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Part 23: More Swamp

ffffffffff, more rain.

Music: Route 209 (Midday) for Twin Pianos.

Probably not. What with rangers being all physically fit and daring rescuers via drawing circles around pokémon.

"Such skill, how did you know to switch?!"

Nice going with the plant that eats bugs being weak to bugs, guy.

Man, a camper told me to do it so I don't get lost, which is it?

Choro Notes: I've already explained what this does! Toxic badly poisons its target, which means every turn it takes more and more poison damage. Useful for stalling strategies.

Ugh and they're out here, too.

Got myself a grass turtle now, though~!

Oh, hello.



Croagunk's cheeks hold poison sacs. Inflating these sacs, it makes an eerie blubbering sound for intimidation. Fluid squeezed from its finger, albeit poisonous, is a significant ingredient in remedies for lower-back pain. Croagunk rarely fights fairly, but that is strictly to ensure survival. Due to this it is very popular as a mascot.
Choro Notes: Croagunk are pretty awesome. Its family are the only monsters in the game 4x weak to psychic.
HulkaMatt Notes: Frogs save your game. They're very helpful like that. Croagunk is a frog??? Whoa!!! That makes him awesome.

Good Listener named this.

I don't think that's how it works. Why didn't I think of that?

Beam arsenal++

Yep! This is just how I wanted to die, up to my ears in a marsh during a rain storm as gigantic salamanders loaf around everywhere uncaring towards my struggling.

God, I want to punch every signmaker in the world.

I'm kind of surprised more grass-types aren't, come to think of it.

Hey yeah this is a matchup that's destined for bad things.

Man, Lyudmila the matchups you're good for are looking more and more specialized.


No they don't.

Oh hell.


Groups of this Pokémon migrating in search of water have been mistaken for "moving forests." Small Pokémon occasionally gather on its unmoving back to begin building their nests. Some Pokémon are born on a Torterra's back and spend their entire life there. Ancient people imagined that beneath the ground, a gigantic Torterra dwelled.
Zorak Notes: A world turtle? Boy, I wonder where you got that one Game Freaks!! Torterra is strong, as all third stage starters tend to be. Not the best typing in the world, mind, but not horrifyingly debilitating. Also GODDAMN TREETURTLE/ANKLYOSAURUSCONTINENT/GREAT A'TUIN
Choro Notes: I wish there was a counter of how many people named this thing A'Tuin, because goddamn everyone seems to have done it. Torterra's slow as a box of hammers but he's a tank. He has a bunch of weaknesses (and loses his grass and water-type resistances) but the payoff?
HulkaMatt Notes: I think we know Lady picked the best possible starter now.

Hey yeah, we're gonna let you have Earthquake right now, without a TM.

No more sucking for you!

Back to Pastoria!

Choro Notes: The Move Tutor
If you give this guy a Heart Scale (a scale from a Luvdisc), he can reteach moves a monster could have learned at an earlier level. For instance, did you delete Quick Attack from your beloved Pikachu for Feint? He can undo that for you because Feint is a shitty fucking move and frankly he shouldn't even charge for removing it.

In the case of some monsters, they actually learn moves back at L.1, a level they can't possible exist at ingame. Torterra, for instance, can learn Wood Hammer at L.1. Just bring him to the move tutor and. . .

And ding! Lady's Torterra is a ridable murdertank.


You know, I don't see why I can't just MAKE shard. They're just clay.

Choro Notes: Move Tutors (Not THE Move Tutor)
Move Tutors are basically reusable TMs. Platinum added some that Diamond and Pearl didn't. He can teach specific moves to certain monsters but requires a weird combination of colored shards to do it.

I would love to teach Icy Wind to Campana but. . . we don't have en-

Wait. What?!

Yesssssssss. . .


Teehee! The rain never ends~.

I'm sure there are some lady trainers out there who like fi— No I'm kidding fishing is terrible and you'll probably die lonely, surrounded by tackle.

Hahahaha, this route's not that bad after all. :D

Man, why can none of you have geodudes or something Lyudmila can KO before being taken out because of her cripplingly low defense and HP? Viola can only switch in and one shot stuff so many times before she gets tired.

Choro Notes: This is actually fairly useful for Lyudmila. Focus Energy sharply raises the Critical hit rate for her. Her ability, sniper, increases the damage critical hits deal. You see where this is goin'?

Ha ha ha!

I really wish I understood how this thing worked.

Can =/= Should

Choro Notes: Silver Wind is a Bug-type special attack. It'd be useful here if I didn't already have a bitchin, scythe-cricket.

I wonder if it's ever not raining here.

