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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 28

... unnn...

...nnn... wait... don't I already live in...?

Okay I guess... I have no idea what is going on

As ready as ever, I suppose

Well, the beach has alot of people so I suppose the spa. Just a bunch of girls and stuff

Alot of bad stuff happens to me, so good stuff is appreciated

It could be a trap of some kind

I... Don't think so? What exactly is going on right now?

I may, I may not. Depends who's emailing

That's a little annoying.


I have to focus on the good things. Otherwise, how would I ever notice them?

Definitely a goillll

Foxy!? Yes, yes I am

... a little, I suppose

No, you're wrong, everyone thinks they're "friends" with me on their own


Well I am pretty awesome I suppose


Oh my god it's adorable

A partner, huh? Hm... For some reason, I feel like doing this

But I really have no idea why Where exactly am I, anyway? Where... was I before? Who... what? I'm so...

Uh, sure! Wait... no... it's going dark... what...



This place is so dark I have no idea.

Is this some sort of wierd hallucination?

... mm... that is pretty nice.

It's a little wierd sounding...

I hope it's someone safe

: Wow, I feel... different. What's going on here..

: What do you mean by that

: What was with that odd pronunciation?
: I have no idea what you're talking about [Picks teeth]
: I'd expect wierd language stuff more from... um... I have no idea, I can't seem to remember

: ... and I know where everything and everyone is around me. Always. Almost anyway.

: I am though!
: I bet you don't taste human.
: What does that have to do with anything?
: Ah, just talking to myself.

: Easy on the teeth they are.

: It's like some insane fetishist's dream come true!

: About anything, really... just being a Pokemon Trainer and some other random things


: It's more then okay, it's awesome!

: Yeah!? Well what kind of name is Gatorface, anyway?
: ... are you sure your name isn't Almuerzo?
: Not sure I follow you


: I don't hear anything
: I have very precise hearing, toned by experience. I can hear a creature breathing from a mile or so away
: That must get pretty annoying.
: ...Not for very long.

: That's my job

: Why did you say it like that?
: ... say it like what? Come on, let's go have luch.
: You mean save that Caterpie?
: Yeah that.


: can you point your jaws away from me? They make me feel uncomfortable.


Hm, it looks like there's a basic attack that doesn't use PP, as well as PP-based techniques which are stronger/ specialized. Huh.

: Let me help you with these, hehe, show you how it's done...
: Maybe a little bit of space is good

: Does that make us Money Monsters? ... suddenly it all makes sense

: Um, can you back off a little? You keep on drooling on me on accident

: wheee


: You're not helping very much :T
: I was a little busy.
: Oh, oka... what happened to those Pokemon that we beat?
: They said they saw the error of their ways and they were going to go to a place where they can truly become a supporting force. I was giving them a bit of assistance in their journey to a new state of being.
: Oh. That's nice of you

: Well, nothing left up here. Down we go.

: Really? Well... I guess we could just stay here a bit I suppose then

: H-hey where are you going?

: That stare...


: Oh god, who have I teamed up with

: It's like you killed it in a way that would keep it alive as long as possible while you crushed it and ate it

: ...
: ... why are you staring at me like that


: ... nnnnghyayahasdhasl


oh god what was that, some kind of twisted day dream This world is going to drive me out of my mind

I think I need to go lay down for a bit

Kudos RedChocobo for the best drawing in the thread to date also, computer update: It should be in mon-tuesday (the frame may show up on Tuesday).