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Part 25

Well... nowhere to go but forward

Um... it did?

Er... yeah

That's pretty sagely advice. "It is difficult to find nothing in a rain forest". Indeed.

Not by choice


Ionic's back sprite has barely changed :T

Magnitude 8!

You can see where this is going

Train for three months in the wild, then maybe you can challenge me.

... what?

But I have nothing that can cut

No, I'm not teaching him it I guess Ionic is going in storage for a bit. Hopefully the time off will help him recover a bit :I

WHAT 2000!?! is our new Cut friends. Say hello, WHAT 2000!?!.

Not really.


... does Kacho have an arrow on his shirt pointing to his crotch, while Vin has an arrow pointing to Kacho's crotch as well? ... what the hell.


Balagon has some health/ defense to him :T

And some strength. Plus his uproar woke up Soie


Er, yeah

... Nah.

Later, I guess

Well, we're in Purple SH, and the Black JNG is above us.

Corna has way too many bird Pokemon to be honest. Maybe Team Ambar is onto something with that electric type thing. It'd help cut down on their population, I suppose.

A fire type versus a water type, a bad idea?!

This is Col. Crazy we're talking about, he can make the impossible possible and kick reason to the curb

Woo !

Probabally should have done this right away but he saw me the second I grabbed that potion

Kill the imposter, Col. Crazy! There can only be one King!

It's DA KING's turn, in order to defend his rule over the twisted realm of Corna!

Yeah, and smacked right into the ground

They'd probabally fly as far away from you as possible. Maybe get a beach home in the bahamas, where they'd sip Pina Coladas while thinking "I'm so glad to be the hell out of Corna".

... I need a drink

I'd catch this but...

No Pokeballs.

No... Col. Crazy can never forget what happened during the war... what he did, what he saw...

I hear him waking up and squaking in the middle of the night.

How Marbleous

Isn't Ranch Farm redundant?

So many berries, so little time.

I'm sort of worried what a Pokemon rhyming with breast milk is watering plants with. Especially since it's quite confidedent at it[/i]

Well, I feel like I've done a good thing today.

Annie? The owner of this ranch? I guess that explains the hat

Um... I met her once for like two minutes?

Not anymore

What about Barny Rubble?

That's pretty cool (NOT!)

So wait, that one AMBAR admin, Amber is Annie's sister? Okay... Though I suppose I can see why she wouldn't like it [sub]what with plants being resistant to electric types

What. The. Hell. I'm fighting a crazy looking Hippo and some sort of wierd Bull?


Col. Crazy has been pretty down on his luck today

MURDERFISH make a pretty rapity awesome murder team.

... That's pretty scary

Yeah, well... your other aunt is a wanted criminal, now what!?

... I made them cry I'm sorry!

That's pretty lazy.

Cutting it close, Swap.bear

It's... Vileplume maybe? If you squint a little.

Super Effective! Again!

Hm. That's nice trying to be nice and not so mean

Ah, the Black Jungle. Blackest of Jungles.



No not really My sword is stuck in its sheath . also I can't find my sunglasses

Cool trainer, huh?

... wait

Wow, um, Cool Trainer, you're looking... pretty cool.

... what

You dare make SWAP.bear fall asleep?

Oh god


I'VE NEVER WANTED TO VOMIT TO THE POINT WHERE I CHOKE ON IT AND DIE SO MUCH. It crushed it with its weight and the feces and the the

I'm not sure why, but every time I fight a Powergas I can't resist the urge to just attack it with electric moves. They tend to one hit them anyway.

It mimmicks the water type after being attacked, making it vulnerable to the electric move that follows

Why is that surprising?

Surprise attack = RAPE you jerk. You're lucky my sword is stuck

Oh how droll

Oh god the lunatics have escaped from the Sanitariummmm

Well that's annoying Sheesh, you're spooking Col. Crazy. The jungle is reminding him enough of the war as is


Sporeing hiiiiiigh in the skyyyy (5 glory points to Sebmal)

... jesus that owl is creepy

It's Da King's backwater cousin, the Count de Selva Negra

Whenever I look at this bird, it looks like it's about to fire a pair of thrusters protruding unseen out of its butt and launch towards me. It's just in that position.

:T Seriously.

Another flying type!? In Corna!?!?! Unexpected!!!!!

IRC posted:

<Rirse> Is Baro really the Penquin from Batman?
<Zorak> It is possible

(5 Glory points to Duck!)

... no, I'm not catching that thing fuck that. :T

Whee, bridge systems

No, actually, they can't.

Wait what

.. yeah this isn't working.


But you're a bug catcher?

's Super Effective! Again!

... ew.

I just keep my mouth closed, and breath out my nose

... oh god I have bugs up my nose now

Actually, one did in that puzzle place.


Can't stop thunderbolting these

That's... a bit wierd?

Frog hops!


But... you're not mimmicking or anything?


Er... I think it's just you. Just saying

Holy shit it's adorable

He looks like he was run over though (5 glory points to whoever suggested that again)

Oh god invisible rapists

While that's asleep, I'll switch to DA KING just to confuse it.

Da King is pretty damn strong with his wing attacks.

Make it switch to dark, then hit it with fighting/ dark moves

and again

Yet it is, Seto Kaiba!

... wait, wrong popular children's franchise, nevermind.

No... because I'm running away as fast as I can so I can never meet you again

My team is looking pretty beatup, and I'm out of healing items besides a few citrus berries.

My katana is all I need. Now, I don't suppose you have some grease to get this blade to pull out on you...?

Your legs... they're like Salami. It might sound wierd but... I really want to make a sandwhich out of your legs right now

I don't know about mentally...

Jigga whaaaat?

I don't think it works that way, Fauxy my new name for my imitating phone

... this is the dumbest thing ever. Where the hell is Team Ambar coming up with these evil plans?

Songbearer posted:

Zorak posted:

... jesus that owl is creepy

Hey, it's not just Pokémon trainers who have feelings!