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Part 17: Big French Titties

First things first, have a bell. (It's always bells with you guys.)

Oh, it's the guy with the shades who always looks excitedly whenever someone enters the gym that I never talk to.

I like the cut of your jib.

Uh. . .

Saving money on the power bill?

You idiots ran the budget out didn't you. One of you ran the entire league budget on something stupid like remodeling a gym, didn't you?

Boring. I'll figure it out on my own.

Choro Notes: So uh, can you figure out what the graphical glitch we couldn't get corrected was? Yeah, there was no darkness. Kind of defeats the entire purpose of the gym.

It's so dark.

Much better. Now put that magnetism to use~

Man, as often as I see you fling those things around like some sort of ancient Polynesian rail-gun, it never stops being amusing.

Magnetism is an amazing power and Moaniki knows exactly how to use it.

This oughta be fun~

Oh jeez, my ears!

. . . foreigner.

Pipe. . this performance is? SPEAK ENGLISH— OR JAPANESE. I don't even know what language I'm speaking right now but speak that!

If we're going to be technical, you challenged me.

Not against me they don't~.

Music: The Rise of Darkrai - Darkrai vs. Lickilicky [Sinnoh Gym Leader Arrangement]

Choro Notes: Fantina's kind of strange. She's technically the fifth gym leader in Sinnoh. In Diamond/Pearl you actually don't get to fight her until a later revisit to Hearthome. She's also kind of unique among gym leaders in that she's also a contest opponent. She, your mother or someone else'll show up in Master rank contests occasionally. (Fantina uses her Drifblim, Loony.)

Other than that, her French accent is her main defining trait. What about Japan and France? She speaks English. (Her name is Melissa in the Japanese versions.)

Duskull, huh?

Quick claw!

Choro Notes: Burns
Dom being burnt is actually more of a hassle than if say, Campana got burned. In addition to the damage every turn, it'll cripple their attack stat. Got an opponent who's abusing their brute strength? Try to burn them. (Note: You can't burn fire-types. That'd just be silly.


Snappin's what Snappers do best!

Urk, g-ghost witch.

Choro Notes: Fantina's Mismagius
Mismagius are the evolved form of Misdreavus. This monster is the Whitney's Miltank of Sinnoh for a lot of people. It's fast, it's a special wall and it's immune to being punched/slashed. Not only that it's packing varied special attacks just for extra annoyance.
Catch a gastly! Gastly's ghost-type attacks will be great aga- oop, Psybeam or Shadow Ball wreck you.
Well what about a normal type? The flaw here is there aren't many normal-types with moves effective against ghosts that aren't going to get torn apart by its other moves. The best option is actually Murkrow. . . which. . . aren't available in platinum. And since Dom's out of commission for the most part—

Magical Leaf is a grass-type attack. Thankfully, Moaniki's steel-type negates his rock-type weakness to it. It also has the annoying/awesome property of never missing. So accuracy reducing/evasion raising plans won't work here.

Let's put the kibosh on miss speedy there right now.

Trust me I have a reason for doing this against an opponent with no physical attacks.

Still Hardening.




Now, anytime a gym leader's monster gets this low. . .


Fair play.


Yes'm, you're gettin' sling-rocked pretty hard.

C'mon now, I heard that move was supposed to be strong.

See, because you're— eh I'm bored with this.

Resist saying it. Resist.

Snapping turtles and magnets. Match made in heaven for combating the occult.

Choro Notes: Useless.

Choro Notes: NOT at all useless. Shadow Claw actually pretty strong.

Shadow Claw

Power: 70 Accuracy: 100%
The user slashes with a sharp claw made from shadows. It has a high critical-hit ratio.

Yeah, and none of them are as good as me.

I wonder what Jorge's up to. . .