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Part 19: Steeling and Stealing

Part 19: Steeling and Stealing

Pokemon Gym

The Gym Leader here uses Steel-type Pokemon. Steel-type Pokemon have high Defense, so you'd have to hit them hard!

Feels too long since the previous Gym, or maybe we're going through this game pretty quickly. Hard to tell.

When we can 2HKO a Steelix, that's when you know you're good.

Our aim is the red lift over there, surely it won't take too long.

Orb birb's time to shine.

I can't keep up! I'll go back to working on the lifts.

Let's see where this li- oh.

Too many choices...

I get to work all day with my Pokemon, and even battle sometimes. I get all the fun I need every day!

Top right is the way to go, so let's go the way.

They got rid of the noob at Oreburgh's entrance, but Doug had plenty of backups.

Your earnest enthusiasm... I guess that kinda makes you an ace. Maybe you're a Trainer who has the potential to surpass aces!

If you somehow had a friend then you could get a real steel bug. It replaces its Flying attacks with Steel ones, so it's fine to evolve whenever, but you'll want to relearn Bullet Punch, since that's a powerful weapon with Technician. Otherwise, when Slash doesn't cut it, how about X-Scissor or Night Slash? It doesn't learn many moves for its ability, but it does just fine with the tools it has, especially when you slap Swords Dance on it.

Onwards and across! Look at all this 3D craziness!

Okay please stop doing that.

Chatty lot in here.

I must rededicate myself to training. The road extends into infinity...

Now that we're through the first multiple choice, the rest of the Gym is pretty damn linear, with only trainers to get in your way. And Magnemite. Lots of those.

"weaknesses of that Pokemon."

Start by becoming friendly with your Pokemon. I mean really friendly. If you do that, you'll learn naturally how you should battle with it.

Alright, simple enough, but now it's time for da boss.

I see, I see! You've defeated my son. But that's no surprise. He still has much to learn. In place of my son Roark, I, Byron, will take your challenge!

Gym Leader Battle

Byron/Tougan: The Man with the Steel Body!
From iron, and 冬瓜 tougan (winter melon) and 鋼 hagane (steel).

While only one Pokemon got changed, Byron got a fair overhaul in Plat, making his team pretty threatening. Or, well, would've been, if he wasn't so hilarious weak to all three starters, but I'm sure they can still be dangerous.

Yeah like that. Dammit. Magneton has the same movepool as Magnezone, but worse stats, so just evolve it asap. Though as we saw there, make sure to relearn Tri Attack, since the line doesn't get many special moves. We have practically everything it needs, so go ham.

Usual tactic of wasting healing items, though this fight will be no problem. But as always, where's the fun in that?

I say, with this immediately happening. I was surprised that was just a simple KO, but it does make sense. Oh well, we've faced a few Steelix on the way up, the worse it could've done was Ice Fang, whatever.

The immovable object. With defenses like that, how could we even stand up to its incredible prowess? Well, easily, actually. Having a 4x weakness to Fighting and Ground is pretty ridiculous, while it has not many defensive tools, especially no reliable recovery. It can get whittled down easily and can't do much in return with those offenses. It does at least have Magnet Rise in an upcoming tutor, as well as Protect and Toxic, Taunt and Metal Burst, which also pairs with Iron Defense. You can see what they're going for, but then accidentally made it pretty rubbish and reliant on Rest. Whoops! You'll set up SR with it, I guess.

Oh hey, it can survive an Earthquake, that's cool. Really shows the equal footing these two are on.

I mean... I don't have something like that. Metal Burst is interesting in that it reflects all attacking moves, but has regular priority, so works great on a slow monster like this.

But this was never going to be a very difficult fight.

Pokemon Gym

"outside of battle."

And now you have six Gym Badges. That means all Pokemon up to Lv. 70 will obey you without question. Here! Take this, too!

If it hits, it may also lower the target's Special Defense. Gwahahahaha! The Sinnoh region is vast! Tough Trainers like you and Barry crop up constantly to challenge the old guard! With more young Trainers like my son and you two taking charge, the future of Pokemon is bright! But I'm not stepping aside just yet! I merely need to rededicate myself to training on Iron Island.

Alright, onto the next Gym, with no distractions! Maybe.

Good going! That makes it six Gym Badges! I tell you what, you're really turning into one fine Trainer. If you were to say you're going to try to become the Pokemon Champ... no one'd laugh at you now! I'm in your corner, kiddo!

