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Part 16

novaSphere posted:

I'd imagine Foxy would look like this at times after dealing with everything around her.

I was doing an Ursaring next to swap.bear, but I figured he'd be out-of-place, being actually well-designed and all.

unorigino posted:

Well, I've read through this all, and I can only assume that Corna is like some sort of nightmare from which none of its residents can ever wake. People speaking broken English, and Pokémon that look more at home chewing your face off rather than fighting each other for your love. So horrible, yet I can't look away.

Just for the fun of it, I did a trace of the rape bear in Illustrator. (I don't get the shading on this thing at all...)


No offense, but I could go without ever seeing a Moleman again ever.

I'm pretty damn positive now that JONIC is what you get if you grind up a GeoDude and make a Pillar out of him

I think you can figure out how this turned out

.... It occurs to me, is that supposed to be a Hindu-style dot on that dogs head? Not sure I get that...

Oh nevermind, the spot is gone now

Eh... personally, I don't think you guys can stop me anyway, so screw the Moles I am Foxy


You mean those items that they had in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't much of a secret to be honest

For caver at high speed on har rock?

Uh yeah sure. For starts: Explain this "har" thing to me

Oh those silly Molemen

And no more Baro too!?

Dolls are creepy


And then he walked out of my life like the crazy, rambling overweight miner that he was. Huh.

Oh great, it's the Sk8er bois.

Their faces scare me

So yeah, they're pretty much screwed


Why do you people keep saying PARANOIA at random in all caps It's really starting to creep me out

... nahhh. I've had enough weird interviews : /

I'm just glad he didn't use FLASH

... er no thanks walking away nowwww


DA KING don't give a damn He's too awesome to care about type disadvantages. He rules by divine right

:O Hey, I'm not that old, I know I'll fill out later


And I'm sure from there I'll go to Yellow Hill and White Hill and who knows after that

I'm a blight upon the world's berry population

Ehh, too immobilizing. Immobilizing myself in public makes me paranoid

If she's Beauty Heidi, does that mean I'm Foxy Foxy?

As if this world didn't have enough small, round birds...

This thing gives me the heebey jeebies whenever I look at it

Okay... well, don't get yourself roasted alive?



People here are confusing and mean

We built this city, we built this city on Volcanic Rock and Coalllll

All of my Pokemon seem to wax the opposition in a hit now. Not sure what's going on with that. Maybe I'm just that awesome VV

Thanks for the low down I guess?


DA KING's honorable servant, COLONEL CRAZY of the BATSHIT BIRD BRIGADE (5 glory points to JackBRB)

RedChocobo saw the screenshot and said he had to draw it, so hooray Red

I guess I could jab it at my enemies like a dagger and have it rip off their flesh... or use it to open cans?

... uhhh

That's a pretty depressing type combination. It must hate itself a lot

He's got to be more depressed then even me (5 glory points to RedChocobo)

As if this nation wasn't crazy enough. Arsonists

^o^ (never before have I seen a man so happy to have his hand on fire)

Thunderbolt is DEFINITELY an improvement over thunder shock

Yep, another one too even after a flaming can opener.

And another!

No burnt as a... a... shut up

Does he have his entire body on fire then or something?

I really need to talk to whoever had the bright idea to make a major route that passes through the middle through a Volcano. It'd mainly consist of me punching them in the face until they cough up their testicles but still

Alas, I lack the badge to be able to use it

This guy really needs some pepto

Remember to check that your Powergas tubes aren't tied every day before leaving the house. Otherwise? Disaster

The Scottish equivalent of Poogas, or so I hear.

Yay, another fire type, I certainly don't have enough of those!

:O (5 Glory points to RedChocobo)

Well, we're finally out of that hell hole.

... is this some sort of trick question? Because I have no idea

.... Ohhhh. Wait, what? How are they cute at all Not seeing it, bub.


Oh the Japanity...

... no, not really. Have you seen Roxy's Wooper? Seriously. Adorable.

Like... what? Moleman attacks? People stealing your rocks or something?

Ninjas in this region really have nothing better to do, do they

Nooo Bugzapper

This may not have been the wisest idea in the world

.... Yep, definitely not the wisest idea in the world.


... wait... the DEATHLANDS!?

It's like what Ryu would look like if he had no muscle mass at all!

I wonder what Kangaroo tastes like, anyway...


See you in a decade or something I guess?

... ooookay. Thanks random berry planting lady?


Well, the grass is ashy, there's tombstones... I suppose it is pretty much a death land. It seems to be missing something though.

There we go. Now it's pretty metal

I don't know... who are you?

.... Please, if someone gets what this guy's saying, please explain because I'm so confused



I sort of wonder how something can bite a ghost when it can't punch or scratch it... it hurts my head to try to figure it out

.... Holy shit Sever, you really let yourself go

Hopefully I can get a spot in the "NOT DEAD" section

Ah yes, the tombstone with a cross on its face, bones for legs, and its eyes are "Z"s. Fits very well into nature's order of things.

AND CHEESE (#pokegoons yelled at me to do this one. LP humor plus Tombstone pizza too!)

... Well, that's a creepy looking pokemon

Evilest pokemon EVAR

Oh come on, we all know who's the real crazy "eat everything" snake thing in the world (5 glory points to RedChocobo)

... well, I suppose there's no better place to wish I was dead in then the DEATHLANDS.

I wish my phone would stop pretending that its me It wants to steal my identity and m y life

According to Baro, only Pokemon have souls I guess?

... Adeus?

Well, that went remarkably without sexually harassment.


Seriously that Pokemon is stuck in perpetual scream mode.


I sort of saw your head but okay?

... nuts

You can guess how this turned out

Oh yeah? But then who's that guy behind you then?

... oh god a ghost

I have no opinion on this Pokemon's appearance

With no reason at all

WHAT 2000!?! (5 glory points to Middy)


... it's called grass

DIE to my lower left, a skull to my upper right

Sorry kid... also check out the cross to the left. They certainly aren't trying to rub in the DEATH part.

... your sentence just exploded.

What's wrong with this lady

... what the hell

Er... Okay...

Sign, it's called a sign!

Ash Bag in important items pocket blah blah

Wow, he wasn't kidding about the Pokadots. Sort of lame though, actually.

Well folks, I suppose its time to introduce you to...

From top to bottom....

Colonel Crazy!

Together they are...