forest fire not long ago. It was terrible. Luckily, Blastoise and Feraligatr were able to douse it quickly... But it could have been much worse if they were slower getting there.


Aww, cheer up, Jake. That's the sort of thing we're here to stop!


Yay! Persian!

How may I serve you?

Um, what do you do?

Ah, you wish to know how the bank operates. Very well. If you are defeated in a dungeon, you'll lose all your money. Did you know that? But you can avoid that! You've nothing to fear if you leave your money with Felicity Bank. Even if you return defeated from a dungeon, your money will be safe with me! I assure you, my bank will keep your money safe. Simple, isn't it?

I don't want to lose my money... can you keep it safe for me?

How much do you wish to deposit? de-deposit?

He means how much do you want to give him.

Oh! Um, all of this!

1,201 Poké. Very well. I will guard it jealously. I await your next visit.

There's a building next to Felicity Bank that looks like a shop, but nobody's actually there yet; we'll have to advance the plot a bit further.

Yay! Gulpin!

Gulpin has a lot to say about linking moves, so I'll summarize. We can have Gulpin link two or more moves on the same Pokémon so that we automatically use them in a specific order, one after the other, in the same turn. They stay linked until one of the moves runs out of PP, and then the link breaks; we can also choose to break the link ourselves. I don't use linked moves much myself, but some combinations can be useful-- for instance, we could use a defense-lowering move and follow it up instantly with an attack, or do combo moves like Hypnosis->Dream Eater in a single turn. That's not the only service he provides, but I'll let him describe the other.

What if you had to forget a move, but you wanted it back? Ever face that situation? I can help! Come to me, and I can make you instantly remember forgotten moves! I... Well, when Pokémon remember... I love seeing that instant! That look of enlightenment! That amazed look of pleasure! I run this business because I live to see that moment! can you help me remember... other things?

Sorry, I only handle moves. Why, what did you forget?

...never mind.

Aww, cheer up, Jake! I'm gonna introduce you to someone nice.

Yay! Kangaskhan!

(Well, if there's one thing he hasn't forgotten, it's Pokémon...)

I can store items that you found in dungeons, or that you bought from shops. If you faint in a dungeon, your items will be lost... But what's in storage will be safe. I keep guard over the storage space, so anything you leave with me won't ever disappear! If you have any items that you can't bear to lose, be sure to leave them with me! Anything else, dear?

Um, no, thank you.

Thank you, sweetie. Come again!

She's nice. I wish I could hug her.

I'm surprised you didn't ask to.

I... I was kind of scared.

Well, maybe next time, then. C'mon, let's go to the post office.

What's down those other roads?

Well, up north is a pond that a Whiscash lives in--

Yay! Whiscash!

--and down south is-- hey wait!

I've heard fissures have opened up in the ground here and there. They're trouble for everyone. It worries me to no end, thinking that children will fall down into them...

Don't worry, mister Whiscash! We'll save the kids!

*huff* *puff* (This kid sure can run when he wants to.)

So what's the other way, Sheldon?

Uh, a dojo, but it's closed.


A place to practice fighting. We should go there sometime when it's open; you don't have to worry about actually getting hurt, and you can practice your moves.

...if you say so...

How about we go to the post office now?


Over there... the Pelipper Post Office.

This is where information is gathered from Pokemon needing rescue in all sorts of places. Take a look at this! See this Bulletin Board? It lists rescue jobs. Check it out?

See? There were jobs listed, right?

To quote Sheldon's fourth-wall-breaking dialogue, "If you want to go on a rescue, you first choose the job by selecting it with Accept... Then, on the Job List, choose the job, then confirm it with Take Job to go on that rescue mission. If you don't select Take Job, you won't be able to do the rescue job even if you go to the dungeon."

For the time being, we should just stick with the jobs posted here. Our team'll become known after we do some rescue jobs. I bet we'll get job offers in our Mailbox soon.

"And if you want to take on a rescue job... Choose the job on the Job List... Then, select Take Job. Get in the habit of doing that regularly!"

Let's look inside!

Huh? Inside the post office? Well, sure, we can do that.

The Pelipper on the left handles Rescue Mail; if we want to go on a rescue mission, we can talk to him to set it up. (We can also go on a rescue mission from the main menu, as previously stated, as well.) The Pelipper on the right handles Thank-You Mail; we can send and receive it from him. The Pelipper on the far right explains all this to us in detail.

Yay Pelippers!

Okay, now that you've seen them, let's let them work and choose a rescue job, okay?


Incidentally, the game's been lying to us for a couple days about our mailbox being empty. Remember the newsletter that was in the rescue kit that Sheldon put back in the mailbox? We can now go back to the mailbox and finally read what it says.

Having read it, we can store it, which takes it out of our mailbox (important since the mailbox only holds four letters) and puts it in its own menu at the mailbox, 'PKMN News'.

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Friend Areas, Wonder Mail, and our first non-plot mission!