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Part 19

Random thread conversation (Resident Evil: Dead AIM was running at the same time, and it resulted in some interesting thoughts and )

Rirse posted:

Man, I am can't decide which game is more , Pokemon Quartz or Resident Evil : Dead Aim. Both games just get more and more the further into the game it seems. Man I would hate to wonder what would happen if the two games merged...

Diagnosed posted:

/\ It'd be a horrible cocktail of , zombies, and rape

Mr. Swoon posted:

Baro with electric tits.

Circutron posted:

/\ Oh God, that was the scariest thing to come outta that game.

Diagnosed posted:

Sideshow Charlie posted:

Anyway, NUMBER 19:

Well, I backtracked and healed my Pokemon Onwards I guess

Oh hey, it's "oh my Pokemon is blind and I'm apparently a ninja at getting to gyms and definitely not Hard Gay" Ramon.

You know what, for once I'll have to agree with you, Parrot Phone.

... someday it will kill me and attempt to steal my life Why it'd want to do that is beyond me though

Wait, isn't that from the place where I'm going right now? ... such bullshit

.... huh.

And I forgot to screenshot it appearing but:

(5 glory points to Shavnir)

Haha, for some reason he can't see me all the way over here I could just walk by him without him seeing m-


Is Shininshi a name anywhere?

Sadly, Col. Crazy has taken alot of random damage from wild Pokemon because it wouldn't let me flee so switchout time


Thunderbolt is pretty much overpowered at this level area but I don't care

Buddy, you've got a long way to go

It's sort of amusing that I could avoid every trainer battle in this tunnel Oh wai-

... Lots of small, sweet things to lick and suck?


I switchout and let FUEGOMELET kill him with a double kick

... Pyramid Head Duck edition

Unless you have the right skates that ain't happening

Hey, were at the bottom of the mountain

Yeah, that would sort of suck.

Joy. Corna is really starting to get to me :shobon :

Sounds like it can't decide which way to go. Make up your mind town

No, just his refridgeration system, I think.

... oh hey, I guess we've found the narcotics district of Corna

Or do some drugs! Yeah! ( )

Well, they certainly aren't overt about selling drugs here!

I think I'll stick to just using it as a hold item Call me a stick in the mud but Foxy don't do that stuff

Yeah, that's why there's no pets, and the sign outside said "HALLUCIGENIC HERBS". Yep.

... there's two tiles in this room that I can't walk on for some reason, or interact with. Maybe it's a complicated cloaking device where they hide the really strong stuff or something

Er... Um...


I can imagine... "Hey honey, I'm going to go jump off a cliff" "That's nice de- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH!"

A naked lady practicing on the top of the mountain? Perhaps you do need to lay off the

It shows, trust me :hambeast:

... Thanks for sharing. I bet she's ugly so it doesn't really matter much :T

Ohhh, I see what you did there. Funny.

... you sound vaguely normal. You're not from around here, are you.

What's that supposed to mean? Young people aren't allowed to relax in soothing hot water?

Sure I guess Life isn't that bad

I'll come back in a bit I guess.





I'm not sure if I should blush here, become intensely ackward, or just walk backwards very quickly, lady.

Hey now, I hear boots have lots of Vitamin B. Who knows, with a nice marinade it could be quite tasty.


I guess I'll run down and up the mountain a few times

Oh hey, there's not-Ambar people up here now

You're mean

So this is what Coldbert would evolve into? Adoraablleee Though it'd more of a quail then a Peacock

Fire bird > Ice bird

Actually this place is pretty dull to be honest

Making an epic journey for the sake of cookies? Well, I can't say your cause isn't noble

Col. Crazy I've discovered can do okay damage, but he's ungodly slow.

With this, I think I'll have to switch out

A like so

Yep, I just beat up a seven year old apparently.

How does that make any sense?


I'm apparently far away enough that she needs binoculars to see me?

Go SWAP.bear, yeah!

Uhh... kay?

I guess that sort of makes you a bad Pokemon Watcher, huh?

Yeah, but they say a ghost detector can inflate the sun too. Personally, I'm not buying it.

Getting there...



So uh, what should we name this thing?

shlick shtuff posted:

<RedChocobo> I saw that like 2 minutes ago and just
<RedChocobo> damn
<RedChocobo> I can't think of an emoticon to use
<RedChocobo> ok 5 minutes


<canoshiz> what the fucking shit


<Revenge> ....jesus christ _what_.

Apparently I'm not the only one who sees the in that image series

Drake Lake posted:

She's a pretty girl! Yaaaaay!

(I'm a little late but eh)