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Part 2: A Short Walk

Your mom making you thank him too, huh?

Oh boy.

You mean the only other place in the world we could get to? Yes, I think I have memories of one of two places.'ve got a monkey, I've got a turtle. Now granted, mine's far superior to yours, but legendary pokémon tend to be pretty tough, or so I've heard.

Alright, cmon.

Anyone else and I wouldn't do this. You better remember this.
Choro Notes: Lake Verity is one of three lakes in Sinnoh. It's a large lake with a single island in the center. There's nothing that interesting about it at the moment.
Music:Lake Valor/Verity/Acuity

Didn't you put that sign up?

...what are we seeing here?

I... completely agree with you, Jorge. That was the most anime I've ever felt.

Yeah it's just gonna show up an—

I'm choosing not to acknowledge it.

Jorge, we-


Oh no, cmon man. Stop that.

Yeah I think that was more about help raising your monkey, Jorge. Not hitting him up for product.

Dangit, Jorge.


...oh it's a little bird.

Choro Notes: I guess this is a good time to show the way menus work on the DS.

The four battle options all move to the bottom screen like so.

Aaaand here are Turtwig's attacks so far. Not bad for a starting set.

Heh, I'm not bad at this.

...this seems familiar.

Theeere we go.

Yea, see ya Jorge.

Oh, eventually your brain adapts and you can understand him at the speeds he talks. Don't feel too bad.

He ate a bird on the way here, is that cool? I'm not sure what they actually eat.

Oh well awesome then, now I know what to feed it.

ChoroNotes: Now's a good time to look at the status screen for the lil' fuckers, including the newly named Dom here. (Dom's a good lunkheadish name)

Dom's a male Turtwig, licensed to Lady. Pokémon ID numbers are identical to their captor's ID number. Pokémon of other ID numbers (ones you got in trades) will disobey you if you don't have certain badges. Pokémon with your ID number will always obey you, regardless.

He's a serious nature'd turtwig. Natures work like this: One of the base stats (aside from HP) will get +10% added to it, another will get -10%. There's a nature for each possible combination. What does Serious do? Nothing. It adds and subtracts from the same stat.
Nature also decides what type of food he likes, and since he's Serious it adds and subtracts from the same so. He'll just enjoy whatever.

All Pokémon since Gen3 have an ability. Overgrow is specific and unique to grass-type starters. so Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko and Turtwig and all their evolutions have and can only have Overgrow. Overgrow goes off when Turtwig is critical on HP, it'll power up his grass-type attacks. Fire-type starters have a matching ability, Blaze. While water-types get the same with Torrent.

And.. here's his moves. Pokémon can only have four moves maximum.

Um, I walked a short path and my turtle took down a bird. I mean it's kinda cool, but I'm so much better than that makes me seem.

I rub his belly and feed him meat. Most animals enjoy this.

He's my own personal kitchen guillotine, of course I'm gonna cherish him.

Yes, lets. That was a pointless interlude.

What's in it for me? Oh right, the turtle.

Sinnoh region.

[> No.

B-But thou must? Choro Notes: Holy shit he really does do this too, he threatens you with ellipses to do his quest.

Y-yes sir.



Choro Notes: I'm gonna be frank, I have no idea how this could possibly work. It works better if you think they're entering local folklore and observations into it. Granted that would mean that I'd make every entry something like:
Magmar - tits on head
Wurmple - butt for a face
Castform - massive rack (testicles?)

Pokémon in Sinnoh.
"But nowhere else, screw Johto. You wouldn't believe some of the rats they have there."
Choro Notes: Note, he doesn't want ENTRIES on them all. He just wants to know what lives in the region specifically. Seeing a pokémon is good enough for Rowan. Rowan is such an awesome professor.

OK! Fine! Jeez.


TM27 - Return
Class - Physical
Accuracy: 100%
Base Power: varies
A full-power attack that grows more powerful the more the user likes its Trainer.

Well huh, thanks.


Fine, oh traveler from a new world.

Hospital, got it.

Choro Notes: In Gen4, the items a shop will carry are dependent on the number of badges you've obtained, rather than their proximity to your hometown. However, some towns do carry certain specialty items.

Going on a journey into the wilderness? Let someone know, nothing bad will ever happen.

I thought I was leaving on a journey or something.