Because this seems dangerous, stupid and reckless all at the same time. Moist wooden, narrow plank over swamp water in the rain at sunset with low visibility.

There's a lot of you guys out here. Don't you have some venonats to be pulling out of peoples' houses?

Oh that poor monkey.

Simple enough.




Oh well hey little girl, you're a sassy one, aren't you?


Kirlia has the psychic power to create a rip in the dimensions and see into the future. It uses the horns on its head to amplify its psychokinetic power. When the Pokémon uses its power, the air around it becomes distorted, creating mirages of nonexistent scenery. It is said that a Kirlia that is exposed to the positive emotions of its Trainer grows beautiful. If its Trainer becomes happy, it overflows with energy, dancing joyously while spinning about.
Choro Notes: Imagine Kadabra. Ok now take away the things that make it cool and/or strong.

Stalgren named this.

Or he could just be lonely, ya ever think of that?

Well, I could be well off if I wanted. Yeah.



Buy your way out of this.

Heh, I could have a house like this, totally.


Sleeping in a big fancy mansion~~~

Man, what kind of maid can fight?

. . . I like gifts.

Heh, I think I can take out a couple maids in 6 turns.



Three. . . Just gotta go for the throat with the rest.



Splendid? I've never been called splendid before, I like it.


Wait, that's not a gift.

I hope you don't just have a Clefable or s—

Choro Notes: Fighting a Blissey is actually a wonderful gift. Why? They give out obscene amounts of EXP.

Get you some of that wonderful magic egg EXP.

Choro Notes: Of course, Blissey also have an obscene amount of HP. Not only did it survive a Torterra's earthquake, it wasn't even a "barely survived" type thing.

Did-Did you just throw candy at me?
Choro Notes: You could always steal this with Trick or Covet.

Dom, nah. You don't need Leech Seed.

Truely, it was a wonderful gift!

Uh, I'm no marine biologist b— actually, you know? This is fine, I'm fine with this. Octopodes are pretty cool. They're the barons of the sea~


Octillery grabs onto its foe using its tentacles. This Pokémon tries to immobilize it before delivering the finishing blow with its rock-hard head. If the foe turns out to be too strong, it obscures its foe's vision by spewing a cloud of murky ink to cover its escape. It lives in the gaps of boulders and in holes on the seafloor and will instinctively sneak into rocky crevices. If it gets sleepy, it steals the nest of a fellow Octillery.
Choro Notes: Yeah, Archerfish becomes Octopus. I've learned to stop questioning it. Fish becomes mollusk, sure. Clamperl, oddly does the opposite when it evolves. Oh, also it has a kickass signature move name:

HulkaMatt Notes: Octillery is the best water pokemon that I've never raised. That's gonna change real soon. Everything about Octillery is all kinds of awesome.

Flattery is the best. <3


Wow, I've been told I'm stuck up and pompous but dang that's crazy.

in Sinnoh.

Well, I guess I'll never see that thing.

I guess see what's in this garden.

Staravia! Staravia are in this garden! Just like they're everywhere!


Pichu charges itself with electricity more easily on days with thunderclouds or when the air is very dry. You can hear the crackling of static electricity coming off this Pokémon. Pichu is still inept at retaining electricity. When it is startled, it discharges power accidentally. It gets better at holding power as it grows older. When Pichu plays with others, it may short out electricity with another Pichu, creating a shower of sparks. In that event, this Pokémon will begin crying, startled by the flash of sparks.
Zorak Notes: Pichu is a baby Pokemon that doesn't really add anything or serve any purpose. It's entirely possible to bypass it. Evolution sure is weird.
HulkaMatt Notes: They're little babby pikachus. They're cute. They learn a really awesome move that anybody who wants to raise a pikachu/raichu wants. That is literally the only thing you need to know about these little guys. Like, I'm sorry but that's all you need.
tyrsHTML named this.


This Pokémon has electricity-storing pouches on its cheeks. These appear to become electrically charged during the night while Pikachu sleeps. It occasionally discharges electricity when it is dozy after waking up. When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. This intelligent Pokémon roasts hard berries with electricity to make them tender enough to eat. If you come across a blackened berry, it's evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of its charge. It occasionally uses an electric shock to recharge a fellow Pikachu that is in a weakened state.
Zorak Notes:
Choro Notes: God dammit, Zorak.
HulkaMatt Notes: They're good electric pokemon that I try not to use because it is probably the most used pokemon of all. Real quick and uhhh. . . Yeah I got nothing.
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Second biggest rats I've ever seen.

Heading north, we should reach. . .

Oh boy.

Alright, I guess I should take care of Mary Ann or whatever her name was.