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Part 49: Why is There So Much Stuff to Capture?

--Today's swarm!--
Outside of Sunyshore town:

Cutest infestation ever.


Skitty has the habit of becoming fascinated by moving objects and chasing them around. This Pokémon is known to chase after its own tail and become dizzy. In the wild, this Pokémon lives in holes in the trees of forests. It is very popular as a pet because of its adorable looks. In battle, it makes its tail puff out. It threatens foes with a sharp growl. It is said to be difficult to earn its trust.
Choro Notes: Skitty are. . . well they're cute. That's about it. Their second ability, Normalize is unique to them: It makes all of their moves normal-type. I guess this is useful for Thunder Waving ground-types or just to get same-type bonus!
Zorak Notes: His tail has a hand.

I need to not sleep all day.

I know there were some routes north of this place so let's head there!

Choro Notes: Fun fact about this guy and the Ace Trainer next to them: They're actually easter eggs that were missed by the localization team. They're two characters from the Jirachi movie. Same names in Japan, same teams. I know of two more battles like this. . .

Leave our shadows alone!

Choro Notes: Salamence
Salamence are goddamn brutal. Not only are they tough dragons. . .

. . . they have Intimidate. They're backed by raw power and used to be a monster you made sure you had a bullet for. The standard weakness applies though. . .

God bless you 4x Ice weakness

Easy peasy.

See if we can rustle up some weird, foreign Pokémon.

It's so small!


It rapidly flaps its wings in the grass, stirring up a dust cloud that drives insect prey out into the open. Pidgey has an extremely sharp sense of direction. It is capable of unerringly returning home to its nest, however far it may be removed from its familiar surroundings. It is a docile species and prefers to avoid conflict. Because it dislikes fighting, it protects itself by kicking up sand. However if continued to be disturbed, it can ferociously strike back.
Choro Notes: The first wild Pokémon most people saw, Pidgey's family is. . . not that great. Pidgeot is comparable to Staravia in power level. That's StarAVIA, not Staraptor. But then Staraptor itself sort of set an entirely new bar of power level for Normal/Flying-types.
HulkaMatt Notes: Very common. Has been raised by everybody. A nice fluffy boid.
tyrsHTML named this, it was all him. I take no responsibility for this name.


In a heal ball, even


Illumise leads a flight of illuminated Volbeat to draw signs in the night sky. This Pokémon is said to earn greater respect from its peers by composing more complex designs in the sky. There are scientists that study the patterns it creates. Over 200 different patterns have been confirmed.
Choro Notes: Illumise is possibly my favorite Pokémon. They're bug-type special attackers that are generally underestimated. They've got an interesting quirk in that they can produce eggs of another species: Volbeat (They're the same species, like the nidoran you see.)
Zorak Notes: LIGHTBUG #1, very fun gal shooting pheromones out of her butt.
HulkaMatt Notes: ILLUMISE IS PERHAPS ONE OF THE BEST POKEMON. They are fuckin skilled. Pack a punch and are fairly quick. Learn a whole bunch of MOVEZ. Also: ONE HALF OF THE DREAM BUG TEAM

Uh. . . no?

Choro Notes: If I remember correctly, this conversation is mildly inappropriate in the original Japanese!

Not sure I trust a man who goes around giving out golden orbs.

It's that illumise's wife!

Matching heal ball

With the arrival of night, Volbeat emits light from its tail. It communicates with others by adjusting the intensity and flashing of its light. With other Volbeat, it uses its tail to draw geometric shapes in the night sky.This Pokémon is attracted by the sweet aroma of Illumise. It lives around clean ponds. They move their nests if their pond water becomes dirty.
Choro Notes: As much as I enjoy Illumise, I really cannot find a decent use for Volbeat. Its signature move, Tail Glow gets a boost in Gen5 but it's still not very good for Volbeat!
Zorak Notes: LIGHTBUG #2, very fun dude shooting lights out of his butt.
HulkaMatt Notes: The only thing I know about volbeat is it's not Illumise.
tyrsHTML named this

I'm sensing a trend with the things on this route. . .


Dustox is instinctively drawn to light. Swarms of this Pokémon are attracted by the bright light of cities, where they wreak havoc by stripping the leaves off roadside trees for food. When Dustox flaps its wings, a fine dust is scattered all over. This dust is actually a powerful poison that will even make a pro wrestler sick. This Pokémon searches for food using its antennae like radar.
Choro Notes: I've actually got a shiny Dustox! There's not much to say about Dustox except that he's the better of Wurmple's adult stages. Give me a Beedrill any day, though.
Zorak Notes: Tied for 3rd best butterfly/moth in terms of design in the game. His design looks hilariously neat. I like his wings!
HulkaMatt Notes: He/she got a mischievous face. (That's the one thing i know about dustox(it's gotta cool face))

I know, I know. :I




Girl you best be trippin'

You are a strange one, you know that?

