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Part 3: So much damned exposition

It's only been an hour.

Long story short, I've received a turtle and now most embark on an odyssey because of it.

Gee, thanks... It's a notebook.

Same thing, really.

So then, you are completely fine with this? Killer.

...we'll see.

He's probably on the other side of the region already, you know how he moves.

How did you not make that assumption?

Man, it's because you gave me the journal isn't it. I gotta stop taking things from people.

Fiiiine. This is beneath me

Choro Notes: I tried to think of something to put here but I was laughing too hard at this screenshot out of context. Seriously, open it in another window and forget about it until later.

Jew Belief City, got it.

Choro Notes: Sandgem Town, it's that "next-town-over" town in Sinnoh, kind of like Oldale Town, Violet and Viridian Cities. It's small, and is pretty generic aside from Rowan's lab. It opens south to the sea and north towards Jubilife City.
Music: Sandgem Town (Night)

First thing's first:

Choro Notes:As a beginning trainer this is all Lady has access to. Sandgem's a small town so they don't have any unique items for sale. The best thing to do, is buy exactly 10 Poké Balls, why 10?

It's how you get Premier balls. Premier Balls are simply white Poké Balls. They do nothing special and have the same capture ability. They just look cool.

Yes. Go away.

Choro Notes:Hey let's go over this in case someway, some how, you don't know. Find pokémon. Beat up Pokémon. Throw Ball at Pokémon. That's it.
The lower the pokémon's HP, and if it's paralyzed, frozen or asleep make it easier to catch, though some pokémon will fight harder and are more difficult to catch. Pokémon like these on the early routes are so easy you can probably just throw a ball and catch them at full health, but legendary pokémon and some other particularly nasty ones are more difficult to catch.

One of those birds, from earlier. Gonna catch this sucker.

Easy as pie.


Usually with a large flock, a single Starly is barely noticeable, even though its cries are very strident. They form groups because of their individual meekness. However, they bicker if the group grows too big. Though small, they flap their wings with great power.
Choro Notes: Starly has the cuddliness of a Pidgey with the power of a Spearow. Once it starts evolving it eventually ends up a complete beatstick that's valuable all throughout the game. This is also a good time to point something else out, check out the picture up there. If you notice, male and female starlies are different slightly. Gen 4 added sexual dimorphism for some species. It's pretty nifty!

HulkaMatt Notes: Token bird pokemon. A clean cut student now with all the potential in the world ! I hope in it's teenage years it doesn't get all emo and dye its hair red and make it grow long enough that it slightly covers the eye.
Silhouette named this
Now what else do we have out here?


Gotcha, bucky.


Bidoof form packs that nest alongside water. The trees surrounding their homes are worn down due to Bidoof constantly gnawing on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth. A comparison revealed that Bidoof's incisors grow at the same rate as Rattata's. With nerves of steel, nothing can perturb it. It is more agile and active than it appears.
Choro Notes: Ah, Bidoof. Bidoof, bidoof, bidoof. The bane of Pokémon chainers. Every generation has THAT common normal that appears everywhere, Zigzagoon was pretty much the top of that barrel. Bidoof's big advantage is once it evolves it learns damned near every HM move.

Magikarpal Tunnel named this

A.. blue and yellow cat?

A Tough blue and yellow cat!

It managed to KO Twitter and Howie both before I sent Dom in.


The extension and contraction of Shinx's foreleg muscles generates electricity. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.
Choro Notes: Not much to say about Shinx. It's an Electric-type that runs off of physical attacks, so it doesn't fill the same niche as say a special-based Pikachu would. It's intimidate ability is useful though. It's alternative ability, Rivalry—shared with the Nidoran family—isn't too shabby either. It powers up vs. same gendered opponents but lowers it against opposite gendered monsters.

HulkaMatt Notes: When I first saw one my reaction was "YESSSS I AM GOING TO KEEP THIS THING THE WHOLE GAME" and I did. I mean, I don't know shit about them. They're electric cats I think? Maybe? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IT IS.
Choro Notes: yes it is an electric lion
HulkaMatt Notes: wait it's a LION?! IT'S MUCH MORE BAD ASS NOW!

Wait is THAT how it works?!

Alright then, how about-

Alright Howie, you got those chompers go ahead and bi-

...How do you not know how to bite things?

Minor set back, minor set back. We're still in control.

Alright Voltron, you're a cat, so use your—


...Oh. Good job, Voltron.

Neat. Intimidate them, Leer at them to throw em off guard, then ram your face into them. That's how cats work.

blah blah, back out on the field.

Man, you mean people can just hide out of sight, jump the corner, and I HAVE to fight them?

Alright, let's strategize here and-

...Jesus, cat.

Peh. Who do you think I am?


You had a thing that looked like something a cat would bury with leaves stuck all on it. I pray to god that's not what that actually was because that means there are living cat turds wandering the land.

Choro Notes: And then this happened. Charge makes the Electric-type attack you use next turn stronger.
...Voltron has no other Electric-type attacks god dammit Voltron.

Turtle, cat, guinea pig, starling.

Not really.

No, honestly. Once you know what they eat it all pretty much works itself out from the—

"Hey mister! Whatcha doin?"

Wait, what?

Lucas stop talking to him, he's crazy and foreign.

What the heck are you talking about you nut?

Wait so you don't trust us or.. Why are we still talking to you?

Music: Looker's Theme

[> No.

Nah, I can honestly say nobody has ever told me the life lesson "Don't be a thief."

Thanks, Officer Looker! Hey Lucas, let's go ride bikes!

Right or else this wouldn't come up, this saying nobody says.

I got this turtle legally.

Choro Note: The VS recorder does exactly what it sounds like: you can record vs. matches you do with people over wifi or at the battle frontier. You can even upload them or download others and watch them at the GTS.

...OH GODDAMMIT. I took something from you so now I gotta do something in return, don't I. DAMMIT. How do people keep getting me with that?



Yea but their standards must not be very high.

Dammit, he better still be here. I can't catch up with him if he's already ahead.

No I'm here because I took a notebook. Special delivery, spaz.

A box. The thing is inside it probably.

...Jorge, do you ever get the feeling that neither of our parents are that bright?

Eh, might as well.

Too late, already am. I've got four.