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Part 41: Horsey Sun City

Music: Sunyshore City (Midday)

This town's kinda nice. Cliffside, seaside, solar-powered.

Solar. . . Solar power has failed.

Oh look! Electric-type plate!

Hey you, Volkner. We gotta fight.

Yes and I was no way put up to this by a red-afro'd gentleman. You and my ankylosaur are gonna clash in a rumble that will shake the heavens and cause Dialga and Palkia themselves to descend.

That shows a lot of non-confidence in my abilities. :I

my arsenal on you."

Heh, little do you know I have an entire artillery. An OCTILLERY. >B)

So what was he looking at I wonder. . .

. . . wow.

What else have we got around town I wonder.

I'm sure there's some trick to awakening that. Perhaps behind a mansion or something.

It's not that bright.

Mostly use mine as a metal detector, that's it.

. . . Yes?

Well great, I'm sure a twelve-year-old has a lot of use for this.


Choro Notes: Touching the screen changes the level of darkness on a pixel, up to three levels. It's not that fun!


That's it? How do you even know what that thing is? It's a magical creature.

Choro Notes: You can write things on the roulette wheel and use it to decide things if you were inclined.

You all are lucky (?) I got "Eat a Sandwich" all three times. They were good sandwiches.

Hey yeah, not likely.

What pointless knowledge about this region. But Byron was pretty cool so good job me I guess!


Nope, they're making new energy. I saw them prodding Rhyhorn with sticks when I left Veilstone.

We'll see. >:)

He is king. King of the stupid geometry kingdom.

Huh, she looks suspicious.

I don't see the significance.

Oh. You're kinda cool instantly though! You bring up a good point about gym leaders!

Of course!

Yup, I'm the iron to your flint, Fli— oh.

Music: Pokémon Gym - Black/White
Choro Notes: Sunyshore Gym
It's a simple button puzzle. Step on the green ones and. . .

. . . they swivel!

Let's see what is the best strategy.


Yet quite lady-like, I'm sure you'll find!

Ahahahahaha I'm going to ruin you.

No, we're not doing that.

I can't help but notice the gigantic gears. How the hell were you renovating this? Do you just hire people and go wait in the lighthouse until it's done?

I mean c'mon Gardenia didn't even do this.

Oh my lord.

Choro Notes: Earthquake hits and deals more damage to opponents that are underground. Tack that onto Raichu's Ground-type weakness and you have a very dead rat.

Ahahahahahaha, we're gonna tear the roof off of so much stuff now, Dom.


Perk up sadsack, Lady's here to light you on fire!

Music: Johto Gym Leader Battle - HeartGold/SoulSilver

Choro Notes: Volkner
Volkner's most notable trait is his team changed a LOT between Diamond/Pearl and Platinum. He uses both Octillery and Ambipom in his original team.


What else've you got, huh?

Raichu? Nothing I haven't seen so for s—

Choro Notes: Signal Beam is a bug-type move. It's specifically on his Raichu to counter Torterra!

Ok. I'll admit, that was a good shot!

Third verse same as the first two!


Viola, you're good at taking out lions!


Choro Notes: The reason Viola survived a fire fang? She's female. Volkner's Luxray has the Rivalry ability. It raises its attack against same gender opponents but lowers it against the opposite sex.

We've got experience with this, as you can see!


You're running low, guy! Don't leave me hangin' with all these tough pokermens!

Holy mother.
Choro Notes: Electivire are VERY strong, like, only 2 points lower than Gyarados. They're also deceptively fast! As another point, for the love of god, DON'T HIT THEM WITH ELECTRICITY. Their Motor Drive ability not only nullifies it but it super charges Electivire and boosts his speed.

Alright but let's see how you do with an ice ghost!


D: How in the. . .

. . .

. . .

That's bad.

I'll give you some credit, Volkner!

Ha ha!

ha. . . . ha. :I

Ok then, well.

Choro Notes: It's very odd to see something with Quick Attack this late, but Electivire's attack stat makes it pretty viable! More than a few times his attacks will "just barely not KO." And Quick Attack is a great surprise tactic.

The bell's a little tougher than that, Volkner!

. . . . just a little though!

Oh. :< I know how to finish this though!

Music: Victory over a Gym Leader!

Pretty good fight, huh? Is your fighting spirit ignited?!


. . .Hahaha.


to greater heights!

not in battle.

level will now obey you without fail.

Oh hey, I've got an octopus that LOVES beams.

I guess!

gauntlet that is Victory Road.
Choro Notes: Oh goddammit.


