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Part 4: Circle of Life

Part 4: Circle of Life

Ah, actually, before we head into Jubilife TV, there's a couple of extra things. Very useful items, but since we're gated until badge 3 for the next stuff, it's gonna be a while before we get anything better, such as Great Balls. Sigh...

My name is Teala, and I'm your guide to the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club. First, I need to give you this.

There's more she says, but, uh, it doesn't apply anymore, really.

Since I never had a DSi, I struggled to find anywhere that would accept WEP connections, so I missed out on a lot this gen. We'll talk about it later...

Trading Pokemon means connecting with friends, both old and new. That's awesome!

Global Terminal / GTS (DP)

What a rocking tune for a rocking place. You should know what this place is about, it lets you go onto the World Wide Web and trade Pokemon!*

*Official servers have since closed so you are unable to go onto the World Wide Web and trade Pokemon.

Before we can trade, though, we need a location! Oh wow, you get to find out where I live!!!

Yup, that's about right. Okay, maybe not, if you watched my older VLPs then you'll figure out where I'm from pretty quickly. Or, bloody hell, chaps, from how I express oneself with the keyboard, wot wot.

Ah, I've love to, but in 2014 all the servers for Gen 4 and 5 games closed down, rendering their services completely inaccessible.

Is what I said when I went over this somewhat during HGSS, but time is a crazy thing, and fans are even crazier. There are now custom servers that you set custom DNS settings to reach and let you access all the closed down content! Seriously! It lets you use various features from both Gen 4 and, recently this year, Gen 5 Wi-Fi content. Sure, there's not too much in the GTS, but it's better than nothing! Of course, this can only last as long as these servers stay up as well, so who knows when we'll be back to nothing again.

Aside from trading Pokemon (that you ask for, since it'll get snapped up quick, never look for stuff, it hasn't been taken for a reason), there's a few more features in the GTS. The blue room has machines you access with the VS Recorder, letting you see Trainer Rankings from uploaded battle videos, which rank by how popular a video is. You're able to save one as a favourite, but you'll have to go to a different area to upload them, weird I know.

The red room allows you to upload battle videos and view any others, using the 12 digit number associated with each one. This also opens up the Global Mode in the VS Recorder to search the last 30 uploaded, letting you watch, regardless of language, though names won't be translated. Even before the servers closed, battle videos weren't uploaded forever.

The final, green room allows you to upload and view your Box Data and Dress-Up Data. No, come back, you can show off certain decorative boxes from the PC and photos taken in Jubilife TV. I'm sure it was all very fun when it was a thing.

Have you put yours on exhibit? Or do you only look at other entries? Whether you're an exhibitor or viewer, I have a Backdrop for you!

"second floor of Jubilife TV."

When you get the Fashion Case, there's 2 out of 8 backdrops you can get randomly, and this is where you get the rest of them, along with 5 more. There's one other place to get backdrops, but that won't be for a long while yet. Regardless, these can be obtained daily to use in Contests and Dress-Up to upload to the GTS! Well, maybe not the second one anymore, but they're important for Contests! Well, actually they don't matter at all, but I'll get them when I remember!

Jubilife City Day

That's all for the GTS, but there's one more Wi-Fi related thing we'll talk about momentarily. For now, it's TV time!

Buh, I won???

Oh, okay, neat. The Lottery is the same as always, though this time you can get try multiple times a day until you win, though the number never changes, but it's the same number for everyone if you're in a Group. It checks all Pokemon in the party and PC box, so you don't have to keep rotating something out. The prizes are an Ultra Ball, PP Up, Exp. Share, Max Revive, or Master Ball, depending on how any digits matched, from right to left. In DP, this was where you got the Backdrops instead of the Ultra Ball.

Hmm, subtle. We'll go there in just a sec.

I hope you get into collecting Accessories for your Pokemon!

Ooh, more pointless stuff!

