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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 21

.... I was just raped in the face. No matter what you might think otherwise, I was just raped facially. He... he grabbed me, forced my face towards him, and made me... I'm so scared. I let my guard down, that's the problem He's immune to SWAP.bear even...

No wonder I like girls more then guys

That's a good question.

Too little time. Baro still knows who I am and calls me

So many terrible things

So, so many terrible things...

Proof of what?

I'm half way out of this stupid continent?

Yeah, Ramon is pretty easy to beat...

... is that really my last name? Huh. ... wait, who am I talking to?

First, let's wrap some things up in this area. First, we need to teach something strength.

The Hoola Dance of Power!

He dances across the screen to move bolders or something

If only there was some sort of "lava cookie" I could buy somewhere... hm...

It's worth noticing that if I pushed that bolder up, I wouldn't be able to get out of this place because the path would be blocked. Yep.

... at this point, something like this doesn't surprise me.

(5 glory points to Middy!)

Well, we can finally enter the desert without the voice of unseen molemen preventing us from entering.

So... your god is dead? That's... got to suck?

Huh. Calling it that its a legendary you can catch later. Just sayin'

And into the desert we go!

What are you talking abo... Oh.



... It's a flying blue hippo with pink horns. Why is it a flying blue hippo with pink horns?

Doesn't really matter though...

The meaning is one of great horrors


Wait... is that what I think it is...

... yep, it's a swatstika. And not even an Eastern one! Yep, that's definitely your Grade A, authentic "hey Nazis woo" swatstika. Brilliant.


... what. I guess I need to avoid the swatstikas, or else fall into the sand and come back here.

Too easy? Maybe. Seeing as how that ended the battle? Probabally.

You know, I'd catch this thing if it wasn't so retarded looking. I don't even want it in my box

... on the other hand, this is SO retarded that I have to catch it Too bad I accidentally killed it

Oh come off it, in the world of crazies, Baro is king


I guess this is Ramon's Pokemon's evolution. It's as retarded as ever.

It dug a hole

I got raped for my ticket. Not safe, and the cost was way too high. This desert better be worth it

Since when has Chaos been the "pain giving force"? I thought chaos was the, you know, lack of order.

I think you don't get chaos at all.

... what?


Apparently you can walk on this Swatstika.

Not this again

But... Chaos is an orderly thing too? What about chaos theory?



Also cool?


So, which fossil to choose... choices choices...

... why bother I'm just going to be molested by someone anyways. I'm just too foxy for my own good

And I reaffirm again, yes, Foxy was definitely face raped there Just like it raped my mind

Drake Lake posted:

That desert... ...

Damn you, Baro and your barolings! Damn you all to hell!