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Original Thread: Time and Relative Dimensions in Sinnoh: Let's Play Pokemon Platinum



Pokemon is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (luxray Howl)

It's been a long road to this point, but finally, finally, we are at the part when Pokemon becomes good. Don't get me wrong, I like the first 3 generations of Pokemon, but I LOVE the next 2 generations of Pokemon. Gen 4 is overall my favourite gen, it has my favourite collection of Pokemon, to my favourite region to my second-favourite game, the one we're playing today. The physical/special split, improved moves and wonderful presentation make these games a joy to play. But of course they're not perfect, especially the original DP, they're some of my least favourite games, in fact! But the improvements made in Platinum, the overall tone and ambience of the region, characters and story, and the real jump from the GBA to the DS, make this one of my favourites. And I'm super stoked to show it off as much as possible.

Released way back in September 2006 in Japan and April 2007 in US, Diamond and Pearl were pretty big jumps, but had a lot of things holding it back, from its stuttering speed, small dex and weird design decisions, they were games we played a million times, and one of the best selling Pokemon games... ever! But it wasn't until September 2008 in Japan and May 2009 in US that the updated version, Platinum, came out, and fixed a lot of its problems, it was faster, snappier, had a larger dex (great...) and, like other third versions, offers a lot of small improvements that should've been in the original games to begin with and reminds us yet again how awful this system really is. But, uh, anyway, Platinum is the much better game!

I definitely understand if it's not for you, the overabundance of HMs, the slow nature and the overcomplexity of a weirdly designed region are definitely negatives, no doubt about it, but we're still gonna have a hell of a time going over every inch and aspect of these new games. As is the norm, Spoilers are A-OK! Let's have a good time travelling through this muted, icy region, take down Cyrus and his dumb plans and fight the Champion Cynthia!

If you've been following along with my Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Colosseum and XD, even my Pokemon Conquest and Etrian Odyssey LPs, then you'll know what to expect. Welcome to the next generation!

Table of Contents

Update 1: Welcome to the World of Dual Screen!
Update 2: City and Surroundings
Update 3: Rock Hard Like Coal
Update 4: Circle of Life
Update 5: An Eternaty
Update 6: Big Bosses
Update 7: Rollin' In The Deep
Update 8: Spooky Scary Cycling
Update 9: Passage to the Heart
Update 10: Sights of Hearthome City
Update 11: Right Angle
Update 12: Welcome to Coventry
Update 13: Path to Pastoria
Update 14: Moist
Update 15: Left Angle
Update 16: Fun Dress-up with Some Boring Updates
Update 17: Insignificant!
Update 18: Only Getting Mostly Distracted
Update 19: Steeling and Stealing
Update 20: Cold Water
Update 21: Hot and Cold Passion
Update 22: Peak Problems
Update 23: ??? Years of Hell Dimension
Update 24: Sunny Side
Update 25: Victory Lap
Update 26: Eliter: Battle Champion
DP 01: Diamonds Take Forever
Update 27: In the Zone
Update 28: Fight for Survival
Update 29: Mainland Mechanics
Update 30: Land's End
Update 31: Stark Raving Plan
DP 02: Space For Less Plot
Update 32: Event Only End

Side Notes

01: Slight Generational Changes (From Update 3)
02: Online Only Features Are Bullshit (From Update 4)
03: Honey, I'm the worst mechanic! (From Update 8)
04: Can you make some Poffins, man? (From Update 10)
05: Gambling, too hot for Europe! (From Update 12)
06: Hunting with the Poke Radar! (From Update 29)
07: Void of Legends (From Update 32)

Mini Notes

01: Chatter (From Update 5)
02: Rotom's Form (From Update 8)
03: Safari Zone Catching Refresher (From Update 14)
04: DEEPEST LORE (From Update 18)
05: Poke R US (From Update 23)
06: Talking Talking Cynthia (From Update 31)

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