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Part 71: Shadows of a Mirage (Hugs Team Base)

It all started one morning when Jake went into town, only to find things there were strangely quiet.

In order to trigger this plot point, you have to have the HM Surf. We could have gotten it from the Solar Cave if we hadn't been given it by a generous goon.

It's cool and all that it's peaceful, but there's also been no excitement. It's a little sad. I wish there was some pizzazz to spice things up...

Good morning. Ahh... another refreshing day...

Jake was going to check the board for jobs, but just then...

Oh? Who is that? Over there.

Never seen it before. It's not from around these parts.

No more... I can't walk anymore... I'm falling down...

Goodness! It needs help!

I'm still helping!


It's Jake's house. It also happens to be our rescue team's base.

Oh! ...Did you maybe rescue me?

Th-thank you...

Don't worry about it! No need for thanks.

But forget that... what happened to you?

Y-yes... I'm named Spinda. I like to travel. I've been traveling all over seeing the sights and other Pokémon. It was on my travels that I heard rumors of a mirage Pokémon...

A mirage Pokémon?

Yes! That! Isn't it exciting? Ever since then, I've been traveling all over in hopes of seeing the mirage Pokémon... but I've had no luck. Finally, I became dizzy from fatigue... and I must have passed out.

I... I'm giving up on my quest. I'm simply worn out...

Hold up a second! Are you sure you want to give up that easily?

But I... I've reached my physical limit. If I push myself any further, I will collapse again. It's not good for my health...

...Please, I want you to have this.

What is it?

It's a... Clear Wing.

Clear Wing?

Yes. I found it on my travels. It's a wing of some sort. It's transparent, but... if you hold it up like this...

See? Depending on the light, it takes on many different colors. At first I thought it was just pretty to look at, but after checking around, it appears to be related to the mirage Pokémon somehow. But I couldn't learn anything beyond that. ...sniff... It's very disappointing, but I'm giving up.

Hey, are you okay? You still look wobbly on your feet.

Oh, no. When I walk, I always totter. Bye.

Clear wing, huh... I don't have a clue what this is all about. But you are interested in the mirage Pokémon, right?

Oh, yes! I bet it's really pretty!

For something like this, Xatu'd be the one to ask. Xatu should be at the peak of the Great Canyon. We should go out there.

To the Great Canyon!

So Jake headed into town to get supplies for the trip; I had some missions to go on, so I couldn't go with him.

Spinda is now hanging around in town with everyone else, and has this to say:

I... I've given up on ever seeing the mirage Pokémon. I... I've reached the limit of my endurance. I'm as tired as tired can be...

Then he was off to the Great Canyon. He took Kiwi with him, I guess to introduce to the Xatu there.

And, of course, he came home with a new friend. Scooter seems like the shy type, so I hope Team Hugs isn't too much excitement for him.

Scooter (Dunsparce, #206) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 36. (Thanks, kazokuhouou (name)!)

Dunsparce is based on the tsuchinoko!

Jake and I have both grown a lot stronger since we started Team Hugs, so it was no trouble at all for him to reach Xatu.

...What is it? Have you reason to see me?

Um, mister Xatu? We found this wing...

Hm! This... this is a Clear Wing... I see. About the mirage Pokémon... that is what you wish to know?

That's right! What can you tell me about it?

...The mirage Pokémon... I know... little about it...




--um, well, whatever you do--



There are Pokémon that live, breathe, and prosper with the very land. They... rage with the eruptions of volcanoes... roar as one with thunder... and race with the north wind. They are said to be shadows. Shadows of the mirage Pokémon. To the northwest, there lies a large island. An island known as the "Three Fields". There is one such field. The Fiery Field! One of the Pokémon... a shadow of the mirage... is there. Go. You must go to the Fiery Field. The answers you seek... perhaps they await you there.

We met over dinner to talk about what he'd found out. I had an idea of the island Xatu meant, but it'd be a long swim. I could handle it, since I knew Surf, but I wasn't keen on the idea of dragging Jake on my back the whole way, so I said I'd handle it myself.

He wanted me to take someone with me, though, so I went to find someone else who could use the Surf HM. I decided on Hypnotoad...

...though I'm not... sure... why. Oh well, it's not important. I let him use the Surf HM, and we're going to set off for Fiery Field bright and early tomorrow morning.

Team Hugs's newest member:

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Fiery Field awaits!