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Part 6: Beatin' Up Punks

Choro Notes: Well hey, a shiny new badge. The Coal Badge lets you use Rock Smash outside of battle. That's it, aside from the general badge stuff like the available items at the store:

Here are the items available to Lady now that she's got said badge.

Plus the specialty ball sold in Oreburgh, the awesome Net Ball. Net Balls are powered up vs. bug and water-types. Buyin' these.

Rock Smash is actually usable as a move now. They upped its base power to 40 so it's got the same kick to it that Quick Attack does. Off of a Machop it gets a bonus for same-type attack so there we go.

Easy enough.

Was there a doubt?

There are gyms all over, go to any of them.

Nuh uh, I was just there. I bet you were sitting in a Denny's eating sugar packets and drinking syrup again.

I pray to god he never discovers coffee.

Choro Notes: Sort of like backtracking except there's not much available.

There are low level Golbat down here but I spent 30 minutes of my life looking for one way to go me.

Also this. Yes that's a TM, not an HM. Flash was downgraded to a regular move. (Volbeat is the only monster that learns it through level.)

Oh no.

Please do.

I don't understand your language.

Freakin' weirdo.

Does it make this thing less... junky?

Oh boy. A memo pad. If only I had a journal or something I could put memos in.





Oh right, north to Eterna.

What's all this then?

I'll just move past you all, you seem to be in a business deal or something.

What? How can everyone see that? It's in a case in my bag with the lid closed.

Three days ago, yes.

Everything is second nature to me, I'm amazing.

Hey if everything's the same, your friends here are kind of dumb.


Professor can I kick their butts for being jackasses?

On that like it was a decadent cake.

Music: Team Galactic Battle theme owns

Get used to seeing these two, they're the default Team Galactic Pokermen. Also entirely uncatchable in Platinum.

Oh, so you have the penguin, huh?

Fake Out ALWAYS strikes first and has a 100% chance of making its target flinch. That is, it causes them to skip their turn this round. The catch? Fake Out only works on the first turn the monster was on the field.

Oh you butts

Yeah that's it, focus on the penguin and not the cricket your partner lowered the defense on.

See... because it's a skunk.

Doop doop doop.


Oh come on, there's no way you're that dumb. When has ANYONE ever said that and turned out to be benevolent to ANYONE?

...Team Galactic...

Best researcher ever. Can whip out a harsh tonguelashing. Can assault you with ellipses. "Yea the thing I research? No idea what it is. Probably magic. Hey go look at animals for me, here's a snapping turtle."

"Probably trying to become wizards or something stupid like that. Whole lot's crazy. Probably plays the dungeons and dragons or something. Staying away from them is probably a good idea."

Wow, you said that just now and I couldn't help but think about Robin from the old Batman TV show, Lucas.

"Relax." We beat up some fantasy/science fiction fans with our penguin and cricket we keep in tiny balls. I'm sure not riled up.


What's in it for me? Aside from the whole "bettering myself, prize money and fame" things.

...go on.


Ah, that's it.

"Just remember, ..."

The hell are you?


...this is useless junk, isn't it? For god's sake it's bright pink plastic. You can buy these at the dollar store.

Doot doot doot, journey continues the next morning.

Zorak posted:

The translator for the Pokemon games (up to HG/SS) is a Goon.

Doug Dinsdale posted:

Actually, just Platinum. That was it for me.

I think they kept most of my PMD2 Time and Darkness text for PMD2.5 Sky.
I've also been hearing they just dumped the ancient G/S text into HG/SS as is for "retaining the original's flavor" or something.
Personally, I think that's shortchanging players because I translated the ancient text to fit the tiny 18-characters/line x 2 lines text windows of GameBoy--the priority was on shoehorning in that text, awkwardness and ugly writing be damned.
They should've re-translated that text entirely to take advantage of the much expanded text space.
At least they had the sense to keep, "You are challenged by..." battle line, which finally got things right. Gen 3's "...would like to battle!" makes me want to poke my eyes out.

Since I had no say into HG/SS, I'd really rather not be associated with that project.

Zorak posted:

Were you just not hired on, or were you tired of translating Pokemon games?

Doug Dinsdale posted:

The franchise's control passed from Nintendo to TPC, who decided that they will do all the translation in-house.
I do admit finding Pokemon to be extremely restrictive, what with so many people wanting to get involved and the marshmallow-soft E10 rating.