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Part 15: Left Angle

Part 15: Left Angle

Oh. There he is.

I've half a mind to pulverize you with my Pokemon! But I have to be on my qay to the lake ASAP! So, you're lucky! I'm out! All right, do I make myself clear? Don't you dare follow me!

It would take a scientific genius to make something like this... therefore, our boss, who made this, is a scientific mechanical genius! Graw! You were eavesdropping! I was just thinking out loud! But I'm not going to waste my energy knocking you around...

With this baby here there's not much we can't blow up. I wonder what they have planned for this? Graw! You were eavesdropping! I was just thinking out loud! You're a persistent pest... I'm getting tired of running away... but I'm not going to waste my energy knocking you around...

Looker Encounter

The cargo that the Team Galactic brought is worrisome, so I have come. say the cargo, it was a bomb? And there was an explosion? The explosion was at the Great Marsh? Furthermore, you are pursuing a man... a man with funny bowl-cut hair. In an outfit that is very strange? In other words, that is the Team Galactic! Oh, no, no, no! How did I miss it? Ah, Looker, this time you have made a mistake of the ages! The man, who I have seen running away, he was the bearer of the bomb! Ach! This will not do! Wait! Wait, I say!

Valor Lakefront Day

I am interviewing the people to see if they have seen anyone suspicious. I would like your assistance. Go search outside, if you will. The suspect, he may have already slipped away ahead unnoticed.

...why am I running like this anyway?! That new world... the new universe that our boss was talking about... it's making me giddy thinking about it... when we use this thing... Gweh! You were eavesdropping! I was only talking to myself! You're persistent, too... I'm pooped out from all the running... but, I'm not... going to battle you...

The lake's within sight... you leave me no choice... my Pokemon will KO you...

Need to build stamina my man.

I'll have to give this to the Commander... I wish... I got to use it at the lake...

We're getting all kinds of distractions today.

I came to research the folklore about the lake, but... well, it doesn't appear as if the lake is open to the public now. Have you heard the folklore about it? They say there is an island inside the lake. And inside that island is a mirage of a Pokemon. No one must enter the chamber of that Pokemon... oh, that's right! I had to talk to you about something else...

Barry Encounter

Huh? Is this your older sister? No? She isn't? Oh, OK. That explosion at the Great Marsh? It wasn't anything serious. Mr. Wake told me to tell you that. But that Team Galactic... wow! Are they out of control or what? Next time I see them, I'll teach them a lesson they won't forget! See you around!

He's more impatient than he is energetic, isn't he? So, getting back to what I started saying earlier. Have you seen the group of PSYDUCK on Route 210? Yes, that's right. By the cafe on Route 210. You've seen that group of PSYDUCK huddled with their heads in their, uh, hands...? Anyway, what you should do is use this medicine on the PSYDUCK. You're working on a Pokedex, so it would be worthwhile for you.

I hope you get to meet every kind of Pokemon there is to see. It may help you with the secret of the mirage Pokemon. See you later!

Route 212 Day

Well wasn't that fun? We've got a long route ahead of us enroute to the Psyduck, so let's get stuck in.

This place would've been alright training if the Gym was too much, but I wasn't worried.

I told you last night, no!

A huge variety of Pokemon live in the Great Marsh. You see, countless years ago, this whole area was under the sea.

All right, Team Aqua.

Could be deadly in the rain, but Skulletor doesn't care.

I want to show off my pretty parasol, but it will get dirty in the rain. Oh, such a big dilemma!

Plenty of crap in the crap.

Ah, an Ace Trainer, let's see your strong team.

Even if a battle gets heated, don't break branches off trees or anything.

Oh wait, you're the opposite of an Ace Trainer. Best of luck with your work, but corporations are destroying the planet regardless, so oh well!

In DP, this house let you trade 10 of each colour shard for the corresponding weather TM, so red for Sunny Day, blue for Rain Dance, yellow for Sandstorm and green for Hail, which can all be found otherwise, even in DP. Thankfully shards are much more useful in this game, letting you learn a wide variety of moves, though it's pretty damn expensive, requiring 8 total shards across various colours to learn them. Sure, you can get an infinite amount in the Underground, but it's still a chore to grind.

Not all Pokemon can get equal variety, but Thunderpunch on Skulletor is very tempting. We'll find enough random shards across the game to maybe get 2 moves, but it'll depend on the cost. I have a few in mind, but that'll come later.

Not all of them are hits, but there's still a lot of good moves here you can't get anywhere else. There's three tutors around the region, but the second one is pretty meh, while the third one is, of course, postgame, so these moves are your best options to help many Pokemon that struggle for coverage because Game Freak are idiots and also poopy heads.

At least Gyarados doesn't get STAB for a while, due to the rain and all. But still have a Gyarados answer.

Endless Gyarados.

This music sounds weird if there wasn't any rain!

If you know of any ladies that like fishing, help me reel 'em in!

A bit of a balancing act, but only this way leads to anything.

