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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 23

Sure, why not?

catch his Pokemon

And I have begun to rapidly regret it, now that he's alerting my stalker to my location now


I think this is supposed to sound epic, but really, it isn't.

Couldn't be assed to wear shoes, eh? :T Also, your legs are bumpy like a pair of socks stuffed with potatoes.

Violent, Molesting Bear vs A Salamander of Some Kind

THERE IS NO TIME FOR HEALING! Sing him a song of sweet serenades and terror, SWAP.bear

.bear used double slap. Mantiga woke up!


I guess I should heal that poison fast next time

... Col. Crazy was just one hitted. And that's not very surprising, seeing as how that thing just used Sludgebomb, an upper-level poison move.



Luckily, ground is strong against this thing.

It's not very effective but it just took out half my health.

Only one more hit is all I need, come onnnn

... figures. And he's moved beyond Hyper Potions now! Yes, he's using FULL RESTORES now, which heal fully AND curse all status effects! Joyous.

My super effective hit did less percentage of damage to him then his not very effective attack. That's unbelievable.

I hate Corna.

Fuegomelet meanwhile used Bite.

And then he fainted

This is mid his health crawling back up. :T Unbelievable.

This is mid Bugzapper's health going straight from 59 to 0. At least the thunderbolt took out 1/3 of his health

DA KING is my strongest hitter and even he can't take this guy down fast What crap

... yep, I didn't take out a single of his Pokemon.

Well... that blew Strategy change, I guess.

This time: Curing poison (generally) right away!

Take two!

This time it'll be different!

How would you like to wake up from a nap and find Ionic staring you down, glaring? This is the basis of this change.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well

Not well at all

The Lady however can smile at you sometimes. Maybe.

... though in this case, it ammounted to shit.


Just to last another turn in order to...


OK, now to quickly attack before he ca-



Might as well try to get some more out of this.

Yeah blargh

It's like a stream of pain

Wait... this gives me an idea...

An idea for another time

FINALLY! Thank you, FUEGOMELET, for your useful Ember skills.




Okay, this is GO TIME now. I've got an idea... an idea just crazy enough to work. Crazy like a FOXY!

I think you can figure out my new strategy I call it "SWAP.bear gently molests the will/ strength to fight out of its enemy". Guess how I got the inspiration for this idea

Sludge Bomb is now weak shit! Hooray.


I switched out SWAP.bear so I could try repeating that strategy later on in this battle

Slowly wearing him away with Wing Attacks

Col. Crazy, buy me some time! Be my sacrifice for victory


My strategy is SORT of working

DA KING, take this one for the team

If it tries to use Sludge Bomb, it'll be attacking with a crap attack, so then I can just thunderbolt it into submission.

HELLS YEAH TEAM FOXY is moving in!

No idea what that is.

For now, I suppose.

Wow, now THAT thing is the most constipated Pokemon ever. I wonder if its name is a pun on the unit Pascal. Hm.

It's not very effective! But it'll take out nearly all your health anyway!

Lost cause, so...


... which was pointless.

Double Kick doesn't seem to be working well


Stay alive, Fuegomelet

Nuts. On to Bugzapper...

... who NUKES the thing with electricity. HELLS YEAH!


Thank you, now die.

Go choke on something

... and die from it

Why are you still being alive?

.... wait what!? Ramon beat you!?

The last thing Ramon gave me was a phone call that led to face rape I don't know if I want it

I guess Now I can keep going on Eastward from where the 3rd Gym was. Three badges to go!

... Three badges... That's three to many... Wait... aren't there NINE badges total in Corna?





To be Continued....?