I guess next stop Pokémon League Victory Road!
Choro Notes: ughhhghhghghghhhghghghghh


Team Lady!

L.45 - Female
Relaxed nature.
Met at Lv.5 on Route 203
Quick to flee. - Likes sour food.
Ability: Swarm
Powers up bug-type moves when HP is critical.

Item: Silver Powder
Increases the power of Bug-type moves.

-- Night Slash
The user slashes the foe the instant an opportunity arises. It has a high critical-hit ratio.
-- Sing
A soothing lullaby is sung in a calming voice that puts the foe into a deep slumber.
-- X-Scissor
The user slashes at the foe by crossing its scythes or claws as if they were a pair of scissors.
-- Screech
An earsplitting screech is emitted to sharply reduce the foe's Defense stat.
Lady's Notes: Never met a bug as cool as Viola. Have her arm swords gotten sharper?


L.45 - Male
Serious nature.
Met at Lv.5 on Route 201
Somewhat stubborn. - Happily eats anything.
Ability: Overgrow
Powers up grass-type moves when HP is critical.

Item: Quick Claw
Occasionally allows first strike.

-- Crunch
The user crunches up the foe with sharp fangs. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
-- Rock Climb
A charging attack that may also leave the foe confused. It can also be used to scale rocky walls.
-- Earthquake
The user sets off an earthquake that hits all the Pokémon in the battle.
-- Wood Hammer
The user slams its rugged body into the foe to attack. The user also sustains serious damage.
Lady's Notes: Tough as hell and glad to be out of the snow. Now has the ability to just crush cars with his jaws.


L.45 - Male
Careful nature.
Met at Lv.14 in Mt.Coronet
Mischievous. - Likes bitter food.
Ability: Magnet Pull
Prevents steel-type opponents from escaping. - Attracts wild Steel-type Pokémon.

Item: Shell Bell
Restores HP to the older when damage is dealt.

-- Thunder
A wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the foe to inflict damage. It may also leave the target paralyzed.
-- Strength
The foe is slugged with a blow thrown at maximum power. It can also be used to move boulders.
-- Rock Slide
Large boulders are hurled at the foe to inflict damage. It may also make the target flinch.
-- Thunder Wave
A weak electric charge is launched at the foe. It causes paralysis if it hits.
Lady's Notes: Can't walk down the street without pulling nearby steel-types to him. Great at frying birds.


L.43 - Female
Naughty nature.
Met at Lv.16 on Route 211
Sturdy body. - Likes spicy food.
Ability: Levitate
Nullifies ground-type moves.

Item: Mind Plate
Increases the power of Psychic-type moves.

-- Uproar
The user attacks in an uproar for two to five turns. Over that time, no one can fall asleep.
-- Heal Bell
The user makes a soothing bell chime to heal the status problems of all the party Pokémon.
-- Shadow Ball
The user hurls a shadowy blob at the foe. It may also lower the foe's Sp. Def stat.
-- Psychic
The foe is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the foe's Sp. Def stat.
Lady's Notes: Still happy. Learned Psychic and can now KO more things!


L.46 - Female
Mild nature.
Met at Lv.17 on Route 213
Thoroughly cunning. Likes dry food.
Ability: Sniper
Powers up moves that become critical hits.

Item: Wise glasses
Increases the power of Special-class moves.

-- Surf
It swamps the entire battlefield with a giant wave. It can also be used for crossing water
-- Flamethrower
The foe is scorched with an intense blast of fire. The target may also be left with a burn.
-- Psybeam
The foe is attacked with a peculiar ray. It may also leave the target confused.
-- Aurora Beam
The foe is hit with a rainbow-colored beam. It may also lower the target's Attack stat.
Lady's Notes: Still a cephalopodic weapons platform. Still squishably wonderful.


L.44 - Female
Mild nature.
Met at Lv.32 at Acuity Lakefront
Very finicky. - Likes dry food.
Ability: Snow Cloak
Evasion rises in hailstorms.

Item: NeverMeltIce
Increases the power of Ice-type moves.

-- Ice Shard
The user flash freezes chunks of ice and hurls them. This move always goes first.
-- Blizzard
A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the foe. It may also freeze the target solid.
-- Hyper Beam
The foe is attacked with a powerful beam. The user must rest on the next turn to regain its energy.
-- Crunch
The user crunches up the foe with sharp fangs. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
Lady's Notes: Still very haughty. Can ruin things with either a blast of winter or a blast of Murder Beam