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Part 10: An Egg-istential Quandary and an Eterna enigma Cheryl Pun

Choro Notes: North from Floaroma and the Valley Windworks along Route 205 takes you towards Eterna City. However if you could find a way to go west... Anyway, it's a mostly bland route with no new monsters on it, so enjoy this quick thing of shit that happened.

"That'll make us get there earlier!"


You got Lady'd

Choro Notes: Hidden Power
Hidden Power varies from Pokémon to Pokémon, it can be any type except Normal and even its base power varies. The trick now is figuring out what type of Hidden Power Pinku has.

This was neutral damage against Buizel, a Water-type. We can rule out: Which would have been not very effective.
And also which would have been super effective.

Bidoof's a normal type and it was also neutral. So we can rule out:

Neutral against Electric-type Pachirisu rules out

And here we are~

Music: Eterna Forest

Hello complete stranger, my name's Lady. I live in Twinleaf Town, there's a rock with a key inside it under the bush outside.

Most people give me a thing before asking me to do favors.

Those guys are harmless as long as you avoid the ones with red hair, I've learned.


Choro Notes: Partners
Cheryl here is a partner, basically she's following Lady around. This has a few benefits but a few drawbacks...

After every battle, your team will be fully healed as long as you have a partner.

But every wild encounter is a double battle. The problem? You can't catch things if there are two wild monsters, you need to KO one first. And while you're doing that your partner is dead set on KOing the one you want to catch, the jackass.

Cheryl uses a Chansey, it's got the second highest HP total in the series, with only Blissey having more. However, it has one of the lowest defenses and very poor Attack. So what the hell, let's let it throw explosives!

Eterna Forest: Not some sort of planar void.

...but it's just an ordinary rock.

You see two of the same Pokémon show up a lot here.

Attackin' your Chansey. No offense, Cheryl. I just don't want it messing this up.


Cascoon makes its protective cocoon by wrapping its body entirely with a fine silk from its mouth. Once the silk goes around its body, it hardens. This Pokémon prepares for its evolution inside the cocoon. It is hot inside. All the cells in its body create the energy for it to evolve. To avoid detection by its enemies, it hides motionlessly beneath large leaves and in the gaps of branches. It also attaches dead leaves to its body for camouflage. If it is attacked, Cascoon remains motionless however badly it may be hurt. It does so because if it were to move, its body would be weak upon evolution. This Pokémon will also not forget the pain it endured. After evolution, it seeks payback.
Choro Notes: That is a lot of fucking words about Cascoon.

HulkaMatt Notes: They turn into moths.

Yea, don't those things lay magic eggs or something?

Laying eggs is not an offensive skill, I guess. Hey lemme try one.


Now show em how to really sing, Viola.


You can tell how a Buneary feels by the way it rolls its ears. When it's scared, both ears are rolled up tight. When Buneary senses danger, it perks up its ears. It slams foes by sharply uncoiling its rolled ears. It stings enough to make an adult cry in pain. On cold nights, it sleeps with its head tucked into its fur.
Choro Notes: Cute little rabbit. Their Klutz ability is unique—it makes it unable to use hold items. Handy if your opponent enjoys giving away items or vice versa.

HulkaMatt Notes: I seriously don't give a shit about buneary, hahahahaha! Like, just not a pokemon I've ever wanted to use. At this point I'm like "OK, lots of "cute" pokemon but not a lot that i want to use!!!!"
Neeksy named this

Choro Notes: You also come across a lot of double battle set ups when you're with a partner. You can fight them one on one without your partner by just talking to one.

Hey blah blah you're gone. Go away. Reward egg, please.

We're standing right next to each other, strategize with me. I don't bite. Hey lemme see your chansey for a second.

Choro Notes: Psychic types, another opportunity to find out Pinku's hidden power type.

Well that just narrowed it down considerably. It's super effective against Psychics but neutral to Normal-types. It's either or

Choro Notes: Perfect. Ghosts are weak to Dark-type attacks but resists bug-type attacks. This will let us determine the typing for sure.

Congratulations ya little buggy slug!

PS I accidentally killed it. Oops vOv

Ok, you aren't screwing it up this time, Chansey.

Music: Sinnoh Wild Pokémon Battle

Heh heh...


Fists of Rage, coming soon to a Sega Genesis near you.

Choro Notes: Hey let's talk about how catching things actually works.

First, that whole Down+B thing? Bullshit and don't ever bring it up again.
Ok, now the basic part to this is each Pokémon species has a capture rate. A Pokémon like Caterpie has a capture rate of 255. You throw a Pokéball and you will probably catch it. The higher that number the easier it is to catch things. Common pokémon like Rattata and Rhyhorn have rates like this. Basically the rarer and/or less friendly the monster the lower its rate will be. Dratini, for instance has a rate of 45 while Murkrow has a catch rate of 30. Legendaries almost all have catch rates of a measly 3.

Inflicting paralysis on the potential hostage increases the chances of success, while Freeze and Sleep will increase it even more.

And then finally, different balls have different multipliers to the chance of capture. Some are conditionally based, such as the Net Ball working well on Water and Bug-types.


Silcoon tethers itself to a tree branch using silk to keep from falling. There, this Pokémon hangs quietly while it awaits evolution. It peers out of the silk cocoon through a small hole. Silcoon was thought to endure hunger and not consume anything before its evolution. However, it is now thought that this Pokémon slakes its thirst by drinking rainwater that collects on its silk.
Choro Notes: Standard cocoon. You've seen Metapod and Kakuna and Cascoon. Same. Fucking. Thing.

HulkaMatt Notes: They turn into butterflies.

Alright, not gonna kill this one.

Oh c'mon Dom not now.

Well hot darn! This calls for some victory eggs. Get over here chansey

Gastly is largely composed of gaseous matter. When exposed to a strong wind, the gaseous body quickly dwindles away. Groups of this Pokémon cluster under the eaves of houses to escape the ravages of wind. With its gas-like body, it can sneak into any place it desires. It can envelop an opponent of any size and cause suffocation. Additionally, those it can't suffocate are slowly weakened by poisoning it through the skin.
Choro Notes: Gastly are actually fairly fragile for something immune to normal and fighting-type moves. There are a fair number of things that can bite, astonish or confus..ion it early on in Sinnoh.

HulkaMatt Notes: Gastly are fucking awesome. The best of all 1st stage ghost pokemon. Creepy as fuck. Sharp teeth. FANTASTIC!
Stalgren named this


Not as snapping turtle-y anymore, Dom. :/

Grotle lives along water in forests. In the daytime, it leaves the forest to sunbathe its treed shell. The shell is hardened soil. Some Pokémon come to peck the berries growing on the trees on its back. A Grotle that lives in the forest is said to have its own secret springwater. It carries fellow Pokémon there on its back.
Choro Notes: Less snapping turtle, more Ankylosaur/Snapping Turtle/Shrubbery hybrid. Truly a deadly triple threat.

HulkaMatt Notes: Aw shit that turtle grew a bush on it now

Whozawhat? Egg time?

Yea uh huh, hey where's your chansey at? Send it out one last time?




God, they're like crack and cupcakes blended into one gooey smoothie.