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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 2

Quite a few screenshots in this update, I'm going to tone it down in the updates to come though so don't worry that much.


As you can see, we're going to be seeing alot of Spanish in this game mixxed with our butchered english. It's like watching Dora the Explorer or maybe Mucha Lucha!

My cousin is sort of famous...

What wrong, lost your truck of thought?

oh god he's disappearing into the shadows

oh god he's whispering in my ear Someone help me

I hope no english majors are reading this...

It's all those shadows. He turned off the lights and it confuses him sometimes


Oh god go away you creepy fuck

Exit stage right!

Wait... why was Foxy living with this Baro guy and not her mother? This is pretty creepy

I get the feeling that we're at the beginning of a magical journey of spanglish and... magic.

So not only does the game creator make himself the Professor in the game (a creepy one at that ), he also breaks the fourth wall to call attention to the fact that he sucks?

They're like totally like these pokemon, dude!

kk mom brb ttyl


he,he,he (seriously I cannot tire of these typos)

One of the stunning new things about this game is that your room is actually downstairs as opposed to upstairs! This is so to accurately replicate the the living conditions of the average person who'd be playing this romhack.

.... oh hey look a map!

As you can see, the fundamental city locations are the same as Hoenn's, just... different.

Some things never change

Yeah he does. he tried to touch me in places...

Being just a Professor isn't enough for the maker of the game, he has to also be a celebrity. Also, who the fuck is covering this on television?

how come you never get me help mom, why do you support his creepiness you're what they call an enabler

Fucking sever

Brezze town? Where the heck is Brezze town?

As opposed to coaxing them into becoming houses on their own with cleverly placed treats

I think he lost his train of thought in the middle there.

I just met you lady and you're trying to hook me up with your son? WHAT IS WITH THIS WORLD

uh YEAH.

Okay whew, looks like I can get this kid to do our work for me. Yay not having to deal with creepy fuck.

Neckbeard well stroked, glasses defogged...

Oh god I think I left my rape whistle in Saffron

Well I'll admit, I am foxy

Why must every male I know try to have sex with me, just because I'm blonde it doesn't mean I want to sex everything

Haha Joe. Wait... isn't your mom's last name Kabuchi?

Your name isn't charm, it's TOO FAST and also a little bit of RAPE.

Neckbeard claim: Substantiated.



Might as well check his computer for stuff we can use against him when we take him inevetibly to court

... oooookayyyyy... I guess I'll just... shuffle out now.

Would it really be that much of a loss?

What. Speak English


... nahhh

Sigh. But that kid went for police and I guess there's reporters nearby why can't they help you? Damn it. At least I'll have video evidence in case something happens.