Here's some records tracking all kinds of things, with the middle one being worked on relating to Battle Frontier stuff, more specifically all the Battle Tower modes. If you mix records then other people are added here. Look at all this stuff I never did when I was younger!!! If I added up all the features I completely ignored, it would be enough to make a really disjointed game. Perhaps these LPs are making up for that? Huh, where did this line of thought come from?

Surprisingly enough, I'm number one and WILL STAY THAT WAY.

I don't even own a television, but sure.

The fact that you know that phrase tells me you're someone in the know. You're a Trainer, right? I'll pull some strings for you. I think I can swing a deal so you can receive a Mystery Gift. Make sure you keep your channel tuned to Jubilife TV.

Another game, another weird way of unlocking a basic opening menu feature. Very important for these games, since this is when ~ONLINE DISTRIBUTIONS~ became a thing, so instead of before where you had to be lucky to be in a specific place and time to get event only Pokemon and items, now you had to be in a specific time online to get event only Pokemon and items. Hm. They were pretty shit at this weren't they?

But that's not all!!!

By inputting your game, language and Trainer ID into the good old online generator, there's 8 additional wallpapers that can be unlocked when you input certain phrases. It's really annoying to do! They're different to the ones from DP and are so much better it's not even funny. Let's head back to the second floor and do something dreamy.

I'm only doing this for you! Exciting, don't you think? Dress up your Pokemon in my boudoir and make it a sight to behold! I will snap a photo when you're done. You will do this, won't you? Ooh, ooh, yes! How nice! Let's not delay! Ooh, I wonder which Pokemon you'll dress up? Teheheh... I hope you will dress it up adorably!

Seems like a lot of effort for something we'll never see again, right? Ahahahahaha...

Nothing too fancy, just drag up to 10 accessories onto a Pokemon's DP sprite (for compatibility reasons). The more of these random creative side mechanics I show off, the more you realise how incredibly artistically awful I am and I make no apologies.

OK... ooh, yes, yes! I get it now! Your aesthetics shine through! I put your photo right here. It just looks so perfect there!

We'll try this again when we have different Pokemon and better accessories, since our starting selection is pretty poor. Mixing records lets you have up to 10 other pictures being hung up around the gallery. This is one we won't be filling.

That's the Memo Pad! It's... well, it is what it is! My guess is that the next app will be ready when you get three Gym Badges.

...uh, yeah. Draw whatever you want, it'll erase itself if you use another app.

ANYWAY, let's move on from loads of bullshit no one, even me, cares about in the slightest (just kidding, I wouldn't show it if I didn't care), to pick up... my least favourite move in the series. Which I'll be using. Because SOMEONE will get screwed by movepool and TM distribution and will need it to function. UGH!

Route 204 Day

Let's finally move onto new locales!

Hmm, seems it'll be a bit before the levels catch up. Probably for the best, since we can't handle Grass types too well. I'm sure that's not a big deal...

Can cherries make you high? Uh, as you'd expect, a cherry Pokemon is pretty slow, but will hit you hard when you bite into the stone. Or something. Won't be too long until we can obtain one (ugh), but an early Magical Leaf and early evolution will make it pretty great. At least Grass types get a boost this gen with Energy Ball. Sike! It's postgame. You might also want to hold onto Sunny Day and all the various Normal moves you'll accrue. Oh, no reason...

All very fascinating, but who cares about the weed number!

An early evolution is always a nice power boost!

We're on the next step, but we'll stay here for a while. Luxio is a nice little boost, but doesn't do anything aside from that. It'll learn Bite to help with coverage, but that's really about it. We won't be getting the good stuff until it evolves, so hopefully what you've got will last you until then. Should be fine, but don't be breaking the special moves out just yet.

Oh, any more interesting bugs for us?

Little bit scary, but Etrian is pretty dependable! No evolution yet though, don't want things to be too easy now!

"they're cute and yet cool."

You gotta believe me. They're good!

