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Part 53: -Mini Update - Gardenia Visits

Drox posted:

On a serious note, I think a grass ghost pokemon would be a cool nature sprite style thing.

Red Havoc posted:

Or a Jack 'O Lantern.

Drox posted:

I don't see why one couldn't evolve into the other! You're hired to Pokemon G6 design team, your cube is the second on the right.

Doctor Reynolds posted:

Obviously a Ghost/Grass type would be the spirit of autumn, who turns trees different colours as a way to prank the living.

Chorocojo posted:

We actually had this exact discussion before. The seventh update is even "#07: If There's ever a Grass/Ghost-type I'd name it Booberry"

Get some greenery in here, lighten things up.

What the?

. . . . Gardenia are you a plant wizard or something?

You have spent enough on remodeling, thank you.

They do smell nice though.


. . . yeah?

Go on.

. . .

Choro Notes: . . . I hate you all so much.