It's always weird seeing all these badges. Like, damn, did I get those?

Canalave City Day

You're tough enough to consider becoming the Pokemon Champ. Of course, I'm tougher, so it's not going to actually happen. Anyway, Hikari, come with me to the library.

All right, I'll be outta here!

... ... ... ... ... ...

...OK... I get it...

Hm! Everyone's here finally. Hikari, everyone, listen. You may have forgotten already, but I study the evolution of Pokemon. But the more I study, the more mysteries appear and multiply. Pokemon that evolve, and those that don't. What makes them different from each other? Do those that are immature as living beings evolve to ones more mature? If so, what do we make of the legendary Pokemon that don't evolve? Are we to assume that the legendary Pokemon are complete as creatures?

In the three lakes of Sinnoh, there are said to be mirage Pokemon. If we can obtain data on them, it may shed some light on how the process of Pokemon evolution works. I need help from each one of you on this grand undertaking. Help me find these Pokemon that are considered to be mirages.

What are you saying? I didn't get a Pokedex!

...and who was it that bolted from the lab before I had a chance to give you a Pokedex? But that's water under the bridge! Seeing Pokemon with your own eyes is important for you in becoming a better Trainer, too.

You bet, Professor! This will add to the Pokedex database and help advance your research.

Hm! I would have made all of you go regardless... anyway. Now, there are three lakes. Fortuitously, there are three of you. You should therefore split up and investigate the lakes individually. Lucas, you go to Lake Verity.

Yes, sir!

Barry, I want you to investigate Lake Acuity. That would take you almost to Snowpoint City. The road there is harsh. I need a tough Trainer to go.

Uh... yeah, of course! Gramps, you know how to call it! You can tell I'm the hotness! And, you know what? I was going to catch those legendary Pokemon for you. You know, as thanks for giving us our Pokemon back on Route 201. ...even though I forgot completely about it until just now.

Very well. I'm counting on you. And that leaves Hikari with Lake Valor. The lake is between Veilstone and Pastoria, if memory serves...

Oh thank god, I was almost falling asleep.

What was that about?! No, wait, I mean, TV! The TV! News! Anything!

It was taken by a cameraman who happened to be there.

It's certainly impressive. Who knows what the explosion could expose at the lake?

Hmm... but why at Lake Valor...? Let's get outside. I'm concerned about the town. You kids, be careful going down the stairs.

Oh, sorry, TV screen, can't help but gormlessly stare.

Please keep quiet while you're on the premises. It certainly wasn't me who screamed,

or shouted,

No, really, that wasn't me screaming!

They're saying there was a huge explosion at Lake Valor! But, I hear everything's fine now. I guess it was just a lot of noise.

Gramps! I'm going! I have a bad feeling about this!

...that Barry... can't sit still... Hikari, I don't like to demand, but I need you at Lake Valor. It's impossible for things to be OK. Not after an explosion like that. But I have no idea what is taking place... but before you go, let me stress: don't get in over your head. We will try to join you as soon as we inspect Lake Verity.

Lake Valor... I wonder what happened?

What is taking place at Lake Valor... you must find out!

We're going to investigate Lake Verity before we join you. Don't try to be a hero if anything happens.


Sounds like we're in a hurry, so let's instead explore the rest of Route 212! It's on the way!

There's nothing on the left side, so onto the right we go.

Maybe I should switch to surfing, too...

Lots of Gyarados... but since we're a little busy, we'll properly go around the region with Surf and Strength next update, but at least there's not 20 water routes to look forward to.

Alright, this lonely island better be worth it.

Ehhhh, back onto the main path.

Damn Flying types.

Maybe I'll go work out down at the restaurant again. That place gets different people in every day, and they all like battles.

Since we're pretty far north, this water is probably fucking freezing. I mean, the sea is always cold, but this one is COLD.

Man I love this strategy.

There aren't many sea routes that you can swim in Sinnoh. It makes me want to take a vacation in the Hoenn region.

Cool, but surprisingly, the four other Pokemon that require this aren't in the dex.

Not really worth it, but at least we're done.

And add it to the list...

Anyway, you guys were just dropping some sick beats, r-right?

Galactic Attack!

The closest civilization is that hick town called Twinleaf! We can roll in there completely unopposed!

