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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 22

Sure. Hopefully this feather-bearing creature will have a useful type in addition to its feather-yness. Hopefully

And alas, the other one has fallen to the Sand Hitler and Sand Worms. Curse you, Shai-Hulud!

... and now these Swatstikas are active. huh.

They're somewhat useful for leaving this place, at least.

I guess it's type to head towards that gym. Which means... backtracking! Joy.


Indeed Mr. Brine- oh wait, sorry.

Well, since we only have the one option, to Golden, then.

I caught it late, but it is in fact the Gull Sea. Despite there being no gulls in Corna (from what I can tell)


Cloudain! Land of rain and clouds.

And here we are again! Amazing. Now to hop over to the Gym.

stop stalking me

Wait, we're rivals now? VV seriously?

I bet this means we're going to be fighting Naruto cosplayers or something

Well they should be careful because Foxy is very awesome, and she uses all sorts of awesome for win! What do you say to that, Advicer person!?


Okay I guess? Wait, what type is this gym again?

Um... oh yeah, the "Brave Poisony" or whatever the hell. Poison gyms are so outdated.

... wait, speaking of outdated... oh crap, that fossil. To Pinkranite!

Okay... just quick in and out... Baro's spawn wont see me, I'll be able to get this fossil resurrected no trouble...

As far as I know. It could be just a very good reproduction too, I suppose

Well, it's no use to me dead.

A stroll? Hm...

Okay, that was like 20 steps. More then enough.

I can't really tell what that's supposed to look like, I suppose I'll call it...


Now to look at that Pokedex entry!

Er... Hm. Maybe it's type is good?

... Great, another bird, and a pure flying type even!

Back to the Gym

Left or right... I'll start with right, I suppose. Right is right, left is wrong, or something.

I can already tell I'm going to hate these door's descriptions of rooms.

I don't like getting shots, though

.. god damn it Col. Crazy. I'll switch to Ionic.

It's too late, far, far too late.

... what? No seriously, what? I do not follow you. And actually, I'll try that left door from the first room.


I was expecting some sort of rhyme after your first line, but I was sorely let down.

Fire is strong against bugs, thankfully.

You know, I'm surprised psychic isn't weakened when attacking flying types. You know, what with the whole dove-in-sleeve effect. Then again, Col. Crazy doesn't have flying type despite having the moves. :T

You can just tell these people are spouting this stuff off the top of their head.

I bet you'll go down easier then any of the others.

Er... or maybe not. And also: no fair :T Crunch is too strong for this level.


Da King is seriously amazing

Da King doesn't care

Er... yeah no idea. Back to the other side of the building!

I hate healing item users.

It is awful. Trust me.

Oh fuck it's J Aki... well, a relative of him I suppose. I AM GOING TO CRUSH YOU LIKE SO MANY BUGS UNDERNEATH A DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED BOOT


So Rock is strong against him, but Poison isn't strong against me. Nice.

... nuts.


(Bugzapper blew up the baloon )

Um... you didn't even use any healing items? And what? To other rooms though.

Wow, you guys sure do all look alike. Do you have the same hairdresser or something?

Time to slowly magniute this wierd thing's health away~

... okay.

If that was Ramon, I'm going to seriously punch someone. DO NOT TEMPT ME LADY


Wow, that XAttack really makes that damn thing strong

No choice but to sacrifice him now, I think.

So much for that idea.

Col. Crazy You are failing me

so and so fainted

SWAP.bear, in his creepy glory

Clearly not all out enough!


... And I thought he couldn't get any worse


Thanks, Drake Lake!

... Er, not, we're not. At least I'm not Christ it's hideous.

Might as well

You mean like my cell phone?

Well, at least she asks permission

Duplika? Huh, I wonder where I've heard that before...

... that's terrible.

And I thought that was terrible. My ears feel like they're going to bleeeeed.



Eh. How hard could it be? This gym wasn't that bad