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Part 22: Peak Problems

Part 22: Peak Problems

Galactic Headquarters

Snicker... a big lie, of course. It's true insofar as my intention is to create a new world. But that world isn't for the likes of Team Galactic. I seek an entirely new world solely for myself. If not, it could never be the complete and perfect world. You've seen my minions of Team Galactic. You yourself must know that they are uniformly useless and incomplete.

It's about UXIE, MESPRIT, and AZELF, correct? You want to save them... I no longer have any need for them. I am finished with them. If your heart aches to save them, go right ahead. I couldn't care less. It will save me the trouble of disposing of them. But, I must say... you are a remarkable specimen. Those Pokemon have nothing to do with you, do they? But still, you came to rescue them out of pity? Such pitifully useless emotions... it's illogical and irrational. Pity and compassion are products of the weak and faulty human heart. You were compelled to come here by such vacuous sentimentality! I will make you regret paying heed to your heart!

Galactic Boss Battle

Finally, we're facing Cyrus for the first time, can't believe it took this long! His team isn't massively amazing, you can assume we'll fight him again, so Huevo can clean house.

Congrats on dragging a fragile crow around for most of the game, your reward is pretty damn worth it. While it's pretty slow, damn does it hit hard, even moreso with Nasty Plot at 35, an easy relearn since you went past that two Gyms ago. The moves are kind of a letdown, only really having Wing Attack and Faint Attack, but Night Slash is very shortly coming up and you can get some special coverage like Shadow Ball, Psychic and Steel Wing, or even Air Cutter. Sucker Punch from tutors is also a good idea due to how slow you are, but no Brave Bird here, or Dark Pulse until Victory Road. It requires a bit of work, but definitely worth it.

It hits real hard, but easy enough to take out.

And the basis of your power is your compassion toward Pokemon. wasteful... such emotions are but mere illusions. And, like all illusions, they fade over time until death banishes them forever. That is why I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality. ...but that doesn't matter. I doubt you will ever understand my position. That said, I recognize that you are strong and courageous to come alone. This is your reward.

It will unfailingly catch any Pokemon in the wild. But it is not anything that I require. Unlike you Trainers, I do not make Pokemon my friends or partners. Unlike other Team Galactic members, I don't use Pokemon as tools. Instead, I make the power of Pokemon my own.

I am off to Mt. Coronet. I will ascend the mountain to its peak where destiny awaits me. It is there that I will create my new world...

Climbing a giant mountain, doesn't that sound fun. Let's distract ourselves with some repor- ew, Linux? That explains everything.

The Creation of Space: Some say the universe originated from a massive explosion. Similarly, Sinnoh is thought to have been formed by an explosion in ancient times. Needless to say, the explosion came from the power of a Pokémon. The Pokémon must have been the mythical creature considered a deity by the ancients. Our aim is not to capture the mythical Pokémon, but to obtain its power...

The mythical Pokémon... According to myths, the Pokémon created Sinnoh with its power. However, capturing the Pokémon with a Poké Ball prevents it from using its full power... But with the Red Chain, the Pokémon can be shackled, and its power can be used without restraint...

The Red Chain... The Pokémon of the three lakes and Mt. Coronet are somehow connected. Capturing the Pokémon of the lakes will free the Pokémon of Mt. Coronet. From the Pokémon of the lakes, crystals can be extracted to create a Red Chain. Using that Red Chain, the mythical Pokémon can be summoned and shackled to do as we command...

Must be nice having a raised podium just outside your office.

Also incredibly important to obtain, because who doesn't love hidden evolution items? Nack will need this, but it was only evening when we entered, we haven't been here that long, right? Alright, on to saving the lake trio, I'm sure they're fine.

Deep Laboratory

You know, for kids!

Following orders is never an excuse.

Those Pokemon of the lakes, where do you suppose they would go?

What are you trying to say?

