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Part 13: La Casa de los Muertes.

This is in no way ominous. Nope! Only the most lawfully wonderful of people would have a building with spikes like this.

Well now that we got that badge, let's try this HM out.

Choro Notes: Cut is really used nowhere near as much as it was in Gen1 or 2. I honestly think this is the only time you're required to use it to progress, so I stuck it on the squirrel.


Why do you have a bowl on your head?

....good point. Well made.

Everyone should be just by looking at me. Air of a champion and all.

No sir. They are not.

...if ONLY I had a way to discern which of these stairs I shouldn't go up!


Tch, I'm goin' up both anyway.

Oh no. Zubats. aaaaaa.

Team Galactic.

Same old Team Galactic, all the way up the tower.

...does it smell like beer in here to you?

Yeah. I'm seeing how the whole hero thing works out for me. So far there's nothing really in it for me so we'll see how far this goes. know you remind me of someone, but I can't place it.

I know I've seen that hairstyle before...

Music: Team Galactic Commander Battle

Alright, a zubat. They're weak to psychic so this'll be easy.

... well let's switch to Pinku. He's a water-type, nothing zubat learns is effective against hi-

Choro Notes: The fact that Giga Drain is a special attack is probably why this didn't right out KO Pinku.

Annoying bat.

Choro Notes: Jupiter's Skuntank is the counterpart to Mars's Purugly. The Skuntank is arguably more of a problem though: It's a Poison/Dark-type so it's immune to psychic-type attacks and the only type super effective against is the ground-type. It's a fast, strong attacker and like Purugly can tear an unprepared team apart singlehandedly.(It KOd Pinku and Lt.Squirlge without taking a hit, by the way.)

Operation: Cripple It With the Power of Music is a go.


Choro Notes: Considering it just blinded then night slashed Dom like that, this is a good type to mention something about Dark-types.

Dark-types aren't "Oh my dark master I serve only you" evil beings, (though a couple, one in particular, are evil spirits). Dark-types are better described as evil in the "Fucking assholes" sense. Dark-type moves are Bites and Sucker Punches. They'll feint to lure foes in close then strike them as they get closer to ensure the hit.

Night Slash is an interesting move, really it's just a Dark-type Slash in game terms. Its Japanese name means Blade Testing. In feudal Japan some jackass samurai would test out how good their blades were by waiting in hiding at crossroads then suddenly launching a fatal attack at a lower class traveler to test the sharpness. That's about as assholish tactics as you can get, really.

Skuntank is crippled offensively, so it's a few Razor Leafs and he's down.

"Our unofficial ones aren't as important, but so help me God if you interfere with those."

Still a stupid plan.

...being a supreme absolute ruler'd be kind of cool.

Collateral effect my good man.

Team Galactic.

Doing good things apparently is in my best interest if I keep receiving rewards like this.

Choro Notes: The Up-Grade, when attached to a Porygon and then traded, evolves it into Porygon2. This obviously requires trading, however.


Stupid skunk.

Oh, it's the impolite lady.

You're just... giving away an egg? Uh, yea sure I guess.

What a strange lady.

Well freakin' score. All I had to do was recklessly endanger myself, my pokémon and jeopardize and investigation by Interpol!

Well great, Plan B: Eat the egg is out the window now.

Egg baby.


As its energy, Togepi uses the positive emotions of compassion and pleasure exuded by people and Pokémon. This Pokémon stores up feelings of happiness inside its shell, then shares them with others. A proverb claims that happiness will come to anyone who can make a sleeping Togepi stand up.
Choro Notes: Really, I bet you could still eat Togepi.
HulkaMatt Notes: This god damned egg makes so much damned noise and will follow you around forever. GET IN THE FUCKING BALL.

Let's continue backtraexploring with our new Cut ability.

Razz Berry

A small hint of spiciness lingers in the red granules surrounding this Berry. Their centers have a dry taste.
The Razz berry has a use in cooking.

Bluk Berry

Though this small, delicately skinned Berry is blue in color, it dyes the mouth black when eaten.
Also used in cooking.

Choro Notes: Raping the land of its fruits then salting the earth so that nothing may grow there again. That's the Choro way of doin' things.

Of course, I could plant more berries but it's really just a pain in the ass at this point. The status healing ones are the only useful ones we have.

SilverPowder boosts the strength of Bug-type moves, so the obvious use?

TM82 is Sleep Talk. It uses a random move but only while the user is asleep. It's next to useless outside of gimmicks.


You know that there are ghost Pokémon out here, too. Right?

That's our Gardenia!

You chicken baby, ghost pokémon aren't that tough. They're not even real ghosts.

Choro Notes: This attacked me on the way into the chateau.


Beautifly has a long mouth like a coiled needle, which is very convenient for collecting pollen from flowers. This Pokémon rides the spring winds as it flits around gathering pollen. Beautifly's favorite food is the sweet pollen of flowers. If you want to see this Pokémon, just leave a potted flower by an open window. Beautifly is sure to come looking for pollen. Despite its appearance, it is aggressive. It jabs with its long, thin mouth if disturbed while collecting pollen. In a pinch, it stabs prey with its long, narrow mouth to drain the prey's fluids.
Choro Notes: Beautifly's kind of mediocre, and that's coming from someone who loves sub-par and bug-type Pokémon. It's really nowhere near as good as its other evolution, Dustox. Nor is it anywhere near Butterfree's use. I like its design though.
HulkaMatt Notes: It's like butterfree but different colors. I seriously don't know what the difference between them is outside of looks.

-Insect Plate-

In the bug-type infested Eterna Forest, that's a good place to find the bug-type plate.

Alright, into the ol' chateau.

Music: The Old Chateau

Relax, it's just an old Rhydon statue. It's the real ones you gotta look out for.

Oh I—


...har har. Stupid ghosts.

Let's see what we have in here.


A few Gastlies but this isn't all that frightening. Gardenia's probably just a wuss.

-Dread Plate-

Choro Notes: This one's not even hidden. Oddly, despite being in a haunted house, it's the plate for Dark-type moves, not Ghosts.

Substitute is a really useful move. The user creates a doll decoy out of a portion of its HP. Any attacks the opponent does hit the doll until it breaks. This protects the substitute user from status ailments, extra damage, etc.

Probably just a Wurmple that crawled inside to keep warm.

Music: Legendary Pokémon Battle. Heatran - Giratina - Regigigas.
Choro Notes: Despite the name of the song that plays, Rotom is not a legendary Pokémon. It can breed normally and isn't obscenely powerful.

Ahhhh, Switch out. SWITCH OUT.

I need to put this thing to sleep.

Choro Notes: Remember, Uproar prevents the user from falling asleep.

-5 Minutes later-


Rotom's body is made of plasma. This pokémon can enter some kinds of machines and take control in order to make mischief. Research continues on this Pokémon, which could be the power source of a unique motor.
Choro Notes: Rotom's unique typing makes it really interesting. It's a fast special attacker that can hold its own against all sorts of beastly things. In Diamond/Pearl you actually couldn't catch him until postgame content. He's also got a unique quirk we might see later. . .
HulkaMatt Notes: AWESOME. Looks great. Would raise one if everyone didn't have one. Can turn into household appliances on the go!

Jeez, what a nasty little bugger. Let's see if there's anything else here real quick then just get out.