Such a regal specimen!

Choro Notes: This is the route's PokéRadar monster, Venonat can also appear but they're rarer.


Venomoth is nocturnal—it is a Pokémon that only becomes active at night. Its favorite prey are small insects that gather around streetlights, attracted by the light in the darkness. When it attacks, it flaps its large wings violently to scatter its poisonous powder all around. The dust-like scales covering its wings are color-coded to indicate the kinds of poison it has. The powder is poisonous if it is dark in hue. If it is light in hue, it causes paralysis.
Choro Notes: Venomoth's sprites really jumped to awesomeness levels in Gen3, didn't they? Venomoth (and Beedrill, Dustox, Illumise and Volbeat) all have the weird status of "blatantly flying, but still being hit by ground-type moves." Weird!
Zorak Notes: Tied for 3rd best butterfly/moth in terms of design in the game. He's actually pretty useful/ good for battling.
He's fun!
HulkaMatt Notes: FUCKIN FUZZY AND FUCKING AWESOME. THESE GUYS ARE SEVERELY UNDERUSED and I have no idea why. They're awesome bugs. Quite possibly my favorite bug pokémon. Also: THE OTHER HALF OF THE DREAM BUG TEAM
Good Listener named this

. . . are there things ON the water?

Silly pond skater, how little you know of the mechanics at work in your tiny feet.


They gather on puddles after evening downpours, gliding across the surface of water as if sliding. From the tips of its feet, Surskit secretes an oil that enables it to walk on water as if it were skating. This Pokémon feeds on microscopic organisms in ponds and lakes. If Surskit senses danger, it secretes a thick, sugary syrup from the tip of its head. There are some Pokémon that love eating this syrup.
Choro Notes: Even with Gen5, Surskit's type is unique. A shame that it evolves into just another Bug/Flying.
Zorak Notes: Surskit is a really neat Pokemon. It's a water strider bug, with a unique type. It evolves into a neat bug-thing, which is neat! Also it is ADORABLE.
HulkaMatt Notes: They're fuckin adorable they just like to fuckin walk on water.
Good Listener named this

The monsters here REALLY are strange.


Masquerain intimidates enemies with the eye-like patterns on its antennas. If the "eyes" are droopy and appear sad, it is said to be a sign that a heavy rainfall is on its way. Because it can't fly if its wings get wet, it shelters itself from rain under large trees and eaves. This Pokémon flaps its four wings to freely fly in any direction—even sideways and backwards—as if it were a helicopter.
Choro Notes: Masquerain is possibly the worst monster with intimidate but WHO. CARES. Look at it it is all >B:(
Zorak Notes: Masquerain is neat! His antenna are huge, his wings are tiny Also entirely adorable, even if its antenna + face make a creepy face.
HulkaMatt Notes: What in the fuck is a Masquerain? I literally know nothing about Masquerain and after looking at it I fucking regret it.
tyrsHTML named this

Well great I can evolve TWO Dusclops now. Yeah like heck I am. Selling this so hard.

Glad I'm not the type to freak out like a baby at spiders! They're kind of cool in a sophisticated bringer of death kind of way.


Ariados's feet are tipped with tiny hooked claws that enable it to scuttle on ceilings and vertical walls. It spins string not only from its rear but also from its mouth. It is hard to tell which end is which. Rather than making a nest in one specific spot, it wanders in search of food after darkness falls. This Pokémon constricts the foe with thin and strong silk webbing. It attaches silk to its prey and sets it free. Later, it tracks the silk to the prey and its friends.
Choro Notes: Ariados are slow as bricks except that some Brick-inspired Pokémon are faster. If he had an interesting move or ability he'd stand out but as is he's just destined to be "the monster we use to threaten characters in the TV show." He's basically an inferior Beedrill in every way, and that's not a good place to be.
Zorak Notes: Ariados is a spider. He's kind of neat. He can shoot webs. He is slow and fragile though so

Music: Gold/Silver - Route 38 - Anime Arrangement

I don't like the looks of what's ahead. . .

This is going to destroy my complexion.

The kind that ruin other Pokémon

Choro Notes: Route 228
Guess what is perpetually happening here! Sandstorm. This makes one particular Pokémon so obnoxious to capture. Beldum. Beldum swarms here. HERE'S why this is annoying: Beldum's only move is Take Down. Beldum is constantly using it and damaging itself. The Sandstorm is constantly whittling down your non-Ground/Rock/Steel monsters and, now here's the kicker, Beldum have a catch rate of 3. Beldum's catch rate is fucking 3. Imagine fighting a legendary monster except that it's compelled to bang its head against you OVER and OVER and OVER.