Oh goody, future happiness evolutions. Pretty similar to how it was when we kinda used it in Colosseum, but we have to wait for Eevee to learn Bite before it evolves, which is easy enough. At least you also get Assurance, which will be pretty strong considering how slow you are, but you'll be lacking in other physical options, but not really have the stats to use your various special TMs. The only interesting stall move you get is Toxic and Double Team, so probably not hugely interesting compared to the other evolutions.

Now we're talking! I say, OHKOing it. Bite is no longer special, so losing that coverage move stings, but at least your only special move until the relearner is, uh, Grass Knot? Well you'll get Psybeam and Shadow Ball pretty quickly and eventually get the Psychic TM, but when it gets going, it gets going. Just depends on if you want to wait that long.

Oh, what have we here? That's a Pokedex! It records Pokemon data upon sight? I've never seen one before! I heard you can move the sun or moon icon to check the Pokemon habitat map by time of day!

Oh yeah, Policemen are a thing from Gen 2. I change the time later, but he's so out of the way compared to the other policemen, I didn't even bother recording the fight! He was a riveting fight, I'm sure you know, but all of them have a Hoothoot and Machop around here.

That won't save you.

Ahem, moving swiftly on.

If only you knew how bad things really are.

On a lighter note, fuck Rock Tomb.

Oh hey it's another one. Guess how long it'll be until we see the last one? Leafeon definitely has some problems with physical moves, that's not a surprise, since it'll rely on Eevee getting Bite until you can relearn Razor Leaf. Still, it'll be strong enough and take a few hits to be pretty dependable. Return and Synthesis and even Aerial Ace and X-Scissor are good options, since anything better, like Seed Bomb or Leaf Blade, are either postgame tutors, or learned at level 71. Hmm. And since you can get it shortly after obtaining Eevee, it comes just in time for the Water Gym. Probably one of the best times to use it, so give it a shot if you haven't.

I love how natural it is here. I wish I could live out here.

Listen, people and Pokemon, we're all a part of Mother Nature.

This route just never ends. We're out of the rain, but I can't believe it's time for the guillotines already. Ah, I'm merely joking, it's always time for guillotines.

At least they leave behind tons of stuff since they live in absolute excess!

Cool Seals, still guillotine.

Alright either there's some power creep going on, or we really need another team member.

Rich people like me don't fight. Oh, no. My Pokemon is worn out. I'd better let it sleep it off in the bed I had sent from overseas.

Oh! How terrible of you... You... you must have one fantastic teacher to be so good.

Let's explore the mansion, do I even want to know who lives here?

The garden is open for all visitors to enjoy. However, please beware--wild Pokemon may appear in the garden.

If he's got a lot in the back, then this is getting similar to some of my hentai.

To ease your childhood mind, there is nothing back here. Just the child labour camp. Government standard, you understand.

There's a lot for me to be proud of inside, and outside, of this home... but what makes me the most proud is my trophy garden in the back! Why bother traveling afar when Pokemon are attracted by my garden? They come to me in hopes of seeing the garden! You're welcome to join them and marvel at my garden!


Putting a lot of stock into this even if it's not very impressive. Yet.

Aww, but vandalism is good!

MANAPHY: An extremely rare Pokemon that has never been seen, let along captured, in Sinnoh.

Well here's a sneak peek at something I won't be going over for a while... mainly because 1234567890num hasn't finished their Ranger 1 LP yet. But even after we've met up irl to trade Manaphy over, and maybe catch a movie, wanna see the new Spiderman after all, there's still more to go over even then. Regardless, we still need to "see" it to complete the Pokedex, though that wasn't the case in DP, even though it was still in the regional dex.

Of course it wasn't a good move. They never offer anything useful to society.

Alright, let's see what this magical garden offers. It doesn't look much, but by not investing in this area, he keeps expenditure low and helps his offshore accounts evade taxes.

More catchable babies, always nice to see.

And then the parent. And that's it, just two new mons. Aside from showing how amazing Quick Balls are, there's really not much to this area, but we shall return. Pikachu is the mascot, exciting, I know, but we already have the means to evolve it, so once it gets Thunderbolt at 26, give it the ol' stone down the throat. At least I think that's how it all works.

Ah geez, what time is it?

Let's not question that.

If you put this on a caught Pokemon, it warms up to you faster. I'll share one with you, so give it a try.

Had to wait quite a while in DP before you could start tackling those happiness evolutions.

Alright, alright, I get the hint. Now let's sidetrack into something completely different.

Here, you may challenge the mansion's pride--the five Trainer maids. The challenge is to beat all five of us in a row without a break. In addition to beating us, if you can beat us in a specific number of turns, there will be a special gift. And now... The 5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Attack Challenge!

Uh. I mean, I'll give it a shot.

If we can take out 5 Clefairy in one shot, then we should be good.

Well you can probably guess how this will go. This is a new addition, as DP just had the maid blocking you from their sweatshop or whatever garbage human rights violation rich people exploit for profit.