Nothing. Pay it no heed. A new world isn't overly interesting. What of it? If Cyrus is right, then Team Galactic will rule that new world. That's when it will be interesting. A chance to enjoy its sweets. I surely hope that our visionary Cyrus realizes his dream. I look forward to whatever our beloved leader has planned atop Mt. Coronet.

Gramps. Our boss can do without your kind of moral support.

...though it's nothing new, I can't say I understand our boss... why would he let a kid like you come and go freely...? We, Team Galactic, take all that we need, and eliminate what we do not. But anyway. You've taken the trouble to come. Let me welcome you! Consider it payback for your insulting me at the lake.

Our last fight against Saturn isn't massively interesting, since he's only four levels higher than last time. Also we've faced these same Pokemon like 25 times already!

Still scary, but similarly fragile.

Fine... do whatever you want with those three Pokemon. Press the button on that machine to set them free.

Humph, Saturn and even Cyrus fall to a mere child... Team Galactic's state of affairs is worrying... that plan of Cyrus's atop Mt. Coronet, too... who knows if it will work. ...hmm. Perhaps another options needs to be considered. One benefitting the genius of Charon!

Press the button and set them free. Isn't that why you came?

Our boss crafted a Red Chain from crystals he took from the three Pokemon. That Red Chain is what he needed to shackle something on Mt. Coronet. It's also apparently needed for creating something. But that's all I know. Who knows what he's planning to do up there.

The green warp panel returns you to the ground floor. Onward to a new universe! -Team Galactic

Well wasn't that a barrel of laughs. There's nothing else to do but get supplies and head towards the big bad mountain.

Route 211 Night

Alright we'll do a couple of things on the way. It's right there after all!

Uh-oh... was I supposed to go up from the Oreburgh City side? Maybe I wasn't supposed to climb from the Eterna City side? Oh, didn't I need hidden moves like Surf, too?

Okay we actually go in from the south entrance, but whatever, this guy has been taunting us long enough.

Here's good advice from the Echo Man! If you're at a loss as to where you should be going, check the Town Map!

Mt. Coronet

Alright, let's get going. I hope you like hidden items.

Also HMs, I hope you like those.

But that was quick, we've already reached the top!

Ah, just kidding, back in we go.

I won't question this architecture.

We always have Rock Tomb way too long, but unlike Wargreymon, Skulletor has the option to replace it before postgame!

A bridge too far...

Looker Encounter

There was once a cave painting that had blocked the way to the summit. But the wall, it is no longer there. It lies in pieces. Do you see? Ever since the three Pokemon of the lakes have been captured... something terrible is happening, but what exactly, I do not know. There is but one cause! Team Galactic's Cyrus! And now, we are all caught up. Now, to the next step. Are you Trainer enough to advance? Show me, if you will!

Hahaha! You can relax now. You see, I understand. You are far superior to me. As are the Commanders. Cyrus, too, naturally. Team Galactic is beyond my reach... please, you must stop them! For only you are able! All I can do now is give you this. It is a little something I obtained in an investigation long ago.

The way's clear, so there's no more distractions until the summit. Though we will, of course, be distracted by all manner of things. If you're curious, the wall painting is identical to the one in the Celestic Ruins and stops you from progressing before you take on Galactic HQ. A pretty important story detail, since it gives reason why Cyrus would want to destroy the one in Celestic Town as well, but I imagine only a handful of people have ever seen the wall painting.

Mt. Coronet

Going up and then down. Riveting content from yours truly, an LP superstar.

One, ensure the success of our operation at the summit. Two, utterly destroy any intruders to stop their meddling!

Join Team Galactic and then abide by our rules. That would solve all our problems!

While it's a shame that Team Galactic still won't have anything interesting for us to fight, it is nice they're keeping up in levels, this game has a real good level curve.

It's too late! No amount of desperation from a kid like you will make a difference!

Well if we just have a standard cave and endless grunts, then this won't be very exciting. But I'm glad it's not gonna get worse!