Gah! With advances in technology, Twins can move! Interesting we have the multi battle before the double battle.

And they give their names outright, instead of having to remember what the other one's called so I can list it!

Watch out, it's a world champ here, so does that make it good? No, of course not. If you play into a Pokemon's specific niche and have something people don't expect, then sure, it'll do well up to a point, but otherwise its got some Speed, some defense and that's about it! You'll be annoying with those attacking stats, but nothing impressive. Its main reason is to spread paralysis, do a hefty chunk with Super Fang and then probably die. Most of its toolkit you've seen otherwise isn't here, so don't expect much!

Can we stop fighting stuff that resists Electric? No? Okay then.

This Trainer... is really happy about beating us, Liv.

This Trainer... will brag about beating us, Liz.

Meh. But since we did half of Route 204 previously, there wasn't much left!

Floaroma Town Day / Night

Floaroma Town: Vivid and Scented
From flora and aroma.
Sonoo Town: The town that smells vividly of flowers.
From 園生 sonou (garden).

Right clerk is the same, but left clerk has the good shit. Well, Net Balls, which are 3x rate against Water or Bug Pokemon. We'll always need a few of these, but it's no longer the best options for those types.

I like how it steals a Berry. It's so cute!

Absolutely don't forget about this move, Pluck is a 60BP physical Flying move with 20PP and 100% accuracy. It's amazing to get early, especially for what's coming up. Stealing a berry and ruining a strategy is also pretty fun, but its main use is giving much needed coverage, or a good physical Flying move in general, to Pokemon like Prinplup, Bidoof and Zubat, it's damn nice.

Oh yeah, berries are still a thing. Most of the ones from Gen 3 are practically identical, though the e-Reader berries turn into Enigma Berries if you send them up. What is this place anyway?

By planting one, there will be more and more Berries in the world. I hope you will help us spread more Berries everywhere!

I will do no such planting, cba. This girl gives you a Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst or Aspear Berry randomly per day.

While I'll never show it, but might talk about it later, you can move while holding the Sprayduck out, letting you water berries much faster! This increases the final yield, as well as keeps the soil MOIST. Yes that's now a mechanic.

Accessories are probably important, so let's see what we've got. An interesting selection.

Oh. Oh nooooooooo. There's a bunch of exclusive accessories to this shop and they're a real pain to get. Well, they're a bit better in Pt, but the prices were extortionate in DP. The Red Flower was 10 Razz Berries instead of 1 Cheri Berry, with the Blue Flower being 30 Cornn Berries instead of 1 Oran Berry. Do you even remember what a Cornn Berry is??? The prices get more ridiculous as you go on, such as the Standing Mike requiring 80 Bluk Berries instead of 50 Magost Berries. And finally, the Mirror Ball, being 250 Durin Berries, instead of 100 Spelon Berries. Surprising no one, I won't be picking this garbage up. At least not legitimately. First we need to find the damn berries so we can grow them, but there's much easier places to get accessories, and they're not all that important, so don't bother.

Yeah sure, we'll use these.

Hey now! Don't complain. This is a pretty decent assignment. But Bug- and Grass-type Pokemon so creep me out... I don't like being here either.

Route 205 Day / Night

But that's it for Floaroma Town, there's a couple of things later, but we're ready to move on!

But then a whole bunch of people dressed like spacemen came... they kicked me out, and they're making my papa do something. Please, Trainer! I miss my papa!

Our research involves catching Pokemon in the flowery meadows of Floaroma. We are also covertly stealing the energy of the Valley Windworks. But that is of no concern to you!

Seems like there's a lot of trash to take out...

But before that, let's catch our third team member! With Net Balls, it really is that easy!

Faster than a speeding bullet, Buizel is one of those weird physical Water types, though it can go mixed pretty effectively. It'll fall over super easily, but we'll need some Water to survive in this region. While having Water Gun for a fair while ain't fun, Aqua Jet is a nice pickup, and Crunch soon after evolving will make life easier. But the best Water moves are a bit off, especially the physical ones, so it won't be too impressive, but its got stats where it counts, and that's all we need!

