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Part 21: Hot and Cold Passion

Part 21: Hot and Cold Passion

Snowpoint City Day / Night

Snowpoint City: City of Snow
From snow and point, northern point or snowflake point.
Kissaki City: The city of snow and glittering ice.
From 切っ先 kissaki (tip of a blade)

We've made it to the northern point of Sinnoh. Or, uh, one of the various northern points, but there's not too much to this "city", so we'll be tackling the Gym pretty soon.

Oh, hi, Hikari! Are you taking the Gym challenge now? I'm hoping to see Candice soon, but I'm staying put until I warm up first. Oh, you should know that Candice is a user of Ice-type Pokemon. I really admire Candice. She's so studious. She wanted to practice against me to learn about the Fighting type. It's because the Ice type matches up badly against the Fighting type.

Mail and some nice balls. Regular falling snow is something we've seen plenty of by now, so let's have some diamond dust. It occurs on certain special days only in this city and is a neat visual, though it wasn't until HGSS that we knew it had no effect in battle. It's something to remember, since it's in every gen going forward.

Let's see what exciting things we can find in the houses!

Very well... the trendy thing to say for you would be... CONTOUR! That's a trendy sort of thing to say. I hope you'll use trendy sayings in a trendy way.

We can get a different word for our vocabulary every day here. Wow!

It's been a long time, but we've finally reached the next move tutor. Unfortunately he's shit and the actual useful moves are postgame lol

What's north of north?

A place we'll never be able to make use of anyway, so whatever. you realise what you're offering? It's no Cubone for a Machamp, but I'll take it!

Alright, it's Gengar time! Any second now. Just gotta wait for the evolution screen to pop up. It'll be an amazing trade that- okay, what the fuck is going on.

I made it hold something that prevents it from evolving. Please treat me HAUNTER nicely! I'll be good to your MEDICHAM, too! Thanks to Pokemon, we got to be friends, didn't we?

MINDY!!!!!!! So yeah, this is a joke trade that required me getting Medicham earlier so it would work, cause I know one of you would've mentioned it and spoiled it! Well we can catch Gengar later, so it's not a big deal, but it is pretty damn funny.

Now that we've got a Fly point, we'll shift some moves around and now we're ready for the Gym!

Pokemon Gym

Do you see the big snowballs placed here and there? You need to slide on the ice with enough momentum to crush them. The Gym Leader is a user of Ice-type Pokemon. Melt her defenses with scorching-hot Fire-type moves! It's all about focus with this Gym. Bear down and focus!

Wheeeeeeeeee! So yeah, even though I've played this game a million times, I don't know the quickest route through this Gym, but the puzzle is simple enough.

The main issue is getting to the trainers, some of them are a little out of the way.

The higher up you slide from, the more speed you'll have to smash those big snowballs.

So long as you're coming in from one level above, you can smash any snowball in your path, the main trick is the more levels you go down, the more you can then go up. I always forget this Gym is slightly different in DP, but only the snowballs and snow patches change, so the concept is the same and the middle ones are still present, so you do the exact same thing anyway.

Must the AI insist on using Protect every time?

Temperature puns. I mean, the title is already one.

You've battled all over, you say? That makes you tough, perhaps.

There's maybe two more trainers in here then there needs to be, but they're all easy to get to.

Nack caught up pretty easily, so it's nice to use the full team, but I forget how fragile Pop is sometimes.

I've battled countless Trainers and many more Pokemon still. My spirit has been hardened from all the battles I have fought.

Now to break all the snowballs. Well, we only need to do the middle ones, but I'm breaking all of them.

The snow patches and stairs are sneakily placed, so we'll need to go in from the left side.

But a good Trainer is one who wins no matter the situation!

That's right a good Trainer will win, no matter what the situation might be. The Trainer's feelings... the Pokemon's feelings... if they are one and the same, you will never lose.

We use this patch twice for the snowball and the trainer. And then it'll just be the leader left.

If you have wonderful friends, there is no limit to how far you can go.

Sure thing! I was waiting for someone tough! But I should tell you, I'm tough because I know how to focus. Pokemon, fashion, romance... it's all about focus! I'll show you just what I mean. Get ready to lose!

Gym Leader Battle

Candice/Suzuna: The Diamond Dust Girl!
From candida (Latin for shining white) or candid and ice, and 鈴菜 suzuna (an old name for turnip) and 涼しい suzushii (cool).

Ice Gyms are always hit and miss, great offensive type, but we've got a million ways to pick them apart. Case in point, we know very well how Sneasel does, so let's move on.

What used to be the ace is now the weather setter for the actual ace. Works out, since Huevo eats this thing alive, remember I have a Serene Grace Air Slash Togekiss, oh baby was this worth the wait.

It's nice that there's some variety, since the DP dex was, uh, limited, shall we say. That'll become more and more apparent as GF run out of types to work with, like always.