Dammit... but at least there's no deep snow, so it really isn't that bad.

We'll be hopping in and out of caves, but we'll have to come back here anyway with Waterfall. Joy.

The bing to your bong, Bronzor was a bit rough to raise, but Bronzong has a few things going for it. Its attacking stats are now passable and it'll definitely live a few hits, and its low Speed is benefited by Gyro Ball. Otherwise you can guess what it does, it can relearn Sunny Day and Rain Dance, so those could be options, and it learns a fair few TMs, but it might not be the best recipient. Extrasensory and Gyro Ball are good bases, but you'll need Earthquake to break past other Steel types. Maybe you can be fancy with Charge Beam or Grass Knot? It's got something to talk about, at least.

Ah jeez, the wind makes this place ten times worse! Fuck it's cold.

Well there's the cause for the endless hail.

Also ow.

Ooh, what a choice, go through the grass with a Repel, or use a HM. Also just assume I have to break 5 rocks to get to any hidden item.

This is also the first place we can catch Medicham, but I preferred my earlier method.

It's a good thing we spent so long in the HQ, because it's night time and Nack just got a level.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Weavile is such an easy choice, having all its tools nice and early, though we'll relearn Night Slash later, wanted to make this all natural. If it can survive a couple hits, then it'll outspeed and slice through a lot of things, including some fierce Psychic or Dragon types. Hmmmmmmm. With Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw and X-Scissor, you'll find what your team is missing and you can even Surf on it! I'm not joking, but we won't be doing that. Overall, a very delicious option that absolutely dies to anything, just how I like it.

Another hidden evolutionary item, ah ah ah.

It doesn't matter if you're an adult or a kid if you have Pokemon... Pokemon are the equalizers. I should have realized sooner...

Ah crap, back out into the cold already? I'd only just started warming up!

Here's a side cave, you might miss it completely.

Our team is getting pretty dang terrifying. Usually I use the various stat boosts and Rare Candy at the end to make sure everyone's as strong as they could be, but considering the power creep we're experiencing, I don't think we need to.

The closer you are to the peak, the closer you are to space! Soon, Team Galactic will... uh... Team Galactic will achieve greatness!

You might have noticed another Rock Climb down, but we'll use it soon enough. You'd also think there's a hidden item behind those smashable rocks and there is... in DP.

I hope I'm breaking hearts being successful at LPs, ladies.

Someone's joy is another person's sorrow. Everyone be happy and laughing? How ridiculous! Team Galactic should be doing all the laughing!

It's actually scary how many hidden items I've never known about. At least that changed next game when the Itemfinder became usable while moving, revelutionary.

Mt. Coronet... I might be just a grunt, but even I can tell it has a weird energy!

Alright we're at the bottom, this better be worth it.

This is a bit annoying, but there's a good reason he's standing there, since if you're a dumb kid you could end up back at the middle entrance of the mountain and have to do this all over again.

And back outside.

Another hidden evolutionary item and an avoidable boulder, yep, this sure is Mt. Coronet.

Alright we're basically done with this area. Minus one thing.

Only in this outside section at a 5% rate, Absol is a pain to find, but good to use. An early Swords Dance and Sucker Punch are nice, but it'll be 52 before you finally get Night Slash and 60 for Psycho Cut. Hrm. Thankfully there's Zen Headbutt tutor and plenty of TMs, including Rock Slide, X-Scissor and Shadow Claw, to keep you hitting hard, before finally getting some good physical STAB. Miracles do happen.

But here I am dealing with some pesky intruder. You're spoiling the atmosphere. You can lose quickly, right?

All my excitement's gone now... this whole Mt. Coronet trip is too rough, long, and draining...

Well the heavier concentration of grunts means we're nearly there. It's definitely a long road, don't let my abridged version fool you, half of this trip has been smashing rocks. our boss about to ditch us and claim everything for himself?

