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Part 12: The Girl's Got Jungle Fever

Music: Pokémon Gym

Yea, yea I heard what Gardenia said oh look I KOd your Budew.

Choro Notes: If you remember Diamond and Pearl, Gardenia's gym was more of a hide and seek type thing. Trainers hidden behind trees, find Gardenia oh look you found her wasn't that easy? In Platinum she apparently remodeled her gym and spent most of the gym leader gym gimmick budget on fountains and a gigantic clock. Way to go you selfish prick.

Haha yes you will.


Choro Notes: Uproar
Uproar works for 3-5 turns. While the pokémon is causing an uproar, it's immune to being put to sleep. Handy versus some opponents, obnoxious when trying to capture a certain legendary.

Hey Jenna, explain how the gym works.

Thank you, Jenna.

Out of my way, please~

You made me fight those guys. I should have just come in at 6:00.


1. You told me how.
2. Your gym is stocked with Budew.

Well, I do have that.

Music: Sinnoh Gym Leader Battle

Choro Notes: Hey wanna see a trick?

This little bastard likes to use Reflect to half physical damage then set up Sunny Day for his partner. So we're gonna put the kibosh on that right now.

Build that fury!

One down!

Choro Notes: Cherrim changes form and becomes stronger in the sunlight, which Turtwig didn't get to set up so...

Go on! Abuse that bug-type weakness!

Oh yea?

Choro Notes: She manages to get a Grass Knot off before...


Like a...

...I can't think of a better analogy than a bug eating a flower.

Mostly just fighting small animals and the occasional fat kitty and a healthy diet full of eggs and their life-giving cholesterol.

of battle.

Choro Notes: Grass Knot is actually a pretty awesome move.

Grass Knot
Type: - Category:
Varies - Accuracy: 100%
The user snares the foe with grass and trips it. The heavier the foe, the greater the damage.

The fact that most heavy pokémon are either made of rock with low special defense or creatures of the deep makes this extremely potent against their fatasses.

Yes, thank you, Gardenia.

And that's that. Shortest Gym Battle ever that didn't involve a Zapdos vs. a Pikachu. Update over. See you in 3 pages when I update again with a much longer update.