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Part 75: Epilogue: One Year Later



Well, looks like things have quieted down for Team Hugs. With the destruction of the meteor, the disasters eventually subsided; Pokémon still need help from time to time, but Team Hugs is largely retired, their members having started new lives and new families.

Caterpie and Metapod eventually got their wish and evolved into Butterfree. They got jobs at the Pelipper Post Office, delivering packages; we see them from time to time, and it's always a good day when we do.

Floyd and the other Magnemites went off and evolved into Magneton. They've formed their own rescue team with Dugtrio and Dodrio, called The Power of Three.

Speaking of Dugtrio, shortly after the meteor was destroyed, Dugtrio set off with their son to see the world. We get letters from them now and again, each one telling some improbable feat Dugtrio's pulled off.

The Jumpluffs left on the wind long ago, but they dropped by recently to thank Jake and Sheldon again for rescuing them. They've started a family now, and their Hoppips came with them on the wind.

Shiftry said thank you too; after the embarrassment of having to be rescued by Team Hugs, he eventually went off to train in the mountains for a while. He's returned the leader of a solid rescue team.

Xatu's still up in the Great Canyon, staring into the sun to see the future. The future must be pretty quiet, because we haven't heard from him recently.

We haven't seen Wobbuffet or Wynaut since we calmed the Mankey gang down. Hopefully they're doing well.

We see the Mankey gang from time to time, though they're Primeapes now. Every so often they bring us a big bag of Chestnuts, and in return for us shelling them, they do repairs on the base.

Ross has started an art career; he's pretty good at it, and Jake's bought a few of his pieces. He eventually did get his back stamped and reconciled with his tribe.

Team A.C.T. and the other big-name rescue teams are still going strong, though they don't get a lot of business these days. When they're not rescuing Pokémon, they're teaching kids at the Makuhita Dojo.

Team Meanies broke up without any fanfare; apparently Gengar lost interest in the whole 'world domination' thing, especially since he couldn't buy good publicity in town any more. Eventually, he went to Jake, hat in hand, and admitted what Jake had suspected for some time; he was the human from the legend who Ninetales had tried to curse.

Together, they went to Ninetales and begged his forgiveness; in the end, he released Gardevoir from the curse and restored her to life, though without her memories of her life as a trainer's Pokémon. Gengar left for parts unknown immediately after; neither Jake nor Gardevoir ever saw him again.

Jake wasn't sure whether he should tell Gardevoir about her past or not. In the end, he lost his chance; she left the team a little while ago, claiming there was something she needed to find. Maybe she remembers some of it after all.

The legendaries we've met along the way eventually left; they said it wasn't their time, and they'd return when their time came again. Jake misses them.

(Thanks, Gab!)

Jake and Sheldon are still the leaders of Team Hugs. Jake continues his quest to hug every Pokémon there is, and Sheldon's there to make sure he doesn't set himself on fire doing so. Sheldon's thinking about starting a family, but hasn't found the right water type yet; Jake thinks it would be kind of weird, so he's decided to stay a bachelor.

And me? I still help out the team in my own way. It's a simple life, but I enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!