Alright, the exit is right there. Would be real nice if you had some Rock weak Pokemon.

We couldn't stop you... we'll be discarded as useless... our boss is ruthless that way...

Just before the summit is the highest chance of finding the chime. Happiness evolutions are annoying, but at least we've got this reward! Er, well, it'll be stuck with Confusion for a very long time, we only recently got Psychic after all, but at least you'll have Psywave and.. Double-Edge. With 50 Atk. Sigh. Shock Wave and Shadow Ball it is. There really is nothing else to mention, it'll do alright once it gets some good moves, it just... doesn't really get them.

Anyway, that was fun, where were we?

Spear Pillar

Oh yeah, the end of the universe.

Don't get in the way! Of course you will, won't you?

That's why the two of us will team up to take you down in an epic duel!

Farewell Galactic Grunts, it was... cat.

We are not capable of slowing you.

We will let you pass so you can get pulverized by our bosses!

If you're not going to listen, you'll have to go through me first. After all, you've made me look bad more times than I care to remember!

And I'll be next. You might be tough, but this time, the gloves are coming off!


Remember me? I'm here to get my revenge!

Ha! If it isn't that little boy. The little crybaby from Lake Acuity. Did you toughen up a bit? Sure, let's battle two-on-two!

Galactic Commander Battle

Woah, it's a tag battle with Barry! We're both using our full teams, which is kinda unfair, but not really, we need to faint this Munchlax asap.

Yeah, these Bronzor don't do much, but they're still a pain. Especially since they get screens up immediately.

Yeesh, that's without Heatproof and being weak to Psychic is a problem. Purugly has no place in this battle, Barry's team eats it alive.

Ah dammit guess we'll have to deal with that. Huevo has held on pretty well, but one strong Pokemon is all is needed to take him down.

Like that, that Reflect is a real pain.

Thankfully Barry is a very useful shield, so that Golbat is outta here.

Uh, mostly outta here. Damn Reflect.

Why? Thanks, but why does it know Iron Tail?

Alright, good work Barry, you, uh, contributed in your own way.

Spear Pillar

I can get even tougher! ...but, you know, that's it for us. We've hit a wall... Hikari, I'll help you with this!

No problem! I know how this goes, he'll summon a legendary and the lake trio will calm it down. Easy time.

Now, all will end. And everything will begin. With this, the Red Chain made from the crystals of the three lake Pokemon... and this, the Red Chain I replicated with technological means... with these Red Chains I will pry open the portal to another dimension. I command that you unleash your power for me...

DIALGA, the mythical Pokemon, and the master of time! ...and the other. PALKIA, the mythical Pokemon, and the master of space and dimensions!

Legendary Pokemon

Ah, two of them. This is bad.

Shaping this world is a double spiral of time and space. Yes, the very things that you have the ability to control! You will do my bidding! I will have your abilities as mine! With the power I wield, I will create an entirely new world! The incomplete and ugly world we have can now disappear. I am resetting everything to zero. Nothing can remain. It is all for making the ultimate world. A world of complete perfection. Nothing so vague and incomplete as spirit can remain.

Lake Trio

UXIE, "The Being of Knowledge." AZELF, "The Being of Willpower." And MESPRIT, "The Being of Emotion"...

It takes the three of them, the three lake Pokemon that symbolizes sprit, to balance either the Pokemon of time or space. But they can't maintain the balance against the two. Not when both DIALGA and PALKIA are here. Their coming here is in vain. So much meaningless drama. Now, Hikari. You've constantly interfered with my plans, but you will be forgiven. After all, there will remain no spirit for all time when I am done. All spirit will disappear. It will be ripped away... from you! From your Pokemon! From those precious to you...! It is time! My dream will be a reality!

Giratina Appears

So, there is a Pokemon that can only appear as a shadow.

Regardless, the effort is rash and foolish. I have harnessed the powers of DIALGA and PALKIA...

Plan Setback