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Part 34: Event Only End

Part 32: Event Only End

I think we're nearly finished with this damn dex. Piloswine learns Ancientpower at level 1, so we'll need a Heart Scale...

And that's every evolution we can obtain by ourselves. But where were we?

Elite Four Battle

Ah yes, rematches. I'm only doing this cause I need cash to get more balls, since the movesets are exactly the same and there's not much to go over, since I have to go all out and cover myself in Revival Herbs to stay afloat. But then what else is new?


Bugs are kicking my ass now, it's so good to see!

But they have a real Skulletor weakness. Though I suppose a lot of things do.

A double nice, those are rare.

Not much of a challenge, but Ground types are a little tricky to work with. Still, this is good exp, crazy how strong everyone is now.

Bonus, we even live the recoil!

Flint, the master of the Fire type, is up next! Battles are clashes of the burning spirit of Pokemon. Battles aren't about appearances or what's weak or strong. It all comes down to whether the combatants can burn hot or not.

Scary, but it's always too soon to face another Infernape.

The trick is something faster, or indeed, something with Quick Claw.

Being at such a high level, a strong, balanced mon like Gallade is super damn scary, so let's try to stop its rampage.

That also helps, since Alakazam outspeeds EVERYONE

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

Champion Cynthia Battle

What if we faced Cynthia's DP team, but 12 levels higher? What an interesting idea. She even switches to Garchomp nice and early!

At least I'm still faster, however it doesn't KO because OF COURSE IT FUCKING DOESN'T

So like with DP, if you find yourself stuck, dodge Dragon Rush and use a Ghost type. Or die. Both works.

She is full of strategy today. Still, my team is pretty damn strong, but that's why I'm not having a massively tough time. I crafted it this way after all, Cynthia is just really damn strong.

Nice try. Since she didn't have Togekiss in DP, it's using the same moveset, but with Psychic instead of Shock Wave.

And with that, we're outta here.

Excellent team! At least we'll never have to fight Cynthia again. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The rest of the update is just a variety of random things left to do, there's still a few here and there. 13 ribbons is the most you can get without contests and it is incredibly not worth it.

Let's hack in a bunch of money again and buy everything in the Villa. Because you come here for just this kind of content!

I can't get comfortable sitting on something this expensive looking. You could get a Villa as a gift? I did not know that. I wish someone'd give me a Villa. That way, I'd be able to assist the professor even more!

Some of the things we buy will be standard things, most of which we can't interact with, similar to stuff in secret bases. Don't get too excited about some of the things we get.

Lilycove City Remix

Some things are pretty rad though.

It's really nice! Maybe I'll get some for my Gym... the green coloring and the aroma... it's very nice. I know it's a little abrupt, but don't you think Grass-type Pokemon smell nice? It makes me happy just being around them.

Twinleaf Town Music Box

Looking a little less empty now, though some items only appear in the catalogue if you've bought a previous item, such as the Rack the music box sits on, or if you do a random grindy task elsewhere.

Also, and I hate to say this, but... well, the truth of the matter is... we're completely sold out of furniture that we could sell you... thank you so very, very much for your long-standing patronage and support!

I love the sound a piano makes. I savor every note with my entire being. It's not only my ears; my spirit hears the music it makes... ehehe, I made myself cringe saying that. It's so relaxing here... sigh... I don't want to go home. It's a complete mess with all my research papers strewn about. My house? Even the region is a secret!

Relaxing Piano Music

Of course it plays that...

But that's the full Villa! The two Sofas, Bed, Night Table, TV, Audio System, Bookshelf, Rack, Houseplant and PC desk are available from the start. The Music Box requires the Rack, the Pokemon Bust (Grey) requires battling at each Battle Frontier facility once, while the Pokemon Bust (Silver) requires one Silver Print. The Piano requires 10 Elite Four clears, the Guest Set requires fifty Battleground trainers beaten, and the Tea Set requires the Guest Set. The Wall Clock requires 50 berries planted, the Masterpiece requires 30 eggs hatched and finally the Chandelier requires 300,000 steps. Little bit of a pain to do everything, but it's not too bad, really.

There's also a bunch of people that can visit, and all the quotes are very interesting if you go look for them, though Prof. Rowan, Dawn/Lucas, Gardenia and Cynthia requiring buying an item before they can appear. It's a massive money sink otherwise, I did it all totally legit so you didn't have to!

But anyway, it's time to obtain the last of the legendaries in this game. Oh, here's one now. ...alright fine this isn't how you're meant to obtain it. By using the Pal Park and RSE, you can send over the 3 regis to awaken Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. But what if we did something else instead?

