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Part 47: Mini Note 06: Talking Talking Cynthia

Mini Notes 06: Talking Talking Cynthia

The light in the center represents either DIALGA or PALKIA appearing at the Spear Pillar. The three lights around it were thought to be UXIE, MESPRIT, and AZELF.

But, then, I realized that there may be another way of interpreting this. Could this triangle of lights actually represent a different trio? Could they be DIALGA, PALKIA, and GIRATINA instead? And the large light at their center. Does it represent something else? Could it be what created this world of ours?

Thank you for listening to my theory. Do you know of the ancient Plates they find all over Sinnoh? One of them had this engraved on it. "Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One." I think this quote, too, points to the presence of another Pokemon. A Pokemon even more powerful than DIALGA or PALKIA. Does that sound plausible to you? I'm not quite sure how GIRATINA fits into this scheme of things, but... it's said that in the Distortion World, neither time nor space were stable. I think that tells us something about GIRATINA, the only Pokémon there. It must have been as powerful as DIALGA and PALKIA, the rulers of time and space. In some way, though, GIRATINA has to have a power opposite of theirs.

A long time ago, I wonder what sort of person painted this? DIALGA's Roar of Time... PALKIA's Spacial Rend... to the people back then, those Pokemon really must have appeared to rule over time and space. Seeing them must have shaken the people to their very core. This painting represents those feelings of awe, wonder, and everything else. It passed that memory to countless people, eventually becoming a myth... that's what I believe as a researcher of myths. I think I let myself get carried away and talked for far too long.