Oh well thanks for clearing up the Sandstorm I guess.


This is fine, this is fine. Just finish it quick you're faster.


My ice monster is much less forgiving, ma'am.


Aye sir, pried it from Volkner's defeated palm myself.

Yeah sure, it will get me time to get the dirt out from under my eyelids.

in tinkering with machines.

It's uh. Cool. Hey mind if I look at your piles of sad crap?

I'm gonna just. . . go outside now.



During the daytime, Cacturne remains unmoving so that it does not lose any moisture to the harsh desert sun. This Pokémon becomes active at night when the temperature drops. If a traveler is going through a desert in the thick of night, Cacturne will follow in a ragtag group. The Pokémon are biding their time, waiting for the traveler to tire and become incapable of moving. After spending thousands of years in harsh deserts, its blood transformed into the same substances as sand.
Choro Notes: Cacturne are pretty much poster children for the term Glass Cannon. They can tear things open but they really are fragile. (They are cacti, you see.) Malevolent, xerocolic ambush predators.
Zorak Notes: She has a hat. She is no longer the only cactus on the PokeBlock. I prefer the other cactus to be honest, but Cacturne is quite dandy none the less.
HulkaMatt Notes: I like these guys. They're right up there with Sandslash for me. Just a cool pokémon that evolves from something else into something with many sharp points. Thumbs up, would raise again.
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Oh. Something nonthreatening on this route. How weird.


A Pokémon that lives underground. Because of its dark habitat, Diglett is repelled by bright sunlight. Its skin is very thin. If it is exposed to light, its blood heats up, causing it to grow weak. Diglett are raised in most farms. The reason is simple—wherever this Pokémon burrows, the soil is left perfectly tilled for planting crops. This soil is made ideal for growing delicious vegetables.
Choro Notes: I'm honestly surprised I ran into Diglett, they and Cacnea are fairly rare on this route. They don't have much HP, but they can strike fairly fast with a bit of kick!
HulkaMatt Notes: Diglett is pretty much one of the best ground type pokémon you could ever have. They are fucking deceivingly powerful. They don't look like much but they could fucking destroy your home like nothing if they wanted too. They evolve when they get buddies that STICK TOGETHER through the good and the bad and everything in life. Absolutely fantastic.
HulkaMatt named this.

And you groups of three Digletts are very common and QUITE rude might I add!!!


Dugtrio are actually triplets that emerged from one body. As a result, each triplet thinks exactly like the other two triplets. They work cooperatively to burrow endlessly. Its three heads move alternately, driving it through tough soil to depths of over 60 miles. In battle, it digs through the ground to trigger earthquakes and strike the unsuspecting foe from an unexpected direction.
Choro Notes: Dugtrio's arena trap is fucking annoying. Unless you levitate or fly, you're stuck fighting it. Annoying because of its high speed!
Zorak Notes: Dugtrio is fuckin sweet. Love this Cerberus mole, he's great, very useful. Arena trap is also very useful!
tyrsHTML named this

"And that's what will happen if you fight me."

This thing could have pulled me under, thankfully Hippo are vegetarians and not a threat to humans! . . . Right? Right?Yes, I know. Hippo are incredibly dangerous


Surprisingly quick to anger. Hippowdon holds its mouth agape as a display of strength. Hippowdon's huge mouth is almost seven feet across. It has enough power to completely crush a car. It blasts internally stored sand from ports on its body to create a towering twister for attack.
Choro Notes: Whereas Marowak are ground-type beatsticks, Hippowdon are tanks. Just a solid mass of sand-dwelling muscle.
Zorak Notes: I like Hippowdon, I like hippos, I like the ground, sand is pretty neat. Sand stream is a dick move, though. Useful, but a dick move.
HulkaMatt Notes: It's an underground hippo. What's he doin under there? Like, whats he doin? Does he have a home down there? What's he DOIN?

Hey, yeah if I was told that this was going to be what I was doing with my evening I'd probably have. . . I dunno nothing, most likely.

A 12-year-old catching tadpoles. Whoever heard of such nonsense?