The three random caves we've seen around change into something much more interesting when we have this event Regigigas with us. Well, this Toys "R" Us Regigigas was available to download to a DP game in Japan to those who pre-ordered tickets to Movie 11, Giratina and the Sky Warrior from June 20th to Aug 31st 2008 and the US who went to participating stores from Mar 8th-21st 2009. Trading it to this game unlocks these new areas, America never actually got a way to obtain Regigigas in Plat without using other games, though there was a 2009 summer Regigigas for Europe players. Uh, anyway, this is the only way to get the Custap Berry also and there are 3 other event berries we'll go over in just a moment.

Anyway, step on the spots, very simple puzzle.

Regi Battle

Oh boy, can't wait to catch the regis again! Said no one ever. This track was used as a sampling test in DP, but upgraded to a full on track in Plat, which explains why it sounds a bit off in some places.

Making me spend my hard earned BP cause Discharge is too strong... grumble, grumble.

But since they're so weak, it's just a bore throwing endless balls.

One down...

Least we don't have the climb the entire mountain again. Nope, never doing that again, haha.

Hey, at least this one can survive a few special hits.

Just standard fare, it is a little easier since we have Dusk Balls now, but it's still a bitch and a half.

Well it's one way to make me come back here.

What, gonna deny you ever did a nazi salute? Alright, pewdiepie.

Well that was fun, I guess. Now onto the main event.

This required a lot of effort, this reward better be amazing!

AHAHAHAHAHA, OHNONONONO, HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN, REGIBROS??? Yeah, we're not gonna bother with using False Swipe or a weak Pokemon or whatever and just huck the Master Ball. So, Regigigas is the worst legendary in the series. You might think that's a tall order when some other mons come to mind, but that's because it has the worst ability in the series. Slow Start is worse than Emergency Exit or Truant, or hell, even Rotom-Fan's Levitate, as it completely cripples it and makes it absolutely worthless. Slow Start halves its Atk and Spd for 5 turns, since it has pretty damn good stats. But if you switch out at any time, the counter resets, Regigigas can't learn Protect, or Rest, or anything that would help it stall out the turns it needs to finally, finally be useful. And in single battles, 5 turns is incredibly long. Overwhelming long for a Pokemon that has alright defenses and ZERO RECOVERY outside of Drain Punch.

It's the damndest thing, without this ability, Regigigas would've been pretty good, not top tier Ubers, since Normal STAB only gets you so far, but it has good stats, bulk to take some unresisted hits and has a pretty wide movepool, but Game Freak seemed to think it would've been the most ridiculous and overpowered thing in the series, since they absolutely ruined it with the ability. It would be better off with no ability at all. It gets completely and utterly outclassed by a similar legendary in the same generation, so this is a cautionary tale, daddy Game Freak will destroy you, it could happen to any one of their creations, and they wouldn't care, even if you weren't going to be amazing anyway. Hopefully one day they'll change Slow Start, but until then, Regigigas is one of the worst Pokemon, let alone the worst legendary.

Well that was a depressing end to a long sidequest. What fun thing shall we do next? ...breeding? Yeah, sure...

And there we go, done. With the Magcargo we caught earlier, or any Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor, breeding is a breeze on this long stretch. They're learning. And considering how many babies there are in the Sinnoh Dex, the fact we only need to hatch 2 is pretty damn impressive. But I suppose there's a couple more...

Here's one legendary you can at least obtain right now, in fact I hooked up with real rad peep 1234567890num, who's just finishing their Pokemon Ranger LP and completing any of the 3 Ranger games gives you a mission that lets you transfer over a Manaphy Egg to a Gen 4 game. Though in the first game you could only do this ONCE PER CARTRIDGE, while the other two games let you do it as many times as you'd like.

Doesn't take too long to hatch the little beauty. Though it's a shame it wasn't shiny! Ah, it's actually impossible to be shiny, since when the egg is transferred over, it rolls the PID based on the ID and Secret ID so it can't be shiny. HOWEVER, if you trade the egg to another game, it then has the standard base chance of being shiny, though no one has actually legitimately proved they obtained one. It's not a big deal if it's not shiny, you just restart to before you hatched it, trade it to another game, and try again. It is definitely the hardest shiny hunt in the series, so uh, good luck.