Freezing you and stealing your spirit, Froslass is at least more interesting than Glalie's even and pretty mediocre stats, but that doesn't make it much better, since it has the same offenses, but is speedier and more fragile. Woo. But when you think of this mon, you think of freezing Blizzards and Shadow Balls, which is definitely what it can do, but it can be physical, even though it has worse options. Crunch from Snorunt, Ice Punch and, uh, Astonish? No, wait, Ice Shard and Destiny Bond! This is a terrible idea. You've got Thunderbolt and Psychic as better options, and you can set your own Hail for ability abuse. Or maybe you could set up a layer of Spikes before immediately fainting. Sounds about right.

Anyway, fragile Ice type. Wasn't expecting the one shot, but Snow Cloak Double Team is illegal so we'll just say gg and move on.

Pokemon Gym

I think your focus and will bowled us over totally. Oh, that's right! I'm supposed to give you this!

Because you have it, you can use the hidden move Rock Climb anytime, even when you're not in battle. Oh, and take this, too.

If the user takes damage, the move's power is doubled! Can you imagine what sort of focus you'd need to pull it off? Do you think I should try to act more like an Ice-type Gym Leader? Like, do you think I should be more cool and distant? That sort of thing I have trouble with.


We're nearly done, always crazy to think that. We should be getting to the next Gym pretty quickly, nothing ever happens between badges 7 and 8!

With that Badge, aren't you allowed to use the hidden move Rock Climb? Rock Clib can be learned by Rock-type or Fighting-type Pokemon, I think.

Yay Rock Climb, it's a pretty cool way to traverse the region. You know, if there weren't 7 other HMs vying for attention. Also they overuse it, by a lot. Like with Surf, when we get Waterfall, we'll go through and get everything, since I didn't fancy doing 4 separate trips around the region getting stuff. Oh yeah, evolution item for Dusclops if you have a friend.

It's only been a few minutes, surely Barry hasn't gotten into that much trouble, right?

Barry in Trouble

Oh? Are you finished already? Your Pokemon aren't bad, but you're laughably weak. You honestly thought you could save the Pokemon of the lake? And become the Pokemon Champion? Dream on, little kid. But, eww, it's so cold here. Let's go back to the Veilstone HQ.

Listen. Team Galactic is going to do something huge for everyone's sake. That's why you should keep out of Team Galactic's way. Don't come whining about poor Pokemon and other trivial junk like that. Don't waste your time coming to our HQ in Veilstone. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Yeah, that's right! I couldn't do anything against Team Galactic! That Pokemmon called UXIE... it was suffering... I'm going to get tougher... it's not about winning or losing... that's not good enough... I have to be stronger... it's not enough to just want to be the most powerful Trainer ever... it takes honest effort... and a determined heart.

Let's refresh the area to get the lake music back and grab this. Nothing else to the area for now, so we'll head to Veilstone HQ, like Jupiter totally wants us to do.

Route 216 Day

Okay we'll do one thing before heading there, since it's pretty out of the way and there's no good opportunity to do this place later.

Also trainers, that are weirdly low enough level for fighting before Candice. Never understood it.

Alright, see ya!

I'm gonna use that in my vocabulary from now on, slalom!

If it was skiing, I wouldn't lose. I should go ski with my Pokemon...

You're right, willingly going through the snow again does make me mental.

It's so cold here, but here you are, so full of energy. I guess you kids are made tougher than people my age.

Alright, a great reward for coming here. That no one can use... well maybe Pop could...

Veilstone City

Only been bugging me for the past 9 updates, what of it? Here's how you get Munchlax, since trading over a Snorlax and then breeding is sooooooooo much better than trying to catch one.

I don't know what they do, but those are some mighty impressive antennae! Hey! It's you! I bet you don't remember me, but I sure remember you! Because of you, they took my CLEFAIRY away... my partner called it quits and went back to his old country... waah! I know nothing! I don't know anything about any Storage Key!

Looker Encounter

The Storage Key for entering the Team Galactic hideout, I have right here. A frontal assault, it is not possible. But we can enter their hideout. Well? Will you enter the hideout? You have your reasons, yes? Very well. Inside the Team Galactic warehouse. We will meet there. Prepare the best you can. I shall join you shortly.

Whoops I thought this was on the other side, no matter. That Grunt dropped the Storage Key in DP, but it was only used for one thing, so it's no longer a Key Item in Plat. Well it is, but Looker has it now, we can't get it otherwise.

I will use this Storage Key I have obtained from Team Galactic... ...ker-chunk! Yes! It is opened! I will go on ahead, my friend. Do not expose yourself to danger!

Oh hey, remember when we caught the version exclusive Murkrow and Misdreavus? Yes, that's right 16 updates ago. Well, congrats on carting them around for most of the game, now you can finally evolve them in DP. Wasn't that worth it?