Well fuck. This was expected, though Clefairy only learns Endure via TM... but all of them have this move. Specifically, they all have Metronome, Meteor Mash and Endure, so if you're really unlucky, this challenge might take you 10 turns minimum.

The first one also has Minimize, the second one has Sing, third has Encore, fourth has Swagger and the fifth has Bounce, so since the number of turns ranges between 5 and 12, you best get lucky on turn manipulation.

The extra exclamation point they add on starts seeming a bit sarcastic, especially if you've already missed your turn limit.

You have taken 5 turns up to now. The target is 5 turns.


That crit probably didn't matter. But there you go, I would've done this perfectly first try if it wasn't for that one Endure. This challenge is such bullshit.

Congratulations for your sweep. The targeted number of turns was 5. The number of turns you needed to defeat the maids was 6. Ooh... how disappointing for you. That said, you swept the five maids. That's plenty to be proud of! Please visit again tomorrow.

I usually give this one try each time I play this game, don't get it, leave in annoyance and then forget to do it again, so I've never actually done the challenge. Well, what happens when you win?

How splendid of you! You hit the target! For making the sweep in the targeted number of turns, a special gift! The chance to battle our very own prodigy, Master Liam/Lady Celeste!

A Trainer would come here and pull me into a battle...? I never expected this, but I may as well enjoy it, don't you think?

Oh my... you must show me how good you are for the ladies to call me out.

It's random which trainer you fight, but they both have a Blissey, holding a RARE CANDY. Obviously you need to Thief that ASAP, especially since they know Fling. So it's a way to get "infinite" Rare Candy, even if it's not particularly useful. Good exp though.

Too much for me! Wonderful! You're a marvel of a Trainer! Oh, I'll ask you not to pry into what I'm doing in the back of the mansion. This knowing wink is all you'll get out of me.

Oh, dear me! Oh, my! My, my, my! Your technique was most enchanting. I will take my leave now. Giggle...

Your splendor is authentic! Sweeping the floor with the five maids wasn't enough for you, oh no! Why, to think you would triumph over even our Master Liam/Lady Celeste! Please visit again tomorrow.

We slept so long it's now between 2 and 3am and we can touch the statue. What a life I lead...

Route 212 Night

"I still go out on patrol."

Your toughness is too much! I'm in serious trouble!

We could've gotten Kirlia during the day, but it's slightly more common at night due to Hoothoot not taking all of the encounter rate.

How could this happen to meeeeeeeee, I've made my mistaaaaaaakes

You, for not bashing the fash.

You're not my dad! Well, actually you could be, I do latch on to any parental figure.

Oops, I'd better get back to my beat before the boss radios me...

Want some money? I bet you do, these two can be rematched and have a pretty easy team to fight, while giving $12000 a pop, so around $50000 with an Amulet Coin.

Hahaha! I was invited by the master of the Pokemon Mansion! He's promised to show me through his prized garden of Pokemon.

Usually, I'll have matches with members of my social club.

Thankfully this is the last ACAB we'll have to fight for a while, since they were all equally weak.

Well I've talked to her more recently than most, but only because she had a secret life I didn't know about because I never asked!

I thiiiink this is the best indication you'll get of Munchlax trees. Nice try, it's still bullshit.

Nice little loop around, time to face Fantina! Ah, excuse me, I forget I'm not playing a garbage game. In any case, there's nothing in Hearthome... n-nothing at all! Solaceon is where it's at!

Solaceon Town Night

Now that's something I can do!

We haven't fought a new center fight in a while, so sure.

I don't know what I expected.

I need to find a way to get more into the character of a Pokemon... maybe I should get the Day Care to raise me?

Thanks! Let me get a closer look! ...I see, hmhm... right, right... that's it! Thank you! I can write a great article now! This is for your trouble. It's not much, but thanks!

You really came through for us! I hope you'll help us again tomorrow!

Uhhhh, let's catch some more Unown or whatever. I'm not putting something off, you're putting something off! But yes, 6 Unown can be found on each of the main floors, but in the side rooms, the other 20 Unown can be found, all at a 5% chance. If you think that sounds terrible, it is!

But we won't catch all of them, plenty of time for that. But we will catch enough to expand the Ruin Maniac Cave, which is 15 different letters, easy enough.

As you lengthen the cave, Hippopotas become more common, so it was easy enough to find one. Since we have the Earthquake TM, this mon will do just fine, though they also added Dig to its movepool so its best STAB move isn't Sand Tomb. But again, we have the TM of the best move in the game. Otherwise, it's not very impressive until it gets Crunch, and then evolution, but you can give it, ugh, Rock Tomb for a bit of coverage. But aside from Return and... Water Pulse?! this Pokemon doesn't do too much. Still, if you like endless, endless sand, and another great user of early Earthquake, then here's something hip for you.

Now they call me the Digging Maniac. I'll just go chipping away at the rock wall a little at a time. Do you know why? I'm a Ruin Maniac who is fascinated by the UNOWN and who also loves to dig!

...alright fine, next time we'll do some contests or whatever. I'm sure it'll be a fun time.