Jokes on you, I'm not worth 500.

Cool, another way for them to waste a turn.

I played you for a child, and paid a stiff price for my arrogance... however, you're much too late. Team Galactic has already found the sunken island under the lake. And the Pokemon that lay in it? Well, what do you think?

Since the lake will eventually fill back in, this item is missable, like the Nugget in the Trick House.

But so what? You aim to take us all on? Dream on! Team Galactic is huge in number! Even as we speak, other members should be near Twinleaf Town. That's right, they're on the way to Lake Verity!

Even with the added dex, still not enough variety.

We're Team Galactic! The no. 1 syndicate in the world! To defy us is to defy the universe!

Bah, it doesn't matter who you are. It's too late to make a difference. Things are going to get really interesting now. All the legendary Pokemon are going to be brought to our HQ in Veilstone!

I recognize your face! You're the child who raided the Team Galactic building in Eterna! Humph! Jupiter should be ashamed of herself, being beaten by a child. But anything and anyone that opposes Team Galactic must be crushed! Even the very thought of opposition will not be tolerated!

Galactic Commander Battle

There's a third commander! Okay, fourth in this game, but it is a bit weird how much of a gap there was between them. But it should be no problem.

This will always make me feel better, though this Toxicroak is hitting like a truck.

But since they don't know how priority works, it's easy enough.

But that's fine. A child like you will never be able to stem the flow of time! Team Galactic will get the three legendary Pokemon of the lakes! With their power, we will create an entirely new universe! By now, Mars should have captured the Pokemon of Lake Verity...

Well this works out, since we haven't seen MOM in a while, even if she'll never do anything again, you only get one chance to fight the patriarchy.

...I don't wanna know.

Galactic Attack!

Those Team Galactic scoundrels are after the legendary Pokemon! Hikari, help us! You've got to help Lucas!

Ow! Ouch! What's with this old-timer?

How dare you! You misguided thugs! Hikari! Lucas needs your help!

Well it's a good thing you guys didn't try this like 18 updates ago.

From the three lakes, we must secure three Pokemon. You simply mustn't interfere!

Our boss always had plans for the three lakes... while you were blissfully ignorant, our work went ahead...

I'm sure Lucas is strong enough to hold off Mars! Haaaaaa...

Eventually you'll evolve these, r-right?

The Pokemon here has already been taken to our HQ in Veilstone. So, you see? A child like you can't touch us!

I want Team Galactic to become powerful. That is all I want.

Methinks you haven't even fully evolved your starter, you friendly rival, you!

I'm talking about the windworks! I caught a whole lot of trouble for that little incident. What's with that look on your face? You do remember me, don't you? Fine, whatever. I'll tell you who I am again! I'm Mars, one of Team Galactic's Commanders. So, what is it? Are you some lovey-dovey couple to the rescue? Not a chance! Not even a teeny one! You're all going down!

Galactic Commander Battle

You wait a while for a Commander battle and then two come at once. Pretty similar though.

This Purugly is nowhere as scary as it used to be!

I lost again... so, first the windworks, and now Lake Verity that I owe you for! This shouldn't be happening to Team Galactic's Commander...

My mission was to transport the lake's Pokemon to our HQ... ...that's right! I accomplished my mission without a problem! Team! We're pulling out! The boss is waiting at the HQ! The Pokemon of the three lakes are connected somehow. Thanks to Saturn's grandstanding at Lake Valor, a cavern appeared here. It was the cavern where the Pokemon MESPRIT slept. MESPRIT appeared, too, probably to go help its friends. That worked out well for us. It was super easy to catch.

Now that we have them all... you can look forward to what plans Team Galactic has for them!

Lake Verity

Another legendary Pokemon was taken away by Team Galactic... both of you went up against full-fledged criminals... the fact that you're unharmed is reason enough to celebrate. ...but what about Barry? What is happening at Lake Acuity? Is Barry safe? Hikari, I need you to go to Lake Acuity right away. I'm worried about Barry.

Hikari, what's Team Galactic up to? They'd better not harm the Pokemon they took from the lakes...

Well this escalated quickly.

Least we can grab a freebie, though only Huevo can use it and he covers Fire with Air Slash and Aura Sphere. Or, will eventually, still stuck with Defog...

Next time, I'm sure Barry will be fine, so let's go and goof off!