Poliwag has a very thin skin. It is possible to see the Pokémon's spiral innards right through the skin. Despite its thinness, however, the skin is also very flexible. Even sharp fangs bounce right off it. The direction of its belly spiral differs by area. The equator is thought to have an effect on this. Its newly grown legs prevent it from walking well. It appears to prefer swimming over walking.
Choro Notes: Why the swirls? Have you ever looked at the underside of a tadpole? It's transparent! The swirl are the innards! Poliwag and Mareep were both potential starters from the FireRed LP. There is your useless Pokémon LP fact.
Zorak Notes: Poliwag is adorable. He has a tail, as he is still a tadpole. Did you know that two of his evolutions are still called the Tadpole Pokemon despite still being frogs? They are. Believe me!
HulkaMatt Notes: Poliwag is great. Another fantastic 1st stage for a water Pokemon. One of my personal favorites. He/She's a tadpole.

An older one I guess? You're kind of a frog now, really.


Its two legs are well developed. Even though it can live on the ground, it prefers living in water. When out of water, it constantly sweats to keep its body slimy. The surface of Poliwhirl's body is always wet and slick with this oily fluid. Because of this greasy covering, it can easily slip and slide out of the clutches of any enemy in battle. However, the skin on its belly spiral feels smooth. The spiral pattern on its belly subtly undulates. Staring at it gradually causes drowsiness.
Zorak Notes: See? I told you so. Did you also know that Poliwhirl was, for a time, the mascot of Pokemon along with Pikachu? This is because he's the Satoshi Tajiri (the creator's) favorite. I wonder what's Nob's favorite...
HulkaMatt Notes: I know a guy named Red who has a Poliwhirl. You can read about it in the POKEMON ADVENTURES manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA FUCKERS I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT REDCHOCOBO!!!! But seriously Poliwhirl is great. Another fantastic middle evolution for a water Pokemon. one of my personal favorites. He/She's a tadpole. A TADPOLE THAT KNOWS HYPNOSIS. Basically anything that is related to frogs are awesome
Zorak named this

Ok everybody. I would REALLY like to just go home now.

. . .

I'm ducking into this. . . . is this a cave? It's not a hippowdon or I'd smell it.

A third one of these. I've a feeling there's a mystery here that will be solved very soon. This is my life, after all.

Stats. What?

Here's some stats for you. Me:3 You:0

Eat it, nerd.

I don't think you have any idea what sort of iceberg you're stumbling into, sir. I've seen nerds. Super nerds.

Ugh is this really just all wilderness?

It's like you can hear curses coming from the ball itself.


A cursed energy permeated the stuffing of a discarded and forgotten plush doll, giving it new life as Banette. The Pokémon's energy would escape if it were to ever open its mouth. Banette generates energy for laying strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. This Pokémon was originally a pitiful plush doll that was thrown away. They are said to live in garbage dumps and wander about in search of the children that threw them away.
Choro Notes: I wish this thing evolved or at least was faster/had a better move set.
Zorak Notes: Banette is a tsukumogami, and that is awesome. Tsukumogami are a really neat type of youkai. Someday, we'll see a Biwa or a Karakasa Pokemon. . .
HulkaMatt Notes: Banette is probably my favorite ghost that is not Gastly/Haunter/Gengar. Doesn't evolve, but just looks awesome. For some reason it has a tooth that doesn't stop growing. But that just makes it look even cooler

I guess we camp at this outpost tonight, ugh.

m2pt5 posted:

While I haven't seen the Japanese version of this part, I can verify that it is very likely mildly inappropriate, as the Japanese name for "Nugget" is きんのたま (Gold Ball). So yeah, this guy gives you his gold balls.

I suspect that's why the の is in there, so it's not just kintama. Also, Bulbapedia says "The Japanese name for nugget, きんのたま kin no tama, literally means "golden ball", which is also a colloquial term for testicles. The man offering his "golden ball" is a frequent joke amongst Japanese fans, especially since the protagonist is 10 years old. As this pun would be lost in translation, it was translated as "nugget of wisdom".

Doug Dinsdale posted:

Not so much lost in translation as being completely inappropriate for a game rated E10, especially if the player chose a female main character.

It just wouldn't do to have an adult male be all giggly and going to Lady, "Here, have my Golden Orbs, that's a euphemism for testicles! So, hey, why just have one, you need two to make a pair!"

Laser Spider posted:

Honestly, I'm amazed Game Freak would even have the balls () to put that in the original script.

Doug Dinsdale posted:

It's just that standards for what is appropriate/not differs from country to country.
To the Japanese, making jokes concerning testicles, farting, tripping balls on mushrooms, suggestive lines aimed at child characters, gambling and drinking are acceptable to a certain point.

But those things won't get past NOA censors or the ESRB powers that be, so I had to tone all that down or replace jokes with what'd work.

It's because of Australia, I think, that the slot machines and roulette are gone. Those things are considered gambling, which is a no-no for a game aimed at kids.