Let's wash our hands of bad legendaries, heh get it, wash? Anyway, Manaphy is a 100 pixie, pretty standard, but what if you gave it Tail Glow? Seems ridiculous, but while it doesn't get Hydro Pump, it can spam Surf all day long with little worry. It gets a nice variety of special moves like Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Psychic and Blizzard to really tear through enemies, and has some standard bulk to keep it going. It becomes a super monster in the rain, or indeed the Drizzle filled Ubers, as Hydration lets it fully heal itself and become cured with Rest, an incredibly potent combination, though it has Aqua Ring and its own Rain Dance to facilitate it. Also, if your enemy has too many boosts, or it can't use your boosted SpAtk, Heart Swap, uh, swaps everyone's stat changes, very sneaky. It might seem cute and standard with its stats, but this is one dangerous Pokemon under the right weather. Oh hey, doesn't weather become an even bigger thing next gen?

But one little quibble, what happens if you happen to leave Manaphy and Ditto at the Day Care? Well after walking 5000 steps...

So when I mentioned worst legendary earlier, you probably thought of this, and true, this is definitely down there, and no, I don't count Cosmog or Cosmoem, they're meme legendaries. But with stats like those and even its Mythical status contradicted by different official sources, it's easy to see why. Well, it's basically Manaphy, but shit, ie, without Tail Glow and, well, 120 less base stats. Seriously, it's as strong as Glalie, which is not the place to be. It can do just fine, sure, but also has to Surf spam and probably won't get daddy Kyogre to help out since it'll never see Uber use. It can't even learn Energy Ball like Manaphy can! It's an interesting idea for a method of obtaining something, but you kinda wonder why they bothered. Oh well, you're cute enough.

But fine, I've put this off as long as I felt like it, getting all FIVE roaming Pokemon isn't too bad in this game, you can keep this map up and walk up and down in this spot, since four areas connect to this route, so it doesn't take very long. It only took around 20 mins to find and catch all the roamers.

But, uh, that's because I hacked in some more Master Balls. Look, I've caught enough legendaries in this game already, leave me alone... and hey, only took 8 updates, but we finally caught this little tease.

I can't tell which icon is what, so it's weird they're appearing in order so far. Uh, anyway, if you're not sick of bulky Psychic legendaries, well here's another one. Cresselia is such a fucking pain to kill, I hate it so much, but damn it does its job well, having an immunity, as well as a host of supporting moves, like Moonlight, Future Sight, Psycho Shift, and it can even try its hand at sweeping with Calm Mind, though it'll take a bit. Even when you've got it nearly dead and wasted a lot of effort in doing so, it can just Lunar Dance to faint on its own terms and completely fully heal the weakened sweeper you also spent some effort knocking chunks out of. It's never fun to fight this thing, from screens to Thunder Wave, to Toxic and Double Team. Of course it has a bunch of special moves it can try and sweep with after some boosts, but it has a very clear path, so it's definitely best sticking to that.

Daddy I don't want to catch legendaries anymore.

What's that? You've caught ARTICUNO, ZAPDOS, and MOLTRES?! Now that is incredible!

Eterna Forest

Now for something a little different. The thread voted on what Pokemon I should hunt with the Poke Radar, and Nincada was the choice, which is nice since we've got a big grass patch to play with.

Takes a couple tries to finally find one, I was doing this for about two hours, but will I find a shiny? Stay tuned!

Once we get a chain rolling, then it can be a little tricky to keep it, due to a variety of factors. I outlined it in the Side Notes how this all works, but due to the high catch rate of Nincada, a Quick Ball is a guaranteed catch, which boosts the chance of Nincada being in a patch by 10%. If we keep going to the patch in the fourth ring, then it's a 98% chance of being a Nincada.

Since it's a Poke Radar mon, it'll always use the fast grass animation, but the rarer mons of this forest also use it, so hopefully we don't run into them. The shiny patch is obvious if you're hunting the fast animation, so don't worry about missing it.

Fuck. When you reach the edge of a grass patch and there's only a couple close spots nearby, it's best to just charge the radar again and reset the encounters.

We're past the 40 chain mark, so I'll be going back to that state if I screw up, which I did a lot. It's only a high chance of seeing the chained Pokemon, but this is quite frustrating to do in one go. It's best to keep resetting encouters at this point, since the shiny chance caps at 1/200 per patch, but where's the fun in that?

Goddammit, that was a 78% chance of being Nincada in the third ring. We got to a chain of 74, which is pretty damn good, but let's give this another shake. I was getting pretty worn out by this point, so I was happy to do one more big try.

...that's a shiny! There's a 2% chance it could be a random Pokemon, getting a shiny doesn't interrupt the chain, but its PID has been forced, so it could be anything.