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Part 18: - Jorge Shows Up Again!




What, c'mon Jorge. I just catapulted rocks at a bunch of ghosts. I'm tired.


Music: Diamond Pearl - Rival Battle Theme Mario Paint Symphony Soundfont version

What will Viola do, being a cricket against a large starling, hmm. . .

What an intimidating bird.

. . . Oh no, he's learned tactics.

"Using black magic like that, c'mon Lady. That's messed up."

Mental break yeaaa

Ya know, I don't think this is a good match up so—

Choro Notes: This is another good example of Dark-types being assholes and fighting dirty. Pursuit will strike an opponent for extra damage if they tried to switch out that turn.

Alright, Viola's more than a match for your weasel.

W-WHAT?! You switched out?!

Alright then, Pinku you ca-



This is starting to look like a bad situation.

-a few turns later-

Ok yeah, to heck with this.

Another bite aaaaaand:

You know how this is going to end, Jorge.

Jeez, there's a pair of lungs on that little fella.

Snapping Turtle beats Monkey. That's never going to change, buddy.

Now for this butt, time for some railgun action.

Did you just pull some anime friendship crap on me, Jorge? Cause I will be so pissed if you win because of that.

I'm just kidding you aren't going to win.

Yeah, tch. Wasn't even close.

Keep the practice up, you'll be near my level eventually, maybe.

Yea that's just plain silly. Didn't do a darned thing to me.

Grind them monsters, boy.

. . .

. . .

. . .Well hmm.