We'll pick this lad up in just a moment. Nickname chosen by sebzilla.

Gah, even when they're Water type, they still screw me over!

I think we all know what the slug is gonna be like. While evolution is a while away, getting early Water Pulse, Mud Bomb and even Hidden Power is enough to let it keep up. You can wait a little while longer if you fancy a different variety, but the ones you find here will do you just fine. Aside from all these Ground moves you're learning for some strange reason, there's nothing much else aside from standard Normal moves, but your Attack will keep up, so you should be fine. Overall, solid pick.

Storm Drain is a pretty nice ability, effectively giving you a Water immunity, with the bonus of redirecting any and all towards you, no matter what. The Water moves will never miss, so they'll get sucked right up, so while it does make Surf a lot less spammable, it's a nice bonus. Though it doesn't redirect moves that become Water, such as Hidden Power, or Natural Gift.

Last up is the champ. If I can catch it, then this will be no problem.


Hmm. Hmmmmmmm. Naive is +Spd -Sp.Def, which is nice, but it makes its weaknesses even more apparent. And because of how close its stats are, it's ended up with the IVs of a preferable special attacker. Interesting! They're 5/6/12/27/7/14. So pretty terrible overall, but that's just how we roll!

I got ordered to keep everyone out if they're not part of Team Galactic. You're giving me a look that makes me think you're gonna try to get in. OK, then. You'll have to battle me for it!

Alright, let's see how Pop's first battle shakes out!

Ah, interesting. Fuck Glameow.

Remember that they increased Hypnosis's accuracy to 70 in DP? Well I'm glad they changed it back to 60, I really noticed!!!

We've got an entire game of grunts using these assholes...

But you can't do a thing if I lock myself in with my Works Key! That's right, the other Works Key's not here! My cohorts in the flower patch have the only other one! Hahaha! In that sense, I'm no longer the loser!

Oh no, I need the Works Key!

Floaroma Meadow Day / Night

We must have it to attract Pokemon in great numbers!

Hey! This kid is a witness! What'll we do?

We don't need the brat running off to get help... the solution's simple! We ensure the brat stays quiet!

Gonna be a little rough to get Pop up, since he's so damn fragile.

I'm up next! Heheheh... battling you right after my cohort weakened you gives me the edge!

Ahah! Now here's a Pokemon I can bea-

Never mind... ain't confusion just an amazing mechanic?

This brat's tough! Like, really, really tough! Tougher than I can put into words, and I know a lot of words! We're done for here... let's get back to the Valley Windworks.

It's a Works Key... it must be for the Valley Windworks! It's of no use to me. You may as well have it.

Those goons were trying to rob me of my sweet, sweet Honey. They sure are weird, though. You saw how they were dressed. What they were saying didn't make a whole lot of sense, either. Oh! I need to thank you! This sweet, sweet Honey! Go on, take a whole lot!

10 lots of Honey is pretty good, since we only get 1 in DP. You can use it in the grass to attract wild Pokemon, but Sweet Scent does that infinitely. There's also... one other thing you use Honey for.

It's a good thing it's so cheap, cause you'll need a LOT more than 10.

Slathering honey on a tree will attract a wild Pokemon after 6 hours and after 24 hours, the Pokemon and the honey will vanish. It's six hours no matter what you do, so no changing the time to cheat! We'll talk about this mechanic... later. OH BOY WILL WE. Just know it's fucking garbage.

There's 21 honey trees across the region, so best get slathering them all, and soon, to increase your chances!

Locking the door was meaningless! I am the loser in this after all! This is no time for self-pity! I've got to alert the Commander!

That grunt must move incredibly fast, we could see his shadow up there while we were talking to him! But anyway, next time, there's some hot air in the windworks.