Galactic Headquarters

Alright, it's infiltration time. We've done this before, lots of grunts, lots of floors, let's get started.

Hmm, we'll be back, end of current section.

As you might expect, the grunts don't have anything new, we've fought them plenty of times already, hell, the only evolved Pokemon they use is Golbat. It's a shame, even with the expanded dex, they only add in Houndour for some variety.

"same anymore."

Like, you characters changed the, well, character of the place!

Without our special card key, you're not going to get very far. Well, non-Team Galactic member? What's your next move?

I'm the gruntiest of the grunts! It's my fault, though, I still don't know how the warp panels connect.

In our HQ, we get around by taking warp panels. I'd like to see you figure out how they connect.

Evil teams like their weird panels, but it's not very complicated.

In fairness to some of them, they're not high enough level to evolve Glameow. Yes, still.

Losing sets me back to square one... I'll probably get busted down to the gruntiest of the grunts... humph!

We'll head up the stairs in a moment, but this is the optimal way to go, so let's get going.

Our boss is trying to create an entirely new world. A world only for us! For Team Galactic!

Oh hey it's a camrip of the Mewtwo movie remake. I'm sure we can download it into a rounded duck with no problems.

At the Galactic Veilstone Building, that much I'm sure about. Go in through the door beside the reception counter, I think it was? Uh? What'd I do with that key anyway? Where's it gone?

I do worry about these grunts sometimes. Like, are they okay? Is their mum proud of their new job? Anyway, let's backtrack a bit.

Now, if I was a comedy relief sort of bad guy, I'd tell you... but I really don't know!

You need to read the dramatic situation better here!

Hey, just because I haven't showered or eaten in 7 LPs doesn't mean you have to bring it up every 5 minutes!

Well that wasn't worth it.

Now for the real HQ.

Your trail blazing will go out in a blaze of glory right now!

You should be tired out by now. It's Team Galactic's turn to shine!

We literally go past the Pokemon Center on the way from the warehouse, so, uh, not feeling very tired.

So what, you have momentum... it's too late. The experiment's done!

Pokemon are that important to you? Is that what this is all about?

State-of-the-art audio & video system for member use only! Onward to a new universe! Team Galactic!

Ooh that could be scary.

Our boss is a scientific genius! He will make the power of mythical Pokemon his own!

Too bad I outspeed and 2HKO you.

Pokemon statue plate text no. 1 (from stolen plate): "The creation of DIALGA, the giver of time... in laughter, there is tears... and, likewise it is with time. The same time flows on. For it is the blessing of DIALGA."

Pokemon statue plate text no. 2 (from stolen plate): "The birth of PALKIA. The creator of parallel dimensions... alive, yet not alive... everything drifts in space... to arrive in the same universe. It is the blessing of PALKIA." The blueunderlined text has been extracted using a high-tech device made by the boss.

There's a few warps scattered around, the way forward is in the TV room.

The gathering of the Team Galactic... what is the meaning of it?

This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete. It has been, and always will be, a struggle to survive in this world. We humans and Pokemon are likewise incomplete. Because we are all so lacking, we fight, we maim... it is ugly. I hate the incompleteness. That we are all incomplete, I hate it with my entire body and being. The world should be complete. The world must change. Then, who will change it? Me, Cyrus. And Team Galactic. Yes, all of you.

Together we pored over myths and exposed their secrets. Together we captured legendary Pokemon. And now, Team Galactic has obtained the energy to change the world! The power of dreams is within our grasp! Understand it, fellow members! My long-hold dreamworld is on the verge of becoming reality. All those headed to Mt. Coronet, and those who remain here... though our missions may differ, our hearts beat as one. Let there be glory for Team Galactic!

Master Cyrus is the greatest!

So that was Cyrus, the boss of Team Galactic. Quite the performance, no? Mesmerizing for one only 27 years old. ...but to make a world for Team Galactic and none other? It is preposterous. So much so that it makes my head spin. A new world? What is that? And what is this incomplete world? Very well. To investigate such matters is the job of the International Police. Of which I am a member in good stead. And it is my job, therefore. We shall part ways here. Take extra care, my friend!

I need a nap after a speech like that.

Perfect, let's finish this place up!

"of Team Galactic HQ?"

Hey there, little Trainer! You're famous among Team Galactic. The order has been issued--we get a promotion if we put you down!

It doesn't matter what happens to the Team Galactic HQ building. Soon, all will belong to Team Galactic, anyway!

What's so special about you anyway? You're just like any other little kid Trainer you can find anywhere!

Three warps, which one is the way forward? It's the middle one. Overall, pretty smooth getting through here, since the grunts weren't much of note, but I do like their dialogue, so it wasn't all bad.

And we've made it to the top. We've got quite the tall challenge ahead. Next time, slalom!